Everyday matters Illustration unit, take you to see how every day in history, how to affect every one of us today. 1969-Today, astronaut Neil Armstrong and Beuze Adrin became the first humans to set foot on the moon.

July 20, 1969, the United States Apollo 11th Lunar Module landing at the Moon Jinghai base, the astronaut Neil Armstrong and Beuze Adrin became the first human to set foot on the moon, after the two people continued to carry out the Extravehicular mission of 6 hours and a half to launch the first human journey to the moon.

On the night of July 14, 2015, mankind shared a historic moment: The new Horizons, which had flown for nearly 10 years in the universe, finally unveiled the mystery of Pluto, and the scientists continued this excitement, announcing on the day of the 46 anniversary of the July 20 "human landing on the moon" that they will launch the largest "interception" of outer space operations in human history! The method is to use a sophisticated telescope to receive electromagnetic waves from space to see if there are other living beings. (Extended reading: The loneliest existence in the Solar system: is man the only life in the universe?) )

Design concept: To let you feel the astronauts are about to step into the atmosphere of the moon-as if time to stop at that moment, embark on a magical situation. Use the color to create the foreground background feeling, and let everybody see the astronaut at a glance.