The body Revolution from the wardrobe! Interview Wardrobe Doctor Rai Ting, starting with the subtraction aesthetics of practical precision consumption, invites you to see your real body shape and hug yourself.

Wind and rain want to come, a clear sky no white clouds.

Television news broadcast, Taiwan will usher in the strongest northwest Taiwan this summer, Big Taipei panic, supermarkets in the late-night line long Long dragon, prepare typhoon leave. Like a heavy rain dripping in the ant nest, bumped into a crowd of daily affairs lost the rhythm.

The finalized interview, set in the strong Northwest landing on the day, I and another editor knocking on the keyboard, "How to do the typhoon?" "No matter, the soldiers to the water to the earth flooded, on the bar!" "Distance agreed time still have five minutes, the doorbell rang, Gemini and the court Lotus Hand walked in, edit partner introduced himself, is going to introduce me, Gemini smiled and waved:" Ah, we have seen Ah! 」

Oh, yes! Had seen them before the interview, Taipei is a magical place, the fate of the encounter, and then all together. Wardrobe Doctor Rai Ting, is my roommate in Taipei, Yang Gemini-is she often to telephone video, sweet smile shout: "If Tzu!" --The girlfriend.

This woman is obsessed with the July topic, about body and lust, we invite the court and Gemini to talk about the shape of love between comrades, but also ask the court to another identity-wardrobe doctor, talk to us about "clothing" and "body."

Wardrobe Revolution: Precision consumption, another practice subtraction the aesthetics of life

I remember just moved to Taipei, the court Lotus Sweet smile to greet me, said, called her "bold" is good. I reveal a suspicious face, "bold that bold?" "Yes, this is my own nickname, I hope you call me" bold ", remind me, bold to make decisions for their feelings. 」

Taichung grew up, like many wanderer, for the first time to leave home for life, always toward the most prosperous city, to do a Taipei dream. Said she is bold, is true, has not found a job, in Taipei also have no friends to rely on, to this city, first find a place to stay. Not very easy to start the first job, from housework clean start, family puzzled, to help others clean, why run to Taipei?

She did not explain, buried head, clear the direction of her heart, this way, from the environmental initiation of the beginner's mind, she step by step to reduce the pollution of the solution side.

From the depth of the stranger home to organize the environment, accumulation of the ability to organize, to create a "wardrobe doctor" this career, with customers to establish a good consumption habits, her environmental revolution, from a wardrobe spread.

Asked her when she had the idea of creating a wardrobe doctor, she was naughty and laughing, "The wardrobe doctor did not have that" ah, we do the wardrobe doctor this matter good moment! In fact, I am a person who love clothes, but also pay attention to environmental protection, but when we talk about environmental fashion, the existing options, only refuse to buy, or buy second-hand clothes. For the general consumer, it is very difficult to change the consumption habit suddenly. 」

She looked at me intently, "the so-called environmental protection is not an action, but a habit." If you want to become a habit, you must let it get to the bottom of the threshold. "said the court," perhaps environmental advocates did not notice the high threshold below, there are mortal beings, and she, to join the WTO, into sentient beings.

Oneself is a like clothing, care about wearing the consumer, eager to both environmentally friendly and fashionable consumer pain point, Rai Ting again, "I think, in the fast fashion of the torrent, no one is an outsider, looking back at your home wardrobe, may also be full of clothes you do not need and will not wear, this is actually a waste." But at the same time, we are in a contradictory state of mind that we hope we can make some changes to this society. 」

There is a saying that every choice you make is voting for your beliefs, but fashion and environmental protection, should not, and will not always stand in the opposite, "I have always been very fond of clothes people, I began from 2015, found that whenever I bought a new dress guilt, my environmental ethics will make me uncomfortable, which let me go to find the answer to the road, Gradually become the people who provide the service. 」

After becoming a closet doctor, she was always on the way to finding answers, "In fact, my own wardrobe also has fast fashion clothes, so I think we have to redefine the fast fashion, if consumers choose clothing attitude is thinking, understand their own needs, then this choice, can overturn the definition of" fast fashion clothing "? (Recommended reading: Clothing from production to discard life is only 3.3 years!) Cherish the practice of beauty clothing )

Rai Ting said the environmental protection, in fact, very close to the street, attention to environmental protection at the same time, do not need to abandon the things you love. As she mentioned, environmental protection is a kind of habit. Changing the consumption habits that are profligate and without thinking can be a kind of environmental protection. Even the pursuit of beauty, learning to wear this thing, Rai Ting also smuggled the concept of environmental protection in the inside,

"In fact, a lot of customers who make wardrobe appointments, they don't even think about it, they don't care about the environment, and I really just wear a lap. But when I help them to clarify their preferences and promote their accurate consumption, in fact, they also inadvertently become a "green" part. Wardrobe Doctor Just in other words, we advocate, is always a kind of subtraction life! 」

Meet the needs of customers, practice their own environmental protection beliefs, but also in the process of achieving a sense of achievement, so welcome to congratulate the situation, I asked the court, what hope for the future? She said, "should still continue to push and tidy education!" For me, it's the process of knowing your body. I hope I can walk on the front line, through the Wardrobe doctor's service, the actual access to the consumer side, to give customers a view of the wardrobe services, to provide their body color and wear recommendations. Let customers not because of the wrong understanding of their own body is nervous, through the logical data, inviting them to look at their own body. "Why are you looking at your body again?" The Chamber of Holland paused for a second,

Because, some people do not really see their physical appearance, but through the "imagination" to look at their bodies. 」

Body and ego: your imagination restricts the beauty you see in yourself.

