From Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Bertolucci to Loubesson, the famous guides have repeatedly been on the sexual assault scandal, how do we see him and his work?

According to the Guardian, 5/18, actress Sandvan Roy Sand Van Roy, who starred in the Loubesson directing film "The Ultimate Kill array 5" and "Star Agent Vareno: Thousand Star City", reported to Paris police that the famous French film director Loubesson (LUC Besson, who drugged and sexually abused her at the Bristol Hotel in Paris, has launched an investigation into the police.

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The 59-Year-old Loubesson, who directed "The Blue Sky", "the Evil Spirit", "the Ultimate Kill Order" and "Lucy", was the highest-paid director in France last year, and he has great influence in both French cinema and Hollywood.

Xander said she had dated Loubesson for about 2 years, and she recalled that intimacy was under pressure from the power of the workplace, "I'm afraid I'll lose the play if I don't." Loubesson's lawyer, Malambert (Thierry Marembert), said, "Loubesson fell from his chair when he heard about the accusation!" Loubesson, although he knew the actress, had contacted her, but never made improper acts against the parties, and categorically denied accusations of drug abuse. 」

However, from the Xander of the report, the incident is getting bigger and worse. Last week, a 49-Year-old female casting director contacted the prosecutor, saying that she was both a victim of Loubesson sexual assault and a witness, and that he had been improperly touched by an elevator with Loubesson each time.

In addition, two other women told the French media Mediapart that Loubesson often had "misconduct" on the show, and one said she was almost crawling out of Loubesson's office in Paris to avoid further sexual harassment. Loubesson has not yet personally responded to and expressed his stance.

Xander said that Loubesson in a friendly, gentleman's waiting to do camouflage, talk about the role of her film also showed that she has done research and deep interest, clothing appropriate, often talked about the wife and children, so that people remove the heart, but also exert psychological pressure, so that the other side that refused to have sex with him must be because he is not handsome enough to judge by appearances, Let the rejected person into the negative emotion of self-criticism.

Sandvan Roy
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Xander said she had been in violent sexual relations with Loubesson for two years and would have received Loubesson threats if she expressed a desire to end the relationship. The whole incident was a surprise to Loubesson fans around the world.

How difficult is it for the directors who are in the moral dilemma to avoid the influence of power?

In fact, not only are fans surprised that the years of sexual violence that have been concealed since last year's Hollywood #MeToo campaign have finally turned up. People are angry about how they can be so unimpeded, on the one hand surprised and extremely disappointed, feel trust betrayed. The epicenter of the collapse of trust is the work done by many male Hollywood actors/directors, including Kevinsbecy, Kasiai Frek and so on.

#MeToo movement earlier, Woody Allen's adopted daughter Dilland Faro (Dylan Farrow) pointed out that she had been sexually abused by Woody Allen when she was seven years old, but the matter has been kept to a lesser until recently, her brother Ronan Farrow, who had no blood, was risking her first shot, In the New Yorker report Weinstein years of powerful aggression, since this roll up #MeToo trend, Diramfaro events in such atmosphere finally returned to the table, was discussed.

Diramfaro on CBS talking about childhood sexual assault
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Two years ago, Bertolucci, the director of the final tango in Paris after the death of Maria Schneider Maria Schneider, admitted the heroine's accusation-he and the actor Malone Brando (Marlon Brando), the hands of butter into the heroine's nakedness. In the movie, the heroine humiliation, the pain, resists the reaction is not the theatrical effect, but is the real invasion, this piece experiences becomes the heroine's lifelong nightmare, but for Bertolucci and Marlon Brando degree, won the Oscar best director, the best Actor's nomination.

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The power of the invasion is still taking place, and justice has come too slowly.

Woody Allen, Bertolucci, Loubesson and other big directors, all have the talent and achievements that make the world admire. However, the quality of life is not so intelligent, more talented, more diligent, but you take your talent because of the efforts to gain the reputation and power to do? Can you, don't bring oppression, threats, sexual assault on those who are inferior to you in fame and power?

The directors failed to trust the fans and put the people who worship their work in a moral dilemma: if he was a powerful criminal/accomplice, would I refuse to see his film or make other comments about his work? Should I hate this director? What do you think of his work?

In addition, fans at this end, in order to balance cognitive dissonance, also cracked into two pieces. One of them believes that the accusation is fabricated, suspects the accused person's personality, the plot, and maintains the director's moral image in his mind so that he can avoid moral dilemma. The other party, on the other hand, considers the allegation to be true in order to deny the action of 0 tolerance for sexual violence. But beyond the spectral ends, is there any other thought possible?

