Everyday matters Illustration unit, take you to see how every day in history, how to affect every one of us today. Did you know that July 29 is the International Lipstick Festival? Together from the lipstick to see the rise of female power!

July 29, 2016 begins with the celebration of beauty, the International Lipstick Festival National Lipstick Day, wiping your favorite lip color.

Lipstick with the generation of women and the rise of consciousness, became a woman to declare their own attitude, social framework in the female image, but also from the constantly evolving mouth of the red department, see a woman's plural-like state, gentle sexy, women can be eccentric, but also self-confidence to be full of strength.

The rules of the world you don't want to, what lipstick, where to go on a weekend night party is up to you, you use open heart to meet the various possibilities of life, you use uninhibited attitude to your unique, do not throw others eyes, you use the freedom to celebrate the only one life.

Design concept: The five fingers compared to lipstick, show the importance of lipstick, in order not to blur the focus, simply do not draw eyes, other features are only marked position, focus on the lips, chirp.