23 Grand slam champion Serena Williams, after becoming a mother, in career and family, face to what challenges? Let the woman take you with you and see the real story behind her.

In Saturday, more than 140 years of history of the British Wimbledon tennis tournament, the end of this year's women's singles final. The finalists, like the lineup two years ago,--serena Williams on the Angelique Kerber, but with different results.

Serena Williams, who won 23 grand slam champions, lost his opponent in the game. Although not the first time in the final when the feather, but this is her first time, in different old status into the Grand slam finals-a mother's identity.

The daughter was born last September, 10 months apart, after the comeback of the second grand Slam, Serena into her career in the 30th Grand Slam finals.

After the interview, I was so excited to say that I was happy to be back at the Wimbledon final and that I was very gracious in congratulating my opponent on his outstanding performance. She also said that although she could not win the championship some disappointment, but she can not continue to disappoint, because the future, there are many things that she expected.

"Tonight's final, for all the moms, I'm fighting for you, I'm doing my best." 」
"To all" moms out there I is playing for you today, and I tried. "

Whether it's a full-time mom, or a career woman like her, Serena in the finals as a mother, hoping to encourage her mother around the world because of her performance. Let them know "hey, you're not alone, I'm struggling." (Recommended you read:"Ding Juan" to be a professional pregnant woman: Who says children and work to choose two?) )

If I'm not Serena Williams,

When you're in your pajamas, sitting on the couch, turning on the TV and turning on the table, it's just as well to look at the live tennis match. Hear the ball said: "The service really dare, from the bottom line really close!" Then realised: "Little Willie, I've heard that name." "A momentary rise to inquire about her data, only to find that she has achieved so high, but also as you, also as a mother."

Serena and daughter, husband. Pictures | source

Serena said the final was dedicated to all mothers, but her identity was a bit difficult to resonate with. She lives in the gorgeous house, has the exclusive tennis clothing production line, as well as the incredible professional tennis career ... You think about it, try to bring yourself into her situation, but you can't imagine what her life looks like.

The moms next to you may be supermarket cashiers, next door snack owners, a school teacher, or a clinic physician. A tennis legend, said she understands your experience, how many will have "What do you know?" "The Feeling.

These moms who see Serena Williams rarely produce "Wow, she's exactly like me!" Because unavoidably feel, the living standard difference is too big, cannot realize each other encounters the difficulty.

But Serena is consciously exploring the challenges of being a career woman. She knew that it was very difficult to work and take care of her children, and that there would be no difference or exemption from different professions. Not only professional women, but also the dads in the workplace.

Although the situation is different, the state of mind can be shared. Perhaps listen to the true story of Serena, you will think of yourself.

The true story behind the legend of tennis

When Serena knew that she was pregnant and had to give birth to a child, she had a history of pulmonary embolism and had a potential and potentially lethal birth condition.

She is also going through a very difficult journey back to the top net player. About 37 years old, she faced, is not as young as the physical condition. After having a child, it will take more time to get back into training and regain the feeling of the past.

Serena Williams. Pictures | source

Serena can play in the Wimbledon finals, is not even her own unexpected harvest. Because at the beginning of the June, she chose to retire from the tournament because she was injured in her chest.

In fact, just like many working mothers, when they come back to work, they also need to go through a break, adapt to the environment again, and face the change of their identity. All of these experiences are the same.

Her tennis career, though notable, was more successful than today's female tennis player, but she was criticized for her early appearance. Looks, body shape, race, want, and appearance-related comments, she has experienced, only because she is not like other tall, slender contestants. Isn't it just like workplace discrimination? But the object of discrimination against her is the world's fans, the news media. (Extended reading:COMPUTEX full of sexy female mold, foreign media batch: outdated failure, but also contrary to the computer exhibition Spirit )

When people pay attention to her appearance, stature, than her performance, she was not defeated, instead of "turn grief and indignation into power." In the career, winning the prize in the competition, the female players occupy the first place, 23 grand slam champions, but also in active male and female players ranked first. In the face of criticism, perhaps sad, frustrated, but she put criticism as nutrients, to nourish themselves into a beautiful, tough flowers, blooming bright colors.

I'm not Superman, I'm Just my

After becoming a mother, Serena missed a lot of time with her baby girl because she wanted to continue her tennis career, which was the saddest place for her.

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When she knew her daughter was taking the first step, because she was training, she could not see it with her own eyes. Miss her, so sad to cry. As a mother, I may have experienced the same situation. You buy food outside, the child at home to the husband, suddenly received a message from the husband "baby just called ㄇㄚˊㄇㄚˊ!" "When you face a group of noisy elementary school students, endure to the lunch break to see the child walking film, you can not wait for the child side ...

It's not because you're a full-time mom, a super store person, a CEO of a company, or a legendary tennis player, but it's different.

When the interviewer said to Serena, "How did you get into the finals?" You are a Superman, a super mother! 」
Serena felt his hair and smiled and said, "No, I'm just me." 」

Yes, Serena never thought of himself as a model of all moms, but she wanted mothers to know that she was also a professional woman, and she had a lot of family and career dilemmas.

As a mother, you don't see how much you accomplish, but you know, maybe you're not the perfect mom, but you try to find a balance in your family and career and try to make life what you want it to be.

There are many moms in the world who want to do it, and Serena Williams is one of them. (same field Gayon: When the mother, also can do oneself: brave to become the sole mother )