Woman fan editor Audrey read "82 Jin Zhiying", from a daily, gender perspective, invited us to see the female collective life experience, and reflect on: how can we overthrow gender oppression, to find a result of freedom and equality for all? (This is the July team log content, if you want to read the future, please refer to the team log )

In the beginning of the story of Jin Zhiying 82, Jin Zhiying became a carrier, loaded into her, is a woman's life experience. Familiar, personal, gender, helpless, women's experience with the world.

Jin Zhiying on one day, she disappeared, and she found that she could speak for herself only as a person.

Who are they? is written in the country small math practice doctor wife, the force anti-pinhole photography in the company's colleagues, look forward to daughter-in-law belly can give birth to a baby boy's mother, because the pregnant had to choose to leave the Workplace Lee doctor, their faces are different, experience different, but there are similar fate, they are a group, beginning in anticipation, there is

This book is also a carrier. The first to know this book, from a news-Han Ju Group members Irene for reading and sharing the book, was attacked by male fans as "feminists", began to upload a message, cut or burn his photos, referring to his betrayal of the fans look forward to.

Jin Zhiying, born in 82, is a book that women secretly read and sold 750,000 copies in Korea. This news has its absurd, there are visible male anxiety, there are potential acts of violence, I have imagined that this book may be contemporary, perhaps radical, after reading, helplessly found that the original only described women day and night to the daily, only to doubt the gender arrangements of course, only to invoke South Korea's true gender bias data, May make some male groups feel threatened and unhappy.

Where does the threat and unhappiness come from? I think, perhaps from never understanding and unable to do the same, because there is anger.

So, I think this is also a suitable for inviting male friends to read a book, quoting the book Doctor, "as a male who does not produce and parenting, in the absence of such cases as I have encountered Jin Zhiying, not understanding is inevitable." 」

This book, which is a real case, a daily experience, a starting point of understanding. Invite the reader to be gender-based, with a feminine perspective and experience, to live this life and think about what it feels like?

Generations of gender experience, there is no possibility of new exports

Jin Zhiying, a 82-born Korean, as the protagonist of the novel, she has an extremely ordinary but inductive feeling of life, she is the two women in the family, graduated from university, into the workplace, after the marriage with the child quit the workplace, gave up the ideal, to obtain the husband's comfort, has become the road population of the teasing of the mother worm.

"Jiyoung, but I think you don't just think about what you're going to lose, think about what you're going to get." How touching and meaningful it is to be a parent. And if you really assume the worst situation, can not find a place to baby, cause you have to leave and do not worry, I will be responsible for raising you, will not let you go out hard to make money. 」

"So what have you lost?" 」

"Didn't you say you told me not to always want to lose?" I am likely to lose my youth, health, work, colleagues, friends and other social contacts, as well as my life planning, future dreams and so on, so I will always see what I have lost. But what about you? What are you going to lose? 」

What is gender experience? is the identity card and the number of students to start the row; is the family expecting a daughter-in-law at least a baby boy inherit incense; is a woman because of fertility expectations and career promotion missed; is a child born of family discussion, one chooses to leave to care for children, usually female; A mother who has a child spends all day doing nothing but living by her husband. (Recommended reading: read the Jin Zhiying of 82): I can speak for myself only if I become someone else.

Reading this book, I have a lot of experience from the sense of powerlessness. The friend who recommended this book to me said, this book is not thick, read quickly, process you will think of yourself repeatedly, the rear seat is very heavy. Like feeling the life experience of a woman, the collective pressure came up. When reading this book, but also always have the heart to hope. Like getting a chance to play a game of survival from the beginning, secretly looking forward to a twist in a plot, Jin Zhiying can get good. The heart is hanging, but see her thinking possible, but only into the known outcome, there is no better way, there is no way out.

"Kim Chi-ying felt as if standing in the middle of the maze, has been clearly down-to-earth search for exports, but today someone suddenly told her, in fact, from the beginning, the maze is not set to export." 」

The book is not intended to be blamed, but for the invitation to see that inequality is not a matter of personal concern but of gender and society. This is not your problem, it is not your problem, this is not a personal struggle, but we collectively try to find a way out.

Cruel and gentle, you see how a girl is not expected to grow up, how to get used to the sacrifice is their own, how to frustrate the high school will be strong, how to be accustomed to disappointment in the daily life. At the same time, I also see that men have their own hard work, there is no way to help the difficult, there is no way to escape the structure of oppression, see women's flawless and male anger, almost no border, fit our time. (Recommended reading:"82 Jin Zhiying": Korea last year's best-selling aerial novel, but also our real world )

This book is never more difficult than who's life twists and turns, sex is not a qualifying race, more miserable than who is meaningless, but hope to invite everyone to think together, we are human, there is no qualification, to have a better life?

The Jin Zhiying of 82 is a contemporary microcosm of gender experience and a book of dialogue. From the experience of women, looking forward to the participation of male experience, this structure-oriented road, we do not have to be the enemy of the needle front, but can be a friend together.

Let me invite you to read it together, okay?