Why do lesbians show better sex experiences in research? Through expert analysis to tell you, improve your masturbation habits, and understand the partner's sexual needs, in order to get a better sex experience!

Have sexual studies in the past reported that lesbians have a better sex experience and sexual satisfaction than heterosexual, so that homosexuals have a better sex life because of their gender identity?

According to the report of Theguardian, a columnist for Parkinson's disease , a cheerful and comfortable sexual experience comes from the communication between the two sides, with a generous understanding of the sexual needs of their partner and sexual orientation, but not much of a correlation.

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According to the article, a survey in England interviewed more than 7,000 women, of whom half of the respondents aged between 25 and 34 felt they did not enjoy sexual life. In the 55-64-year-old respondents, the proportion of people who did not enjoy a sexual life fell to 29%, suggesting that women will gain a better and more comfortable sex life as they grow older. "Enjoying a full sex life is critical to women's psychological and emotional health," said Su Manshu's, a public health consultant involved in the study. 」

A larger study, conducted by the Kinsey Institute in 2017 on 53,000 Americans, found that 86% of the sexual experience experienced by lesbians had culminated, while heterosexual women were 65%. Heterosexual men in the report showed that in their sexual life, 95% of the proportion reached orgasm. (Recommended reading:"female film film critic" "Xconfessions" in the world of lust, don't be too poor to have only one erection penis )

The findings do show that women with the same surname have a better sex experience than heterosexual women, and what are the reasons for this? Matty Silver, an Australian sexual health therapist, said: "It's simple, lesbians know exactly how to get sexual stimulation and sexual needs, they know where the clitoris is, and they know what to do to get an orgasm." Lesbian couples do not need to show or mentor each other, which means they have a higher sexual satisfaction. 」

"There are a lot of men who think that by having sex, they can bring a sexual orgasm to a partner," "matty Silver added," That only happens to 20% of women. " For women to reach orgasm, more often than not, they need clitoral stimulation or oral sex to occur. This is one of the reasons why many heterosexual women pretend to orgasm. 」

Betty Dodson Dodson and Kalin Ross (Carlin Ross) have created a sex education charity with the slogan "Better Orgasm, Better World", by setting up a website to provide more sex and sex toys, and expect the public to overcome their negative body image. Learn to accept and enjoy your sexual needs. (Recommended reading: teach you to touch your body from an early age!) Western sex education is very different from Taiwan )

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As for improving sexual life, they point out that improving your "masturbation habit" is a major key factor. The key to sexual gratification, whether homosexual or heterosexual, is related to masturbation:

"The best way to improve your sexual life is to improve your masturbation habits, and when we know how to bring our own orgasms, we know how to communicate sexual needs to our partners," he said. This seems counterintuitive, but improving our relationship with ourselves can improve our relationships with others-and our sexual gratification. 」

By practicing feeling and communicating with each other's sexual needs, women tend to be more likely to listen and communicate in bed, which can lead to strong emotional connections. "As a woman, having sex with another woman is a completely compelling experience," says Elismartin, a 20-year-old transgender lesbian. Full of care, romance and pleasure, such strong emotional links, I have not experienced in the heterosexual sex process. 」

One of the culprits for this difference may be pornography, which is made for straight men. The excessive emphasis on patriarchal, violent and controlled pornography has actually affected heterosexual men who watch the pornographic content. The recent introduction of women to films by the sex industry is also aimed at allowing women's sexual needs to be seen and understood. (Recommended reading: Girl Confession: In fact, A film taught me many things )

In the final, women and women can have a better sexual relationship because they understand each other's physical condition, have better communication, and pay more attention to the comfort and happiness of the partner in the process.

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