Everyday matters Illustration unit, take you to see how every day in history, how to affect every one of us today. July 21, 1960, Sri Lanka appeared in the history of the first female Prime Minister!

July 21, 1960, Sirimavo Bandaranaike was elected Prime Minister of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and became the first female prime minister in Sri Lanka's history.

In 1960, the world's first female prime minister appeared in Ceylon, commenting on the British times: "The election of a woman as Prime minister marks a change in Asian society." "Sirimavo Bandaranaike is able to win the Patriarchal Ceylon political map, and the woman politician who has fought for 40 years and three degrees as Prime Minister has clearly had her wit and courage." (Recommended reading: the second term in the history of pregnancy national leaders!) New Zealand Prime Minister: "Women can take care of everything, but not alone"

According to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UN CSW), published in the 2015 Women in Politics map (2015 Map of Women in politics), the proportion of women in government ministerial posts is 17.7%, slightly above 2014 17.2%, but Growth rate is still slow. From the regional point of view, the Americas are the highest proportion of women ministers in the region up to 22.4%, Europe, Africa followed by about 19.8%, Asia about 10.6%, the Arab world is 9.5%.

Design concept: With the Sri Lankan flag as the main color, the country shaped like a teardrop, known as the Indian Ocean Pearl, Ceylon in Sanskrit that is "lion" and "black tea country", with hands than first and painted women's chart, expressed as the first female prime minister.