You may have had the same experience: the other person left a sentence, your arm is too thick, when you choose clothes, you begin to skip over the sleeveless clothing area directly; the other person on the right, your thigh is too strong, network shopping became your good comrades, accompany you to avoid the dress when you try to wear trousers, you imagine others shot out of the eye.

Most of the time, our perceptions of ourselves, based on the views of others, never really listen to ourselves, stop and see our body patterns. This kind of living in the imagination, feel extremely painful of people, the courtroom constantly in the work, "I met a customer in the course of work, in the process of accompanying the procurement, I asked him to go to the fitting room to change clothes, and the first-class waiting for a very long time." He was slow to come out of the fitting room. When I asked him to come out and explain the process, he always looked at himself in the mirror and dared not make eye contact with me. 」

Then, after sitting down with him for a chat, he knew that he had had the experience of being bullied by the body. The people around him make fun of his body, teasing him to dress himself as a kind of mischief, "the most I feel sad is that the customer told me that he walked into the fitting room, the delay to come out, he impressively found himself still in the past constraints, Found that he did not even have the right to pursue beauty. 」

' I saw her eyes veiled with mist, like the weather outside the window, ' said the court-Lotus, ' and the leaden rain would go on, ' I have also touched the client told me that he walked on the road will have not know people want him to lose weight, in the face of malice, but to pretend to be strong, "to this, she distressed tears slipped down," in fact, the most terrible is not very obvious discrimination, The most terrible is hidden discrimination, who do not know to love their bodies, but when you are constantly denied by malicious harm, by the community defined by the "standard size" exclusion, love their body this matter, really difficult. "(Recommended reading: interview Dream Etudes consultant Liu Xuan: Love oneself is not self-pity, but the ego cherish )

Learn to embrace their true posture, this matter and love their own need to practice, I looked at the court Lotus face residual tears asked, she also did not love themselves?

"I certainly do not love myself, and often feel so, but I have no way to help others love themselves, this is a big issue." But I know that every subject that cannot cross the past is a key, and if it is not faced, it will appear in all forms in your life, across the past, and grow. 」

Acceptance of the body of this matter, is also a court of charge had to cross the subject, "know with the body after, I found that my body is not my main value, when I have thought and professional, this pair of skins, became an added value." The way I take my body is to accept its original form, not to be afraid of change, and not to resent its condition. You can relax with it at ease. Of course, sometimes I have the idea of wanting to be stronger, but I don't dislike the body now, if I don't like it, try to change it. 」

I ask, can you say that the body does not define your value? She thought for a moment, the mouth like laughing smile, "good inspirational oh, but I will not negate this sentence." 」

I think the value of a person is that you believe in your body, trust your choice, that value will exist.

Wardrobe Doctor Rai Ting

In our thirst for other people's vision or social affirmation, to find their own value at the same time, always forget to take good care of their own characteristics, when you accept the real yourself, belong to your value, will come.

At the end of the interview, I asked a question, what would the court say if there was a photographic plan that asked you to take the next slogan for yourself? "I don't know, I might just fill in my name." No matter what the outsider looks like, I agree that it belongs to my body. (Recommended reading:"#womanynude" coexist with the body!) Write not perfect, become the best of yourself )

The court said, and then issued her hearty laughter, smiled and said, "Hey, and then take it as a signature photo, send out!" 」

PostScript |

Court Lotus is a love of comics girl, this interview, we talk to the slow to go out of the wardrobe between the customers, she suddenly eyes a bright, told me the wind strange stolen Zhen de story.

The wind strange stolen Jeanne, it is a character who has been using good performance to conceal his inner nothingness until he is entrusted with the task of fighting evil, looking for his own value and the meaning of doing it, and trying to understand the evil side and how to become the evil one.

At the end of the story, The Kamikaze thief Zhen Tak decided not to do strange theft, he said, "Before I was chasing meteors, will chase the dazzling things go, if you want to become their own appearance, I want to make a wish to their own heart." I can finally face the mirror of their own, if the encounter demons, I want to use their own strength to defeat them. 」

"It may seem like two now, but she was deeply moved by the comic," said the court-Lotus. "I finally dared to face myself in the mirror!" "This sentence may poke a lot of people's voice, in shaping their own growth process, there have been seen in the mirror, but can not be sure of their time, regardless of the external inherent.

I think, we have been for the pursuit of social recognition, living in the eyes of others dazzling, not see themselves, but the court to gently remind us, do not forget to make a wish with their hearts, if you are willing to see yourself, have the opportunity to pull out distorted imagination, to become the true self.