Woman fan editor Audrey share media Tech The first media Science and technology conference to see the feeling, through the polymerization medium and technology energy, we embrace the same original intention, with science and technology as the radius, towards the future.

The first Media Tech, sponsored by the Rolling Stone culture. Chong, chairman of the Rolling Stone culture, began his speech with a joke that he was a technological determinism, convinced that technology would drive the world forward, that technology changed our habits and consumption decisions, and he wanted to know what the impact of technology would be for us in the future.

So with the advent of media Tech press conference, we look forward to the integration of cultural creativity and digital technology, through the discovery, display, and media process, to build a platform for aggregating media and technology energy.

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I live in the scene, the deepest feeling is that the continuous evolution of science and technology, large data, block chain, AI, science and technology is a tool, but also the human thinking of evolution, technology-oriented future open interpretation, technology behind the spirit and media core, it is time to review. (Recommended reading:"Gender violence prevention hacker loose scene direct hit" "Diversity" is not just the spirit, but also action )

Media Tech talk about the future trend of the press, everyone with observation, each has solutions, for you focus on finishing two days of wonderful sharing.

Think clearly about the nature of the media, and let technology be a supporting

Science and technology is the radius, the spirit is the center, can draw how big circle, how to establish links, how to imagine, how to practice, is the next effort. First of all, think clearly, where is your center/starting point?

A number of invited media have mentioned the nature and spirit of the media.

Joint newspaper deputy Editor-in-Chief Guang share "God", "shape", "influence" media said story anchor Point, God is the media core, shape is through science and technology-assisted storytelling ability, influence is the identity and spread of the ecological circle.

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Co-reported on the use of knowledge tree practices, the collation of foreign media practices, sorting out the digital form of classification: Long explanation, visual presentation, interaction, new audio-visual, Shen-immersion experience. In response to the different topics of the imagination of the masses (TA), the use of appropriate technical methods. If you say goodbye to the topic, the audience is expected to be a lost parents, or the face of the loss of concern, so the illustration record Linjalian 1500 days after walking, in order to do more to impress people's scenes reappear. Also use the circle layer of dissemination, tracking and driving the growth of the content of the benefits.

The managing director of the company and the issuer, Liu Zhen, share the transformation pains of the magazine media, put forward a question, "from the paper to the whole media platform, is the media transformation of the antidote?" I have a lot of doubts. "In any case, the information initiative has come to the user, we must be able to speak in numbers, Liu Zhen Special emphasis, must use the right content, in the right context, with the right person to communicate."

Content operations, but also take the PDCA approach, the establishment of a cycle of quality management ecology.

  • Content strategy: Defining brand and community personality, planning scene content
  • Content production System: materials and production, curatorial and publishing
  • Effectiveness Tracking: Correct KPI, evaluate results
  • Listening Review: User Insights

Zhong Ziwei, co-founder and CEO of the key Review network, stressed the need to deliver the most valuable information in the most efficient way, in the face of a common sense of oppression in the new media. In the future, whenever it can be solved automatically by it, it must be solved automatically. Two years ago, the key review network development AI writing technology, every 20 minutes, Ai caught hot discussion of the key points, to the editor, can also automatically generate articles, as a reference for editing.

Zhong Ziwei says the key comment Web's content spirit, does not ask the quickest, but has the significance. The beauty of the new media is that it is possible to have a place where imagination is not restricted. Key comment Network uphold this spirit, with Taiwan's partners to become the first to launch the "read to you" service of the new media. (Recommended reading: the world changes faster and faster than human imagination )

San Benyang 児, a Bellide executive creative director from Japan, put forward quite an interesting story about the spirit of all things in the media. Media initially refers to the meaning of the media (medium), as long as it can multiply the meaning and concept, can relate to people, everything can be the media. The media should not only expect to be a place where they sell space.

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He wimpy the South African burger brand as one example. Wimpy, with sesame-dotted hamburger skins, creates a personal experience that helps blind people to feel and enjoy through tiny changes, and in this case, Hamburg is also a media/media to contribute to change.

The future is in the direction of technology.

The media must go to the future and create influence, and the future, in the direction of technology.

Flurry Global product Director Christopher Klotzbach, with data from 2017 to 2018, pointed out that the current global app use situation, user time growth is slightly stagnant, app volume is becoming saturated, app must ensure that users develop the viscosity to use every day to grow machine Yes.

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The six forward cycle stages of App--acquisition, distribution, evaluation, transformation, interaction, retention, interaction and retention will be the most important topic in the present age.

David Jeffs, director of Marketing science at Acer Media Group Asia Pacific, is convinced that the power of the algorithm is fueled by the reading of data. Identity Management and voice recognition (Voice search and activation), let's begin to imagine a world without screens interacting directly with objects. The image recognition (image recognition) is the key technology to break the screen thinking.

He assured that the future of advertising will become more and more not like "advertising", would be integrated into more experience experience. In this process, it is possible to establish a more personalized, one-to-one communication model.

Imagine, when you open the fridge, through food identification, refrigerators can directly provide you with the corresponding recipes; imagine that your device can communicate with each other and communicate with you, your bedroom will suggest your next trip, the bus stop can identify your physical and emotional state, and recommend your next mobile location.

Adbert Aiput founder and CEO Wang Weiyu on large data application and artificial intelligence technology. The rise of large data is the nutrient of AI upsurge, the application of artificial intelligence has accomplished the maturity of data marketing.

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In particular, he explains, the big data is about "data narration", and the narrative has the value of exploration. At the same time, artificial intelligence should be used as a tool to help break through the human brain dimension and calculate the possibility of all data. Media and advertisers should be able to apply artificial intelligence methods, for the content of more grasp, for customers have a deeper understanding. (Recommended reading: from AI artificial intelligence to sexual violence Referral System optimization!) Asia's first sexual violence prevention Hacker Pine )

Where the future is, I'll be there

If you want to understand the spirit, understand the technology, you can think about the way forward. Lu Shinri Media Digital marketing general manager of the sharing, the media has been constantly redefining the media to strategic thinking, goal setting layout, data Operation optimization. Next, the company hopes to do integrated public relations management Services, through the analysis, integration of media environment, crisis management, brand communication three as a service structure.

Kkfarm Operating partner Wu Besian through the block chain to the central technology, the introduction of the Muzeum block chain creative Industry agreement, to solve the Taiwan literary industry pain Point, accelerate the past time-consuming and cumbersome "authorization", "splitting" process, so that creators faster to get the proceeds. At present, the technology has been subsidized by the Ministry of Culture.

Wu Besian said that the future as long as the "copyright" in the field, can become Muzeum users, the next step is to introduce new music products.

Urad operation of the Yangtze River Thunder mentioned the core solution, in the media, viewers, products three, to achieve growth, performance, strategy, and thus develop your Mojo services, invites aspiring to digital development partners, do not accumulate data in the external Google or FB, but accumulated in their own home, together with Rumble.

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Media Tech sharing wonderful, with the times of the technology, but also the spirit of the Pope, perhaps the most important thing, the evolution of science and technology, go backwards, we must hope that we are with the spirit, the application of technology, continue to advance units, this is our interaction with this era of the way.