The four-year World Cup was launched on the football field, while female sports journalists outside the stadium were too "enthusiastic" to be treated by male audiences. What is the disturbance outside the field?

During the 2018 World Cup, Julia Guimaraes, a Brazilian female journalist, was caught by a male audience in the Russian Jekaterinburg live broadcast of a Japanese match against Senegal. For the sudden fright she ignored the front of the air camera, directly to the man scolded: "Do not do such a thing!" Don't ever do it again! I do not allow you to do so, it is very impolite and wrong behavior. Please respect all women, please do not do this to women. 」

The event was echoed by most women around the world because of its high level of concern. But as early as the end of March in 2018, a group of women in Brazil, who also served as sports journalists, gathered to voice their voices and launched the "#DeixaElaTrabalhar" (#LetHerWork) campaign, accusing them of being treated rudely by male audiences as they broadcast news at the sports field. Their anger and helplessness are conveyed through the lens, hoping that through the experience of the film, they will be able to improve when they are working and exhibiting their profession without fear of being harassed by the outside. (Extended reading: Taiwan's #METOO: Worship tickets tofu, court sexual harassment, politics big old pull palm )

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We are not unfamiliar with the experience of unwarranted harassment in the workplace, even questioning your profession through harassment. However, why is there such an event? And how to deal with it when it really happened?

Analyzing the motives of male harassment from a physiological perspective

Behind the incomprehensible action there is absolutely no incentive to manipulate it. may not be accepted and understood by everyone, but after trying to understand the different sounds, it may be a different from the past of the single imagination.

Although the same as male, but not a pole to knock over a boat person. As a male, I see this kind of news incident the first idea is very straightforward "what happened?" "When you are seriously working or doing something, you are physically harassed, regardless of gender, and it is really disrespectful to people," he said.

First, from the point of view of the film, the men who are reporting the harassment of women journalists may not be simply because they are too interested and lack respect for these women. They resist and want to cut off the broadcast directly, and another possible reason is that women journalists "violate" their professional-sports, trampling on the sanctity of sports in the eyes of a certain part of men.

Such thoughts are like the feudal social ethos of the past. What a woman can do is to accept the unreasonable treatment of sancongside and Fres at home, which is in line with what men imagine and what they are allowed to do. But it should not be the case in society in the 21st century, and it should not be repeated in the past for irreversible differential treatment.

Let's go back to the local situation and the ethos of Brazil, where many surveys have found that Brazil is still a fully "chauvinistic" country, a pity for Brazil as a nation of many different cultures.

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In the 2016 statistics of European transgender organizations, Brazil topped the list with 802 transgender people, leading the country's second-largest Mexican population of nearly 600, while in 2015 318 were killed by LGBTQ.

Some may think that these women sports journalists are "only" subject to "minor" physical harassment, and some have not even been successful, is very fortunate. People who have such an idea, in fact, acquiesce to these actions, even their own mothers, sisters, girlfriends, wives.

It also shows that the Brazilian men who do the harassing act, faced with women who have expertise and are different from their own physical gender, can do nothing but show a childish side. Just like a preschool child, when the toy is taken away can only be used to cry or even Rob as a counterattack. These Brazilian men, through physical violence, terminate the voice of women journalists, trying to reconstruct their superiority, but at the same time giving them an ignorant and barbaric image.

After trying to understand these actions from behind the motives and circumstances, it may not be a justification for the perpetrators, but they can give themselves a different perspective on these harassment actions. Sex/gender-related events are not only due to sex/sexuality, but are often implicated in power, class, knowledge, and too much of the two-dollar opposition in the context of sex. As long as accidentally into the model of the two-yuan confrontation, perhaps anyone can become a news incident in the perpetrators.

Therefore, to learn tolerance and respect, accept their own shortcomings, and appreciate the professionalism of others, is definitely to reduce the conflict begotten.

Beyond respect, how to improve and reflect?

In the first news incident, the woman journalist who made a clear statement and denounced it with a simple "i ' m sorry." while others just dodged and even congratulated themselves on having escaped and thankfully, could not even receive an offhand apology. Is it necessary to really and clearly reprimand and say that this is wrong and disrespectful to human behavior in order to receive the treatment they deserve, and the perpetrator will understand that he is not allowed to act?

Of course not.

To give respect is very important, it is the basic equipment to be imperceptibly. Therefore, no matter how trivial the small things, as long as the consciousness of their own behavior may make others feel uncomfortable, should show your apology, and show that their actions are harmless. It may be thought to be too much of a fuss, but it's better to protect both sides ' perceptions and feelings about things and make people feel that you are really responsible for every action you take.

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Of course, you can push a slight "little offense" to jest. But please also understand that as long as one side doesn't feel funny, the joke never holds, and it makes you feel like a frivolous and disrespectful person, and as time passes, a relationship will fall apart with these little jokes. (same field Gayon: hug, open the yellow cavity, judge the sexual harassment?) The American view is very different )

Learn to put yourself in the same place, treat anyone with care, and think a few more minutes before you make a move, and the conflict and misunderstanding can be drastically reduced. In fact, it is not only between male and female and gender that such incidents will happen, but unfortunately, these incidents are recurring in daily life, without any signs of reduction, and repeat themselves repeatedly.

Why not female to male, but mostly male to female, this of course with from ancient to now feminine status has always been regarded as lower than male, female is only attached to male, is for male decorations.

The 2018 now, is no longer the case, therefore, should not always happen not in the current era of things. As a man, I expect to see a society that lets people play with their creativity and enthusiasm in their own professions, without worrying about their own work and encounter unequal treatment. With a very "mercenary" point of view, I believe that the body in a not by these meaningless shackles and hidden rules of the world, absolutely can have greater, more pure output value and efficiency Ah!

Male compatriots, don't you want to make some changes together?

Since then, feminist leaders have used chauvinism to refer to gender discrimination, referring to those who pursue the supremacy of male power and women's attachment to men.

The subsequent use of the term "chauvinism" points to the notion that "men must be superior to women, men are definitely above women, women are men's property".