Why did the South Korean male sports journalist smile so happily after being kissed by two passionate Russian women? Together to solve the possible factors behind it.

The continuation of last week's gender watch brought to the attention of a Brazilian female journalist being kissed by a male audience during the World Cup, and at the end of March this year, women journalists in Brazil were collectively vocal because they were not respected at work. (Recommended reading: men's Gender watch | When I look at the foot, I don't want to see a female sports journalist being kissed )

One thing to look at this week is another contrast: a South Korean male sports journalist who was televised by two enthusiastic female viewers on the Russian online World Cup during the World Cup. Male reporter face to two times strong kiss all reaction calm, and to the lens can smile, did not see a hint of sullen.

The male sports reporter was kissed by the female audience, why is it different from the female reporter's dislike, but smiling face to greet people? How can he be interpreted in the way behind his performance?

Welcome to the men's gender watch this week.

Don't be a man to make a woman lose

After the news came online, the majority of the world's attention, and then appeared such a voice: "Laugh very happy." "So lucky to be kissed by a beautiful woman!" "I hope his wife doesn't see it." "I'm going to Russia to be a journalist too!" "And so on, showing the envy of the male reporter to speak.

But there are also a lot of such messages: "The female reporter was pro is harassment, the male reporter was pro said welfare?" 」

Yes, why is it that men are kissed by welfare? There's no other possibility? So long as he "looks" happy and unaffected, does that mean it's just a little thing to smile at?

Of course, because it is not a party, can not know his true feelings. He smiled in front of the camera, and perhaps he was happy, but was it possible to be taught that men should not panic in situations and remain calm?

Hey, that girl is good.

In the process of growing up, as long as a large group of men to get along with the occasion, more or less will begin to discuss women. Whether you like it or not, it seems to be a social topic to talk about which passers-by are beautiful and in good shape. When you inadvertently reveal that you are not interested in such a topic, you will be asked to question, are you a "normal" male?

When you are a boy, will often hear: "Boys to be strong, can't cry!" "To the teenage years, it is:" You see, that Sister is good, go after! After becoming a man, it is: "Don't be afraid of difficulties, have shoulders, wife and children will depend on you." Although the "Sister culture" is strictly not limited by age.

In society, as a male, as if to prove to be not afraid to endure hardship, not easy weakness, the courage to accept the challenge, and, like Hunters, have "initiative", by hunting "prey" to express their "male ability" is consistent with expectations, as well, with a continuous desire.

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Actually, that's enough. In this way, I really do not dare to say that I am a man. Can not do the above standards, I should be the society eliminated it? And how many men can do it?

Similarly, in the news that the male sports journalist was strongly kissed, did the man look more like a "prey"?

So, the male sports reporter appears not to be affected by the reason, is it possible: when the male from the established desire subject into the object of desire, his calm, quiet, actually do not know how to show the product?

Fresh meat: From the subject of desire into the object

In recent years, the word "small meat" in the mainstream, the male began to change to be female "public gaze" object. Some men, perhaps in the slightest, think it is a compliment to themselves; and not all men accept that they are treated this way.

There are many reasons not to accept. May feel so called, there is a lack of masculinity, small meat sounds like the pursuit of "big" male spirit is contrary to, it is possible that the male from the creation of the subject of desire, after the change to be the object of desire, mentality is unacceptable.

In fact, whether to acquiesce to gaze, to be called meat, or not to be stared, is under a "big frame"-a framework that toeing under the patriarchal structure of society.

The man who accepts to be the object of desire, through being gazed and watched, can show that he is superior to other men as a man, and that at this point the gaze becomes the capital that adds to the masculine charm, and the man who does not accept himself as an object is, in simple terms, a detriment to masculinity.

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Of course, there is absolutely no reason for this. But the main discussion here is the idea of "most heterosexual men". But I believe that there are definitely a lot of men who are consciously not going to stare arbitrarily. It may have been corrected that it was impolite, and it was possible to know the feeling of being looked at, so when they were stared, they felt uncomfortable and simply did not want to be treated like this. (Extended reading: I am not fresh meat!) Li Guoyi: "Luck I did not, I only know the best")

In any case, since being stared at can produce uncomfortable impressions, men should be aware that, based on respect and empathy, is it time to stop gazing?

If a male journalist is scared after a strong kiss,

"Masculine" and "manly" are often used to judge the criteria of being "men". If today, what we see is a male journalist who runs away after a strong kiss and believes that the message that emerges from around the world will be different.

"Good Niang Oh!" "," I really do not know how to enjoy. "And may even have" run what run, gay? " "And so on, a wide variety of messages appear.

But of course, there will be "why not run!" "," is the people will frighten! The message sounded for him.

Similarly, in contrast to this incident, the male reporter's performance, in line with most people believe that the characteristics of men: The crisis is not disorderly, graceful, and "Laugh out", like the wrong thing.

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Emphasis on gender equality, acceptance of pluralism to the present, in fact, the gender of the imagination is too simple. Perhaps you do not feel this way, feel that the friends around you are very friendly, not because the gender characteristics do not conform to the imagination is arbitrary abuse or exclusion.

That is because the body is in the stratosphere, and other different sounds are often silenced.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that, but I'm looking forward to seeing a different version next time. With the contrast, it is possible to inspire more different voices and to understand how the so-called masculinity oppresses others and limits itself.

But do not have any similar incident is the most happy to see, said "Respect" has been thoroughly implemented.