On the last day of gay Pride Month, Youtube released four consecutive tweets, hurting LGBTQ apology for playing inappropriate movies

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At the end of the gay pride month of June, Youtube issued four consecutive tweets, apologizing for "inappropriate advertising" and "revenue-making policies".

The big big community apology is unusual. Last year, Youtube apologized for blocking and setting conditions to filter LGBTQ films . So what's the apology for?

Every time you want to watch your favorite YouTuber latest film, you have to endure the annoying front ad. Actually, you know what? According to the Youtube Partner Program , although creators can generate revenue from advertising, they cannot decide what ads to play on their platforms.

Then who has the right? Advertisers (and Youtube, of course). Advertisers can decide where to play their videos. This is also where Youtube has recently been a contentious issue.

Picture |Chase Ross Movie screenshot

A Canadian transgender YouTuber Chase Ross, who often shares a transgender life on her own channel, was found to have an anti-LGBTQ film in his video's front ads. The LGBTQ creators on Youtube also found the same thing.

Other creators such as Elijah Daniel and Aaron Ansuini believe that these LGBTQ advertisers are deliberately targeting advertisers to the LGBTQ creators ' channel.

(Cross-sex YouTuber Chase Ross mentions in the film that it was placed in an anti-LGBTQ AD)

Chase Ross further found that if the title of the film contained "transgender" words, it would be reduced to advertising sponsorship (that is, Youtube's revenue-earning policy). The move is thought to be a deliberate crackdown by Youtube on LGBTQ.

So in June, at the end of the gay Pride month, Youtube apologized on Twitter for the Storm and clarified its position:

We ' re proud of the incredible LGBTQ voices on our platform and the important of young lives.

(We have always been proud of these LGBTQ who have the courage to speak on Youtube and play an important role in the hearts of young generations)

It's critical to us this LGBTQ community feels safe, welcome, equal, and supported on YouTube.

(Creating a Youtube environment that makes LGBTQ feel secure, equal, and supported) is very important to us.

We ' re sorry and we want to do better.
(We feel sorry and wish we could do better)

In the statement, YouTube has shown a firm stance in support of LGBTQ, emphasizing that YouTube is a platform for multiple voices, and that it will seriously consider the feedback to the revenue-taking policy. Although the statement is just a statement and has not yet seen concrete results, I think it is a good start for a more friendly, environmentally sound, audio-visual platform.

Also let us continue to pay attention to the actual action of YouTube, we hope that in the near future, we will be able to see more LGBTQ films on YouTube, for their own ideas, rights and brave voice!