Everyday matters Illustration unit, take you to see how every day in history, how to affect every one of us today. July 25, the first test-tube baby in history---------Lois She Brown, was born under the expectation.

July 25, 1978, in the history of the first IVF-She Brown (Louise Joy Brown) was born in England.

Lois ' mother, who was unable to conceive because of obstruction of the fallopian tube, tried for nine years, and her parents sought since 1966 to study the Steptoe physician and physiologist, vitro fertilization,ivt, in vitro fertilization, July 25 evening 11:47 , Lois She Brown through a caesarean section, came to this world to her full of anticipation. Media attention, guard protests, millions of of infertile parents, a warm look to her, people call her "the Century Baby."

This day, countless infertile parents look forward to the birth of this life. The development of artificial reproductive technology, which is open in IVF, has promoted the change of human and family structure, our post family age. (Recommended reading:"Gender observation" Happy Birthday test-tube baby!) Lois She Brown How to open up after the family age? )

Design concept: In vitro fertilization is likened to a production line, the material for the egg and sperm, the production of fertilized eggs, transmission to the next production line-the female uterus, the final output of a baby.