North of the original みのり life path is wonderful, she did AV magazine planning, operating female sex shop, now is "Japan's feminist" magazine editor-in-chief, listen to her talk about sexual violence and physical autonomy, should be discussed together.

みのり (Minori), the chief editor of Japan's Feminist magazine, and the first woman in Japan to set up a spice shop, trimmed her neat bob's hairstyle, and came to Taiwan to visit the important hands and bodies of the women's movement. The summer sun in the Southland will keep her complexion healthy and radiant.

The 47-Year-old, who looks younger than her age, will look down at her hands on her lap or unconsciously pinch her fingertips with blue-green nail polish, as if she were a little nervous, making her look tender. The next moment, she can twist to the Japanese women's movement history, telling the long knowledge as if rooted in the body. I was very impressed by these contrasts, as if the adult body was stripped away, there was still a girl inside.

The encounter between the North and feminism is also to be said from her childhood.

Girl's looking up: I want to be such a handsome woman

1970, the north of the original 10 years old, Japanese political campaigners/feminists died Ichikawa, she looked at the TV, "Ichikawa of the news on the television broadcast very large, know that there is such a person, just know that the past women's status as equal now." "Of course, the original is the struggle of these predecessors Ah!" Looking up at the television Ichikawa the image of the house, 10-year-old north of the original heart yearning, think that such a woman is handsome, she meditated in the mind, "I also want to be a woman to stand up for the kind of people!" 』」

Other children of the same age are still obsessed with pop music singers, and the idol that fascinates her is the female of politics. The students circulated comic books, but she began to make up magazines. At that time the elementary school had the news agency, she took the Scs the House branch as the theme, has compiled a personal ambition. "It's almost as good as what you're doing right now," said the man. She spoke herself and smiled.

The North's parents were both teachers, teaching social sciences and all the postwar baby boomers born in 1945. Japan and the global political pulse coincide, at the end of 1960 there is also a wave of anti-cultural trends (counter-culture), her parents in the democratic society during the Enlightenment stage, the understanding and feelings of democracy is very deep, the mentality is relatively free and open. In such a family environment grew up, the North has rarely felt as a woman's limitations, on the other hand, she is the eldest daughter, independence is also relatively strong.

In the era of northern growth, Japan's economic development, social awareness, the law gradually to the trend of gender equality. "And because of that, I didn't really want to study in the direction of female research, instead, I aspire to work in a large company, become a professional woman, in this man's world with men together with the" at that time, she thought to be an independent woman, should learn the economy, "so I was in the university is to study finance. "The financial strongman looks like the north original miss, does not seem to Shong."

However, in the first year of 1989, when Miss Durbeyfield entered the university, there was a fundamental change in her mind.

To change the serial murders of women in northern and Japanese society

That year, there were a number of appalling serial infanticide cases in Japan, the Gongqi incident. Ozaki, a 26-year-old inmate who kidnapped and killed four girls aged 4-7 years from August 1988 to June 1989, took nude photographs, molested or raped the dead, consumed corpses and masked crime through family forces. 19 years after the crime was found, the Law Minister Kunio Hatoyama approved the execution of the death penalty. This incident at that time shocks the whole society, including Miss North, people began to discuss, why is this happening?

Also in the same year, Japanese female student cement barrel incident exposure. At the end of 1988, Tianshong, an excellent and excellent young Japanese female high school student, was kidnapped by four teenagers at random, and was placed under house arrest for 41 days in a teenage family, where he was eventually strangled and put into a cement barrel and dumped in cement. The boys in this round of mob killings, incredibly brutal, but even more surprising in the Japanese society is that, in the process, the young family and neighbors know that the girl was detained and abused, but did not save the victims, the crime of origin in the people think the violence is not related to high-level residential areas, at that time, Japan suffered a great impact.

A brutal event like this is happening in the same year. The female high school student the cement barrel event victim and the North original miss the same year was born, this makes the north originally to feel the shock, such thing, also may randomly happen in her body. She realized that her social distance from the equality between men and women is fine. "I later learned that women are not as good as economic autonomy, they can live on an equal footing, and many things need to be done." 」

, who had just been to the north of the university, decided to change his major from finance to education. The pursuit of personal good, for her is not enough, if the overall situation of women did not improve, personal efforts may be instantaneous disintegration, women volunteer to turn, "I would like to serve the female." 」

1989 years later, the North began to formally learn feminism, contact the female body sexual autonomy of the discussion. She found that women were often the victims of sexual violence or sexual intercourse. "If you want to erase the status of women as victims, women must be in control of their own physical and sexual autonomy." But at the time, it was just a vague idea for me, and no ability to come up with a solution. The North was quite frankly looking back at the situation.

Her master's degree in education also studies the ways in which women's bodies and passions are presented in various media. "Just book knowledge is not enough, I want to understand the status quo, so decided to Japan's AV-related industry to work, want to know more about how the sex industry in the male society how to operate, how can change." So a feminist started off and went to the AV industry for an internship.

