Through the literature classics that have not been read so, we provide different angles to analyze the classical texts.
Hope to give the classic new life, while digging out more yuan, interesting "explore the possibility."

"Beautiful People, I love you deeper and deeper than your love for me." This lifetime, I will be gushing to you so show. Please look at it! 」

A group of graduating female students, in the March warm sun on the campus lawn, recited the French writer Maurois's marriage, friendship, happiness. Coincidentally, this sentence and the story of the plot has a point of echoes.

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They are faced with the problem of whether to enter marriage, and marriage is the reason that friendship will become alienated. So, can you really feel happy?

Today, the text to be discussed is the "Flower season" written by Yang Chuhe more than 70 years ago.

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"Flower season" through the three main characters, Huiying, Zhu Ying and Chui Story of the girl, explain the end of the day of the women worry. In addition to using the most common "feminine consciousness" angle to analyze, but also to further demonstrate their friendship outside the "lily feelings."

The separated of graduation and marriage

is about to from the "high female"-that is, today's high school graduates of the three, facing the students around to choose to enter the family, married to a wife, can not help to make them reflect: Why graduation will marry? After the marriage, our life is only family, is this really the life we want? Have we experienced a different life?

In the past, women have been a virtuous society, although they are different from most uneducated women: all the way to high school, access to more knowledge and different experience. But they don't want to be just like that, they want more, they want to get out of the different future in the regular society.

"Please wait a moment, I do not want to be so easy, do not care like to marry Ah." 」

When the main narrator of the story was Huiying, she expressed her opinion directly to the aunt when she wanted to introduce her to her. No matter how good the aunt to say the subject, and herself as a woman to be trapped in the "age", "social vision" and other factors, Huiying very clearly that this is not what she wants, she does not want to just conform to the trend.

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"Over the past 20 years, through pain and sadness, I have not been able to see myself properly," he said. 」

20-Year-old, 20-year-old What are you doing? 20-Year-old us, the heart of the hesitation may be with Huiying as a Beecher.

Huiying has not yet realized life, still not see what is his heart yearning, she can't just walk into the next stage of life, she has to master their own life, not only by people at the mercy of.

At the same time, she also thought of the other to get married friends: "The students are probably such a son was proposed, in the claim that the other party is how to perfect the rhetoric, promised marriage, and then married it." 」

From the situation in which she was confronted, she realized the ideas she had never had before. It also further points to the situation in which women have been arbitrarily arranged for a lifetime, and whether they really have the "will" to marry, or simply to be manipulated.

But this is also a sad song of the Times. Women in the past have been deeply constrained by the rules of patriarchal society and cannot easily speak for themselves. Through Huiying's most authentic thoughts, we can see that women are unwilling to accept the secular rules, they have their own will, they want to break through the existing framework and widen the path to go.

The passing or sublimation of friendship?

Huiying, Zhu Ying and Chui three groups after graduation, unlike in the past in the campus can often get along with each other, only through the one-month trip to update the current situation. Friendships do not seem to fade over time, and in fact there is a subtle shift.

Huiying no longer accept the proposed, and go to the newspaper work, Chui Keen tailor, decided to study the foreign conference, Zhu Ying different from the top two, chose to marry.

One of the reasons they resisted marriage was that they were afraid that their relationship would be alienated after they had entered the family. Busy at home to deal with the housework, the husband teaches son, the friendship naturally will become the victim.

But in the end it's still a direction they can't handle properly.

On the eve of Zhu Ying wedding, three people go to eight of the sea bathing trip as a farewell party. At this point, their mood is different from the past graduation from the campus-like, a bit more heavy. In the face of the Zhu Ying, Huiying and Chui do not know how to view the changes in the three-person relationship.

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"That day, we always feel particularly dignified. The sadness that hangs over my heart seems to be heavier than when I stepped out of the school gate. Three of people are just lying still, for a long time no one spoke. Huiying thought so, the inner thoughts are very complex.

From the students met, after graduation also made a different choice from the majority of students, but at this time, there is a person to leave early to the next stage of life, still can not accept the change, stay in situ of people, may be helpless at this moment.

What about the people who ran away? Don't you feel confused and lonely? Is it not more bleak to be alone in the unknown?

Will produce these chaotic, uneasy thoughts, more directly to confirm the deep feelings between three people. Three people can not be separated, they just want to always accompany each other, go very far, very far.

Why can we only get happiness from marriage? The girl and the Girl's companion and bosom friend, can't be regarded as happiness? (Extended reading:524 The anniversary of the release of the Constitution: the right to pass Marriage Equality Act, is the only way to solve the package )

The girl's hidden Lily

At the end of the sea bathing, the three decided to let go of the sad thoughts and wander on the beach. But Huiying saw in the distance to Zhu Ying and her wave Chui, but one person ran to the opposite end.

"I am a very childish girl, and I will not worry about Zhu Ying, leaving her and going in the opposite direction." My eyes, cheeks and ears were blown by the sand, and it hurt me so much. 」

Why are you running? Why is there such a description? Good pain, knowing that the road will hurt, but Huiying still want to run. In addition to her own strong, uncompromising personality, I seem to smell a little different smell. Like a faint lily flower, sweet, but the slightest affectation.

Whether there is a bit of such a sense of both: A to B has beyond friendship, but because of gender, social atmosphere and the relationship between friends, he was afraid too much, so afraid to make changes, can only cry blessing, smile goodbye.

But how dare you express such an unacceptable feeling in this more than 70-year age? Not willing to enter the marriage, is already the biggest, most disobedience of the decision, but also the best proof of the mind.

Huiying See Zhu Ying dressed in red cheongsam ready to get married, can not don't open sight, can only "be attracted to her and constantly watch." 」

The reason for not wanting to stop watching is of course a lot of things that can be simply felt beautiful, or imagine what it would look like to wear on yourself. Because there can be a lot of different views, so I want to think of it as having different feelings, so naturally attracted by her.

Driven by her thoughts, she was attracted by her differences from the way she used to be. This is not just care, like a person will have performance?

Through what Huiying think, we see an awakening of an "avant-garde woman" that differs from traditional women. Perhaps in today's society, this is not how rebellious performance, but there are definitely too many women are not afraid for their own voice, the courage to make the decision of heart yearning.

By the story of a new woman during the Japanese rule, it is hoped that women, even all of us, will not be deterred by secular norms. But to move forward, to the beautiful world of their own pursuit.

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Blossom season, you can think of Phoenix flowers in full bloom of sentimental graduation, but also can be lilies bloom as white, clean, representing the girl's mind was seen at the moment. (same field Gayon: female Lily novel "Bloom season": I do not want to give life, entrusted to fate )