"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Love Dale and Emma, once we were in the waves of lust, and later, we can only do the people who see the sea, miss the days of the sea.

See your first eye, but rub shoulders, but I do know, my body wants you. You dye a blue hair, put on another person's shoulder, and you turn around, the crowd look at me, I am so naked. I already miss you, imagine you pass me, then stay, then don't go.

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Think of you at night, the body is thirsty, the dream has blue sea, floating sea, surround me, moist image, I touch myself, unexpectedly have an unprecedented climax, climax is you, climax is the shape of the sea.

Love is just the end of a heterosexual, people mouth "normal" kind of relationship. The boy is a senior, seems infatuated, play hard rock, anxious intimacy. They are not familiar enough, the body is hot up, he is like a dog, curled up in love with Dai son, is prey or chips, in short, his body hit very fierce, love Dale had to start venting. Anyway, the boy is the answer, yes, I am very comfortable, can give him this answer, do not want to do, maybe he really love her, but she does not love to go back. (Recommended reading:"Blue Is the Warmest Color" taught me seven things )

Daisy liked to pout, and the lip brought Emma to her and tried to bite her.

The use of lips is much, they explore, kiss, intimacy, bite, lick, devour, the body is the map of food, they open, all the way south, lick the most sensitive place, sensitive, bud shape, mouth and hands, taste you, gaze at you, meet you, they are each other's feast, to kiss, Bon Appétit, You are a more damp remembrance than the rainy season.

So sexy, food and sex are very similar, pure physical desires, want to be filled, greedy, and want to come again. Love Dai is Emma's oyster, and after knocking it off, roll up the sheets. For the first time, at Emma's house, the lust opened the door, the body painted, she had the splash of ink on her, she wanted to be completely soiled by her, sex and love catalyze each other, twins, their bodies tremble, your breasts, your clitoris, your butt, your skin, are my boundless sea, lying in the sea, the sea has my desire to no bottom.

Source: Film Stills

Emma's breasts are small, and Daisy loves to hold her hand, like a fragile secret. Love Dale knows that she is not brave enough to defend her, or even admit herself. She does not understand art, does not understand her deep love, she is her empty muse, Love Dai son more and more stand farther, a composure, already out of bounds.

She is only very lonely, the only way to think of the only sex. She threw the body out, there is no one to me, only to feel that they still exist, unfortunately not, that night, love Diane was deported, she composure, has been outside of Emma's world. The sea separates them into two worlds. Tears, she thought of which lesson said, "Water is the fault of gravity, gravity must exist in the water, so all the defects are natural." 」

Their meeting is natural, and the breakup is probably the same.

Finally saw her, such as the Ebb of the Sea, the café, the relationship went to the bare end. They can still kiss, her eyes or desire, but can not live together, sex in this relationship is not enough, to have love and bosom friend, in order to build a house. Emma finally did not answer and love her, only said to her, "Your gentle boundless, I will be in my heart for a lifetime", incredibly, she became Emma Heart Eternal Sea. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" poetess Wislawa Szymborska love poems, we hate to lose, but also resist close )

The only memory left, the body, sensory, desire, intuition, is the sea to send her last gift, the climax is the shape of the sea, is her hair hot fingers, is her gentle tongue, is their farewell, who did not look back.

Later, they can only do to see the sea, far from the other side of the sea, miss the days of the sea.