In the hope that the AV industry may let the erotic freedom of the imagination

Japan's AV industry began to develop in the 1980 's, north originally said that her generation is beginning to see the first generation of domestic a film, "I was a beautiful image of AV actress, think they are a new era of women, cool, do not feel that sex is a vague thing, willing to use their body to perform sex 」

In addition, in 1987, an AV actress in Italy Iro Na Stra Staller Anna Ilona elected members of parliament, the first adult actor into the Congress of the World precedent, Stravinsky to the past identity is not concealed, but also reflects the atmosphere of a more open society. "So in the early days of the development of AV industry in Japan, I think of industrial development is more progressive and equal, not holding a bad impression on the industry, into the Department of AV Information magazine work." 」

But actually entered the AV magazine department, she found that the situation is not exactly what she thought. Working in it for a few years, she had never seen any AV actress with a smile on her face. Miss North is also often given the task of planning the theme, "Each subject ta are men, must think about what kind of theme will make boys happy?" For example, let the more petite adult women wear school uniforms, backpack, to meet the fantasies of paedophilia and so on. "She gradually discovered that, at first glance, openness talks about sex and desire, but the way of talking, or the direction of desire, or male dominance, images are often shrouded in the atmosphere of male violence."

The theme is not difficult, in fact, north of the original very frankly, said she wrote a lot of planning. "But it was amazing how I could write this thing, but it was even more strange that I could write it," he says, looking at what he wrote. Just keep going like this, okay? The young lady began to cross-examine herself, if even she, as a woman, can smoothly write a project that is different from her own desires, does it also mean that erotic imagination is mostly masculine? What are the erotic views that women develop from themselves? How strange a woman is to her own lust, and how far apart she is from her body.

She thought the situation was so strange that something should be done. She quit the institute and tried to get out of the work of AV magazine by Planning and building the website. On the other hand, a woman must be able to control her sexual pleasure by being independent of the object of desire and becoming a subject. She wants to be a sexual service to women, but exactly what to do? Inspiration, unexpectedly unexpectedly from contact AV Industry customer's process to emerge.

The first female sex shop opened in Japan!

North of the original 23 years old, is the network just began to develop the era, learning ability is very strong, she learned to set up the site skills, also took the Japanese and foreign many web page erection needs. Due to the work in the AV industry, most owners also come from the adult industry. "I also take the opportunity to know a lot of foreign situation, for example, in New York and San Francisco, in the United States, there are many female sports women to produce their own sex products, I think, this is within my ability to do things, and therefore decided to start a formal business, to do the female to the sex 」

Now sounds very smooth, but there are still worries before starting a business, do the erotic cause, she was afraid of the underworld to find. Japan's erotic industry often with the mafia have thousand silk jacket entanglements, North original fear to do the fringe of the sphere of influence, did not expect the mafia think the female sex market is very small, complete interest missing.

Welcome to the network Take-off Tide, career start unexpectedly smooth. "The 80 's, but also the Japanese feminism in the initiation of the sex issue of the era, into the 90 's, Japan has become not taboo on the topic of Sex society," north of the cause of the success of the cause attributed to the environment.

Interestingly, because of the privacy of the purchase of erotic products, the demand for goods is thus obscure, the Internet offers sex products, the North can really see the needs of Japanese women, and how the type of demand changes with the generations.

She shared with us, although feminism in the 90 's rise, but into the 2000, the Japanese economy bubble, the economic downturn, the conservative forces have come to a backlash, the society has a big reversal in gender consciousness.

"This is also shown in the sale of goods, for example, people who buy masturbation sticks, and so on, are almost always older than me, but young women, such as girls aged 20 or under 20, mostly buy props for exercising their thigh muscles or enhancing their compactness to please their male partners. The difference in this regard is significant. "North The original half jokingly said that her online sex shop can be operated up to now, may also have not seen enough competitors."

Gender equality consciousness does not evolve naturally: AV victim Events

Indeed, the consciousness of gender equality will go backwards with the stagnation of economic development, and the whole of East Asia and even Taiwan have experience to resonate with. In South Korea, housewives begin to be called "Mom bugs" (note 1), and in Taiwan, economically dependent on men, women may be called "sows" or "feminist buffets". North said that in recent years, Japan's most concerned about the issue of gender issues, is related to AV victims.

Two years ago, a newly retired AV actress was sued by the company, because the actress refused to continue the performance, the penalty is up to 30 million yen. The court referee AV actress wins, do not have to pay liquidated damages. The lawsuit has turned the society around--so what kind of treaty did the AV actress sign, a slave treaty?

People began to examine the situation of AV actress, surprised to find AV actress suicide rate is very high. On the surface of bright, entertainer of AV actress, on the table appears to be voluntary, but the industry is still a lot of exploitation of AV actress as?

