Haven't you heard the name Zeng Junxin? Through the introduction of female fans, I believe you can learn more about the young king of Taiwan.

July 15, 2018, the four-year World Cup championship. Many fans are frantically watching the TV and waiting for the new champions to be released. Earlier in the same time, the United Kingdom Wimbledon tennis youth Group finals. From Taiwan, the young king Zeng Junxin, under the age of 17, won the championship at the first stadium.

Holding the Zeng Junxin of the Wimbledon Golden Cup. Pictures | source

The one-month-old, although Taiwan does not have a team to play, but the audience should have a certain understanding of the players, but Taiwan was born, and won the Wimbledon Youth Championship Zeng Junxin, how much do you know him?

The birth of the "Night Market"-the first Asian to win Les petits as champion

Tennis is the ancient European aristocratic movement, giving people a "noble", "elegant" image. Although the number of people who play tennis is not very small, but the cost and other ball games, such as basketball, football, compared to the cost of assembly, it is much higher. Not only have the need to replace the racket, the ball line, the tennis also often replace.

Let alone to become a top net player, need coaches, defenders, etc., but also to the world. It's hard to support a family, or a very good game, and get a lot of sponsorship.

Zeng Junxin, five years old, first contact with tennis, will be able to hit the ball back smoothly. With his father a net fan, he has a great interest in tennis. Gourd's parents at the night market, knowing that his son had a gift, decided to cultivate him as a tennis player even if he was financially stretched.

A branch of gourd became the main source of economic resources for his early learning of the ball. Therefore, as long as he is at home to rest, he will go to his own vendors to help, but also a lot of fans are attracted to. (Extended reading: Mobile Night Feast: Taiwan Night Market cuisine proposal )

Zeng Junxin, who was under 14 years old in 2015, won the European top juvenile tennis match Les petits as champion. This is the age of 12~14岁 to participate in the competition, the past to win the well-known players, the former world woman single doubles ball after Singis, as well as the world's king Rafael Nadal.

Holding the Les petits as trophy Zeng Junxin. Pictures | source

At that time, Jun Xin, who won the championship, received a great deal of attention because he was the first Asian to win the championship in the 33 years since he started the tournament.

Parents in the night market pendulum gourd Booth, plus his outstanding performance, so called "Night Market small King." The title, highlighting his atypical origins, also highlights his efforts, and where he came from.

The first person in Taiwan! French Open Wimbledon catch

At the beginning of June, Zeng Junxin won the Wimbledon Youth Championship and became the first teen group in the world, and at the end of January, he also entered the final of the Australian Open Youth group.

He was the first Taiwanese to win the Wimbledon teen Championship and the first to have two grand slam teen champions. He has built up two milestones for himself.

This year has ended three grand slam, Jun Xin all all entered the youth group final. As a result, he also pointed to the final grand Slam of the year-the United States net, trying to even get three young group championship.

Although he has been in Taiwan's history, he is still very humble. In the interview after the Wimbledon match, I saw a shy boy who listened carefully to the reporter's questions and would not answer any questions, politely asking the reporters.

When asked how his family and coaches helped him on the tennis road, he looked straight at the camera and said:

I think my family has always been my biggest support on the tennis road. My father was also my first tennis coach, until now. I am really grateful to my family for supporting me to walk on this road.

Breakthrough the stature condition of the typical champion

What kind of body condition would be a tennis player's advantage?

2008 has seen 43 grand slams, ranging from 38 champions "big 4": Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. " Their height is between 185~190 centimeters, and they all have good physical qualities: broad shoulders, thick pectoral muscles, strong thigh muscles, agile mobility and infinite energy ... etc. Of course, also have a strong psychological quality, in the face of backwardness or poor conditions, can turn adversity for prosperity.

Roger Federer. Pictures | source

Height is the hardest part of the day after tomorrow. But the physical and psychological qualities are not innate to the king. Must be on the way to the top net players, after countless exercise and test only one by one acquisition. To become a top tennis player, no matter how talented, still have to pay a lot of efforts to gain.

Although the process must be difficult, but for the top players, are only the scenery along the way, will not hinder them to the final destination.

Similarly, 175 centimeters of Zeng Junxin, looks a bit thin, the game will often encounter a half a head high opponents. Opponents of the Wimbledon teen finals, the British landlord Jack Draper, although he has a height advantage, it seems that this is not a hindrance to Jun Xin victory.

He knew perhaps the body is inferior to the person, therefore strengthens the exercise, the heavy training, supplements the high protein. At the same time, the pace of the agile, so that he can be more than tall players more flexible running, enlarge the defensive range of the receiving service; overage stability, let him in the game behind or be chased, will not be so disorderly position; comprehensive tennis skills, in addition to the basic to smoke, surprise ball or hanging high, often let the opponent Leng in situ. (Extended reading: Miss Sports | The beauty of the training is the pain of experience )

On the tennis court, perhaps leprous foot long still occupy certain advantage: can stride out the big footstep, the powerful way elbow exerting force, also can bring out more powerful serve speed ... But I saw from Zeng Junxin that he was trained by skill, that he had no fear in the face of a better adversary, and that his own efforts had broken the myth of his stature.

Surrounded by a large group of European and American players, he looks particularly conspicuous in Asian faces. Expect such eye-catching, can always accompany him, not with the time flies, and change. I think, after winning the feeling of panting on the grass, he will not forget all his life, and will not just want to experience it once.

From Zeng Junxin's victory, I saw the rise of an atypical tennis figure athlete. Even if the stars around him, he still fearless, emitting a dazzling light, let people see his shine at a glance.