The sultry summer is easy to hair gynecopathy! In the end vaginal infection, urethritis how to improve and avoid? Make sure you take care of yourself through the following suggestions.

Summer hot, sunny day, Taiwan's summer relative humidity is usually between 75% to 85%, too stuffy wet weather, intolerable.

For many women, the summer is annoying, in addition to the high temperature, or gynecopathy often out of the head entangled season. Hot days, want to cool, to the outdoor swimming pool or the seaside, soak a day of water, home to find the secret of a faint itch, tight pants out and back, familiar with the acid hemp feeling from below, you in the heart of a curse: "Bad!" It is also difficult to good urethritis.

How to prevent and improve these gynecopathy in summer? Through the following information to share to you:

The culprit of odor and itching: vaginal infection

This summer, let us consciously observe and take care of their bodies, to determine whether vaginal infection, through the observation of the privacy of secretions (leucorrhea) color and smell know.

In order to keep the vaginal mucosa moist, female secretion of leucorrhea is a normal physiological phenomenon, in the privacy of the state of health, Leucorrhea and no special smell, transparent or milky. Usually, the secretion will be more than usual before and after the female menstrual period.

But when you observe the secretion of their own more pungent smell, yellow or yellow-green color, and even the production of bean residue-like secretion, it is necessary to pay attention to whether they infected vaginitis, and early to maternity visits.

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The following are three symptoms of female common vaginal infections:

1. The secretion is thin-shaped gray-white, fish fishy like pungent taste

The reason for this is vaginal bacterial infection, reducing the lactic acid bacteria in the vagina, breeding by anaerobic bacteria, vaginal secretions are thin gray-white, accompanied by pungent fishy smell, and the taste after intercourse more obvious. Patients will have a negative part of the secretion increased, itching, searing, tingling, sexual pain and other symptoms, and sometimes combined with urination pain. Is the most common type of infection.

2. The secretion is yellow or yellow-green, bubble-like, smelly

Typical vaginal trichomoniasis infection, vaginal secretions are usually a large number of pus yellow-green, accompanied by foam and unpleasant smell. The uterus is inflamed, the vagina often merges the serious itch, redness, tingling or sexual intercourse ache and so on phenomenon, this type of infection, the sexual partner must treat simultaneously, otherwise easy to recur.

3. The secretion is turbid white, is a lump or bean dregs form

The reason is the vaginal candidiasis infection, candida infection is a fungal type infection. Its secretion is white muddy cheese-like, accompanied by severe itching, tingling, burning sensation, the pubic sometimes redness, broken skin, may also have urination pain, sexual pain and other phenomena.

Frequent urine scorching, serious also can fever chills: urethritis

Female good cause of urethritis, from urinary tract infection, often bacteria through the urethra, retrograde to the upper, into the bladder caused by the infection, because the female urethra is much shorter than the male, so the pathogen is very easy through the perineum or external contact, into the urethra to cause symptoms of infection. (Recommended reading:"The picture" of the vagina Back to debut program: Have you ever seen your own private place?) )

In addition to choking urine, improper cleaning may cause urethritis, in the summer everyone often go to the public swimming pool or bathing beach, may also lead to bacterial infection of women. Have had urethritis patient, if do not take good care of, also have extremely high likelihood recrudesce, want to inspect you to suffer from urethritis, can judge by the following symptom:

  • Frequent urine
  • It's a nasty pee, but it's not much urine.
  • With the acid, tingling, and searing sensation of urine.
  • Pain in the lower abdomen or a fall in the abdomen
  • Severe, turbid urine and even accompanied by hematuria

If you have the above symptoms, and even feel the lower abdomen near the position of the pubic pain, may be accompanied by bladder inflammation, such as the case of lumbago, nausea, you should pay attention to whether the kidneys are also infected. If delayed, bacterial infection of the kidneys may lead to more severe acute pyelonephritis, in addition to the acute pyelonephritis has cystitis symptoms will appear:

  • Fear of cold trembling
  • Have a high fever
  • Weak body
  • Lumbago
  • Nausea, vomiting, and so forth.
  • There are a few patients with septic shock and life-threatening

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How to avoid vaginal infection, urethritis?

To avoid vaginal infection, urethritis, to provide you with the following six recommendations, through improved living habits and maintain a good clean, in the hot summer, reduce the likelihood of vaginal infection and urethritis recurrence.

  1. Keep underwear dry: wear loose, ventilated cotton underwear, and pay attention to underwear cleaning and hygiene, suggest underwear can be another hand wash, and in the sun exposure, ventilated place to dry.
  2. Proper clean Private Place: Clean the intimate place, the suggestion washes the vulva with the warm water, then uses the clean towel to dry can. To use detergent is also recommended to select not stimulating, gentle private place cleaning supplies, do not need to "lavage" inside the vagina, there may be damage to the normal ph value of the vagina, allowing bacteria to invade, causing vaginal inflammation.
  3. Pay attention to toilet cleaning: the correct way to clean after urinating, should be to toilet paper, gently by going to wipe the private place, to avoid the anus of bacteria into the vagina.
  4. Drink plenty of water and do a good job of sex cleaning: Sex can also bring outside bacteria and change vaginal balance. Before and after the sexual behavior, should do clean. Suggestions can also drink more water, in sexual intercourse before and after urination, the bacteria take the urine crossing.
  5. Avoid wearing tights, keep ventilation: wear ventilation, vaginal secretions for a long while, as far as possible not to wear tight-fitting airtight trousers, preferably wear skirts, so that the privacy of the ventilation situation
  6. After the use of public baths, swimming pools, do clean: bath, or go to the popular swimming pool and bathing beach, to pay attention to the water bacteria may invade the vagina caused infection. Suggest taking a bath or using the public facilities, avoid soaking too long, and do a good job cleaning afterwards.

In addition to improving living habits, in the tonic health, can also eat more garlic, cranberry, yogurt and other food, maintenance of private places. Always pay attention to their own health, if you find the symptoms to consult, do not drag, let these summer good hair gynecopathy away from their own, do not pester! (Recommended reading: listen to the voice of the vagina!) Female private cleaning and maintenance quick question quick answer

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