Due to the incident of AV actress, female groups began to set up a hotline, so that people encounter the same situation or legal disputes can be put forward collectively to tell, otherwise one or two people difficult to file. No one knows, the hotline from this rang non-stop, even more than 10 years ago, Av actress. It has been found that the AV industry has long been a fundamental problem of exploitation and violence.

"90 years very popular image realism," The North original Sigh, "Many AV violence, whether it is rape, injury, bleeding, burst crying picture, all require realism." Later, many AV actresses appeared to say that they were not acting, and that the cast was really abused at the scene in pursuit of realism. 」

While AV has been the focus of social attention, discussions have been bogged down. It has been emphasized that AV is, after all, a performer, with freedom of speech, expression and creation, and it is not certain how many of its constituents are exploitative or voluntary. The other is that the AV industry in the construction of male violence, so do not mention what voluntary involuntary, because the whole system is constructed on the basis of exploitation and violence. The debate is still inconclusive, and the war on confrontational violence is continuing.

"Sexual Warfare" in progress: direct vision of comfort women's responsibilities and pornography output

"The Japanese feminist magazine", which was edited by Miss North, was the topic of "sexual warfare". Reading Trends Lightsome, she started from the big history, I asked why? "This magazine, starting with the comfort women issue, the abolitionist movement, the prostitute prevention law, the Lesbian movement, and so on, is to hope to see what we have been fighting with." She said this tone mild, talk about war, not necessarily to claws, teeth, brush off emotions, the purpose is to see historical facts. To see that gender equality is not a natural process of human development, is a constant effort to come, but also see that we need to work hard.

Ms. Bride said that it is now generally considered absurd, "but the sex industry also will be women's goods, as a accessory to the desire of men, this and bride distance and how far?" "Science and technology are progressing, there is no awareness of history, and gender violence can be changed in different forms." "Gender has become more equal with the Times," the slogan of imagination, may also let us distance from the real gender equality, increasingly far.

In the second issue of the Journal of Japanese feminism, Miss North decided to take East Asia as its source. She mentions that Japan's younger generations are less likely to aspire to foreign countries than they used to be, and that Japan is Asia's leading country and does not need to understand the views of East Asian neighbours. "But this is not the case, in the gender issue area, Japan is definitely not in the vanguard position." 」

She is not afraid to cut open the Japanese government's desire to avoid the topic of comfort women, in-depth review. The Japanese feminist magazine-Sex Wars discusses comfort women and Japanese responsibility, Japan's right-wing male friend regarded her as a woman of treason, but she did not care, "Shing women's issue, to see Japan during the war as the role of the aggressor to oppress East Asian women; to modern times, Japan remains the violent erotic exporter of East Asia, We cannot turn a blind eye to these realities. 」

Men-dominated politics, with strict national boundaries and political rules, may not be politically able to form a "state-and-state" peer Alliance, but is it possible for women to go beyond the rigid national political imagination and work together in the field of gender? Miss North is starting to do the second book, "Japan's feminist" magazine, is looking forward to this. "There must be parts of women that can work together across the border." Her look is full of anticipation, such a magazine, an interview, hoping to open the Taiwan-Japanese women on the gender issues of transnational dialogue.

The topic suddenly serious up, I am a bit embarrassed, open "Japanese feminism" magazine, take the advantage to inquire the lovable figure illustration in the book. Miss North is happy to share, they want to easily introduce the history of the Japanese feminist, as easy as possible to understand, as the game card on the role of the same description. "Compiling this book, simple and simple is necessary, is high school students can understand." "The book has a lot of young readers, too, and sales are good, and it's very promising in the business marketplace."

Gender equality Initiative, landing to do, not afraid to enter the commercial market to accept the challenge, from women to sex goods, to feminist magazines, the difficulties will continue to come. I think when I was 10 years old, if I took a time machine, see now the north of the original miss, should be assured, although not in the TV waving flag shout, but in their own posts to do their own strength, to promote faith, do what they believe, that is, a good handsome woman.

Edit PostScript:

In addition to thank the northern miss of the visit, actually would like to thank the accompanying translation of the soft, this interview, rather than more than two of people's cooperation, thank you for the very accurate reporting, so that the interview discussion can be smooth and unimpeded, without language restrictions to unfold. And thank you for helping to pull the strings, Miss Grace.

In the interview process, I do feel that all the women who work hard in their day-to-day positions are extremely handsome and shiny. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe once took office has a political opinion: "100 million always active: Hui く women", meaning that through labor participation to let women glow, but by who what definition what is called feminine brilliance? Women are already glowing. I saw women moving in the moment when they shook hands and said goodbye to the young lady, the Interpreter, and Grace.

Note 1:"mother worm" from South Korea's network language, some South Korean netizens believe that the mother with the child does not need to work in the workplace, equals no productivity, can rest at home, go shopping to eat afternoon tea, so help them name "mother Worms", means the husband's blood-sucking worms. However, it completely ignores the working nature of the mother and the housework, and its load and pressure is no less than that of the workers in the workplace.