Women are obsessed with writing and collecting! invite you to write down the words that are important in your heart, to feel the life together, to remember the moving of the words.

A woman is obsessed with writing, writing down the words you believe and touch the depths of your heart.

The text has the power, the handwriting has the temperature, for you picks the feminine mystery handwriting IG Five pastes the text, saw between the lines to the life the insistence and the gratitude.

Good things happen in life. We must cherish good deeds in order to face all the difficulties in the future.
--The 29th annual Golden Melody Best Newcomer Award & Best Taiwanese Album award eggplant egg cartoon character

Thank you for coming all the way without giving up.
Thank you for your brave and hard work.
Thank you for your strong and strong defy to lose.
Thank you for your persistence and faith in love.

Courage does not mean no regrets.
But in the case of knowing that you may be melancholy, still willing to make decisions and choices, rather than with the tide of fate ups and downs.

I couldn't live my life that I didn't want, and I couldn't accept what I didn't really want.

The real counterattack is the absolute tolerance of the world.

Women are obsessed with writing and collecting.

Write down the words of your favorite woman, in the photo or the text below #女人迷写字 and tag @womany_handwriting , there is a chance to be in the woman's hand-written IG exposure!