Everyday matters Illustration unit, take you to see how every day in history, how to affect every one of us today. July 30 to write the world's literary masterpiece, "Roaring Villa," the author of Bronte's birthday.

July 30, 1818, Emily Bronte-the birth day of the 19th century British writer and poet, the second of the famous Bronte three sisters, the author of the World Literature famous "roaring Villa", is also the only novel of her life.

Constantine Heggl (Emily Bronte's teacher) was shocked by the characters in her essay and asserted: "She has strong logical thinking in her heart, and has unearthed new fields from ancient intelligence." And her inner arrogance and tyranny will not retreat from her opponents and difficulties, and embrace life in a manner that does not leave the way. She has the power of logical thinking, debating and thinking, and few men can match. The other side of this talent is her stubbornness and tenacity, which fulfill many of her chaotic, foolish motives and desires, or the justice she deems. "(Source: wikipedia )

Emily Bronte's "Roaring Villa" is one of the ten most famous novels in the World (note 1), and the "three tragedies" of English literature are tied to King Lear and Moby Dick. The deep and strong description of human nature, so that readers feel uneasy and full of drama tension, still selling not decline, by the readers of all countries love, is undoubtedly the world's library brilliant masterpiece.

Design concept: According to Emily's poor communication and very shy introverted nature, but also with chicks and young rabbits have intimate relationship to design the overall picture.