Recently, the Philippines Marikina City on the streets of a gay pride parade, most of the participants as Christians, they armed with apology slogans, warm attitude to accept the position of LGBTQ ethnic groups.

In the past, religious groups have often used the "guardian of family Values" as a LGBTQ to arouse the traditional values of heterosexual families and monogamy, against the LGBTQ community. (Extended reading: I am a gay Catholic, why do I think the two sides are not people?) )

A parade of gay pride has taken place in the city of Marikina, east of the Philippine capital Manila, where a group of Christians have gathered on the streets with slogans that read: "I am sorry," according to CNN .

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It was a march by the Christian Free Church in Manila, the purpose of which was to apologize for the past attempts by Christian groups to oppose the LGBTQ ethnic group with biblical classics.

The slogan, in addition to a big "sorry", also said:

I'm sorry, I'm hiding behind religion when I'm really scared because I don't understand.
Sorry ... I see you as a sexual act, not as a child of God.
Sorry, because I used to belittle you, but not for your humanity to be honored.
Sorry, I refused and hurt your family in the name of family values.

Sorry ... because I chose to refuse to listen.
Sorry, because I have criticized you.

The crowds of demonstrators also held other warm slogans and said, "God loves the world, so do we!" "And"LGBTQ, you are loved! " "Jesus won't refuse to accept anyone, neither are we!" Kohlin Lallabban, a member of the parade, said, "The feeling is real, when we look at each other, most people are tearful." "And the mention of such a gesture is of great significance to the LGBTQ ethnic group in the predominantly Catholic Philippines, which is a powerful act of resisting the masses and, in turn, giving warm support." 」

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In a statement on the church's Facebook page, it reads: "We don't need everyone's approval, but the enthusiastic response of those who accept our sincere apologies inspires and encourages us to continue to fulfill the mission of our church." "(Recommended reading: Rainbow color of you!) 2017 Gay Parade: Be yourself, love make you fearless

Jamilah Salvador , a Twitter user, also posted photos of the parade online, with more than 50,000 people sharing the support of the LGBTQ crowd as they shared the Pride parade.