Everyday matters Illustration unit, take you to see how every day in history, how to affect every one of us today. "The Little Prince," the author of St. Matthew's death anniversary, he let us with pure eyes, understand the world.

July 31, 1944 San Corse took off from the temple and never came back. The way he left the earth was like the little prince, he just vanished and no one knew where he was.

Many people like "The Little Prince", but few people know the story of the pilot, is the author of St. When young to give up the painter's dream, chose to fly over the world's postal pilots, the Holy Grail in crossing the desert, mountains, glaciers, under the vast stars, learn to use the most pure eyes to understand the world, in the most lonely time, understanding of people and people's tie.

When modern people are accustomed to speed, to cheap consumption and temporary friendship sent the loneliness, the parable of the Little Prince of St. Matthew may seem naïve and conservative, for he believes in the duty of caring for the rose, believing in the ritual of repetition day after day, the only object he can identify with is the lamp-man, because "he cares for something else, not himself".

Design concept: Because the way the Holy Grail left the earth was the same as the little Prince, he drew the little prince with the Holy Grail to depart on a flying ship, and two men went to their new world together.