Woman fan editor and the author for you pick a piece, write a film review also write life story, see the miniature life under the lens. "Superman Special Attack Team 2" talk about family and housework division of labor, when the elastic female Superman out of the task, only to find that with a child is more difficult than the original task! (Inner-text micro-ray)

Elastic female Superman out of the task, the bad guys intercept high-speed rail, high-speed rail loaded with passengers, urgent, throttle full push down, Yi, and so on, the phone spots, the child at the other end of the microphone, "Mom I can not find sneakers, dad did not know where to put." "While dodging obstacles," look under the bed, Mom is a little busy now, to hang up first yo. 」

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Like the portrayal of the lives of contemporary women, I want to save the world, also want to take care of the family, I have a lot of identity, often want to do everything well. The housework redistribution, elastic female Superman took a new job, Mr. Super can take a child at home, he patted his chest and said, "Everything is in my hands." "How to know, the so-called housework, is that everything is not in your grasp, than the task is difficult." (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" where did dad go, why "Mom is Superman"? )

Superman Commando 14 years after the heavy return, scrolling childhood homesickness, reaction times, talk about family and housework distribution this matter, very clever.

When dad goes into the family, no one can do the housework.

At the beginning of the movie, the Super family was in deep economic straits. Mr. Super, frustrated, said he could return to the insurance business, although he did not like it, but he wanted to carry the burden of supporting his family. Elastic female Superman don't want to husband wronged, think there must be other ways. Opportunity from the sky, inviting the elastic superwoman as a hero endorsement, because according to the figures, her mission accomplished more highly, on-site destruction rate is lower, this era of heroes also have to have a new imagination.

Mr. Super suddenly startled, this is his first time to feel, the spotlight shift, he is no longer the first choice, "but I'm good, right?" He cautiously confirmed. Elastic Superwoman also have a surprise, hey, I don't even have a theme song, actually want to call me as a spokesperson? May I? She wants more, too, can I leave my family?

The proposal was a shock to two people, who started a democratic discussion of household chores, what was the best for the family? The final resolution by the elastic female Superman out of the task, Mr. Super can take care of the children, opened the "Superman Special Attack Team 2", I think is very cute and realistic fragments-the collapse of a child and finally let go, the rare lifting full of flawless, also just see, collapse in fact good normal, no relationship, can learn, can help, As every mother has always experienced.

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At first, Mr. Super thought it was easy to take the kids, but it wouldn't be difficult to get a job. Later, he hung black pouch, coax the child to sleep in his first sinking sleep. He does not know how to communicate with adolescent girls, he is not the son of the new math, ah, why is nothing? Why is it so hard to look simple? This way of taking care of the child, in addition to his expectations, he walked crooked, gave himself unqualified scores, and for the first time realized that there are some things in the world that cannot be solved by force alone.

When power is useless, he begins to see the beauty of other abilities, such as softness, such as letting go, for example, to listen. He began to grow his own way, for example, he frankly told his daughter, in fact, Dad does not understand, Dad is clumsy, but dad just want to help you, you would like to. Or he knocks at the door to help madam, I will not, you can help me, ah original bow, not imagine the discomfort.

When the super Dad walked into the family, know that he does not do everything, this is more inclusive, in fact, in the household chores, no gender, the truth is that who is not super. Mom is not Superman, Dad is not, Mr. Super can experience all kinds of problems, in fact, every mother has had anxiety. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" monthly wife, housework work so tired why not have money to take? )

Have you ever seen a mother anxious? Have you ever heard of Mother's troubles? Do you know that love is not enough to face all the everyday problems? All the calm, comes from the experience of collapse. Life is like this, there is no exception to housework. Upbringing and care is not innate, household responsibilities are not gender, who also have to study, who is not alone.

Honey, you don't need to be omnipotent.

"Superman Attack 2" there are a lot of my favorite clips, most of them, because Mr. Super can honestly express himself.

Maybe it's true that I was jealous of your chances at some instant, I take the child's task is a lot of bad, I want to make everything perfect but everywhere mallet, but these are I, I did not know me, there will not I, know how to help me, more three-dimensional me.

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"Superman Attack Team 2" like a love letter to the boy, dear, you do not need to be omnipotent, you have to do, just let you love the people, to you lend a helping hand.

Some people talk about "Superman special attack Team 2" said female power finally rise, gender role redistribution, I think this is the rise of male power, dear boy, you still have untapped power. "Superman Attack 2" is really important to give the world a message-the world does need strength, but also need softness, and such a trait, no yin and yang, both sexes.

In this era, we have always had new imaginations for heroes. Heroes have vulnerabilities, heroes have daily problems, heroes will not be enough to sleep, heroes have family to Gu, heroes always have to solve, heroes regardless of gender, heroes can cry, the hero is a plural.

I think that I will look forward to that future, women stand on stage, men choose Family, no wonder also not special, female force rise, but also male power rise, the hero is a plural of the collective noun, regardless of gender, promote the world, and small town village will be safe through the day.