Single diary, write tempting's single mind. Single or lovelorn what is the feeling, she said is a person to sleep, practice a person sleeping, joint, also know their own desires.

IG recently a problem spread, if a word to describe the feelings of lovelorn, what will be. F didn't think about it, almost intuitively replied, "Sleep alone." 」

Image source: The female mystery relationship IG

Well, lovelorn is a person sleeping, no one hugs you, no one catches you, no one knows how long your sleepless nights are. You count the sheep, open your eyes, the eighth to the 101th, until you sink into the darkness of sleep, and then a person woke up.

For some time, she was particularly afraid of dreaming. Dreams than reality, dreams have they have been to the Amalfi Coast, the Blue Sea, the wanton mountain city, he took her hand, she bit ice cream, she remembers that cold, dream also has dawn, so she began to fear that she could not face the reality. Waking up is early morning, the sun shines in, she felt the world is very cold. (Same field Gayon: "single diary" After Loving You, it becomes difficult to love other people )

After the lovelorn, F is very accustomed to sleep, curled himself into a baby posture, sleep, she herself to protect themselves, like their mother. Occasional anxiety attack, she knows not a pair of hands in the back, no look back, had to hug their own, said Don't be afraid, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, like a spell.

Of course, there are times when spells don't work.

A person sleeps the day is like this, with lonely, lonely, unwilling and let go to sleep together, she knew finally always will forgive, only sad will not be the same. Sad has the time limit, needs to pass, does not care, will take root, becomes the faint ache birthmark.

F read a lot of talk about single articles, think the talk is very right, but also talk too implicit. For F, after being single, it is difficult to have demons in mind, and desire----------------------------------------------------

Source: Female stills from Tokyo Daydream

The desire to be idle and overflowing is occasionally intolerable in the day of one's sleep. desire to attack, and memories of groups of companions, raging, the first is the body firmly think of it. How to be touched, how to be kissed, how to be surrounded by love, and how to be happy. F Dream, the body side miss. The body is very honest, will not deceive her, sometimes the person in the dream is he, sometimes the person in the dream does not have a face, she feels like making love with herself as intimate.

The emptiness of the mind is very close to the hole of the body, sometimes she is afraid of falling down, sometimes she makes herself happy, sometimes she simply feels silently, it turns out that I am such a son.

The sister heard F do the erotic dream, all think she is too lonely, encourage her to find some company. F think, but feel lonely very good, lonely without poison, lonely from their body grow out, is a part of her, only to respond to really effective. No one can help her, but she felt strong, F good hate abuse, but she felt so powerful for the first time.

Lovelorn is a person to sleep, or say, practice a person to sleep. Is the last do not have to wait for whose arms, a person to sleep, sleep soundly, no longer afraid to wake up, you are not around.

F is practicing this way.