With the discomfort of a moral dilemma

Last weekend, I watched the last comedy of the Australian Unicorn comedy Performer (Stand Up) Hannagazbi (Hannah Gadsby) at Netflix, the final hit (Nanette), which shocked the world and offered another way of thinking.

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In an hour or so, she begins with a light-hearted personal story and does not forget to condense the violence of homosexuality into a comic form. In the middle of the show, she changed the real experience of comedy, and the identity of her sexually abused survivor, so that everyone can see the composition of the joke is blood and tears.

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She also mentioned that people's pursuit of fame is already greater than the pursuit of human nature, she said, as a comedian, she is also the blame, and this is why she decided at the age of 40 years of peak time, the rush of the rapid retreat of one of the reasons.

"We are addicted to fame, and we feel that fame is more important than anything, including human nature (humanity), and who knows who is the chief culprit in the short-sighted pursuit of fame?" Celebrity (celebrity). And comedians also have to blame, are the same root. Donald Trump, Babro Bigasso, Havivingston, Birkosby, Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, these men are not the exception, they are the rules themselves, they are not a single individual, they are our story, and the moral of the story is: "We don't care, we don't care what women and children are going through, We only care about men's reputations. 』」

The audience was breathless and silent, and she went on to say, "Do we care about their humanity?" These men control our stories, and they are very alienated from human nature (and yet they have diminishing connection to their own), but we don't care, we just want them to maintain their distinguished reputation. 」

Hannagazbi's words were so sobering that I stopped the Netflix scene for a long time.

Yes, we can be impressed by the talents of these famous guides, but why are we afraid that their reputations have crashed? Why do people tend to uphold the reputation of a talented person? Do we also think that when we try to climb the same position, we should be bulletproof, no longer accept challenges and personality tests? Our pursuit of fame, whether it is the Bingyi of life, think that success should only be famous one? Is our desire for fame too much for the pursuit of personality? Is it easy for us to be able to be divine, assuming that a talented person will not have any personality flaws? Does our imagination and defense of celebrities come from our imagination and thirst for our own fame and power?

Turning the tip of the sword to your own question is never easy to answer. But at the same time, do you have the courage to turn around and ask yourself?

People are always more oriented, we can admire their ability, does not represent the need to fully endorse his personality. To understand the complexities and facets of a person, you don't have to win or lose on a linear scale, not necessarily: a person who commits a sexual offence has to completely erase all of his other facets. "Either defend him" or "demonize this man as worthless", these 0 and options are unnecessary.

Back to the example of Loubesson, whether we may still admire his imagination, the scheduling power of the movie story, at the same time, more focus on the production of the director's work process, that is, the film field is the power of harassment, abuse of authority situation?

The reason why people are upset about the female star is that we can no longer sit comfortably in the auditorium and stay out of it.

After #MeToo: We all have power, not just the audience.

After #MeToo, after hearing more stories, the moral conscience is to ask us to sit down, and we should no longer be passive consumers, but must actively ask for the power composition of the inspection field, as we attach importance to food and examine whether food production processes are sanitary and safe.

The truth is that we have the power and the ability to rise from the consumer and become a common producer of the safety of culture and culture.

#MeToo the light to the dark corner, and since then we have seen nothing more than the part that the director wants us to see. When these survivors risk the "outside" picture, should we act to give our voice and care to the values that must be defended, including goodness, including respect, including justice, and, of course, the rule of law.

A person's talent, most of the time is God's gift, ability and diligence is the basic, when the world back to applause, the spotlight on you, the power of the word to you, you have the right to put on the ring, become what kind of person, is really by their own strength forged. This is really the power of personality, as well as the value of human nature.

The story continues to write, will not stop in the actor accused of sexual assault, into the inspection of the investigation of the moment, but also will not stop at the moment the judge sentenced. As spectators, how we care for the survivors, how to support the values we believe in the sustainable development of the film and television industry, can really determine the outcome of the story, the next generation to determine the story of the beginning.

Yes, in the future, we will face a similar moral dilemma, let this contradiction remain in mind, do not always want to simplify into a single black and white solution, the story of the sexual assault survivors listen to the end. Look forward to the day #MeToo can also go to a stage, the perpetrators of sexual violence can also be like "the South of Forgiveness," the co-author of Tom, learn to sincerely do not evade the reflection of their own stories, so that people can learn from these stories, learn how to avoid being the perpetrator, how to respect others, how in their own complex chaos of Desire, Practice the true value of human nature.