Interview Rainie, starred in "Ex-boyfriend is not a person", talking about the ex-boyfriend in life, she said: "Ex-boyfriend is a passer-by, have their meaning, but the meaning has passed." "We just place our memories and move on to the future."

Four o'clock in the afternoon, Rainie from the nanny car, to the window mirror grooming. She is willing to prepare their own personality in advance, calmly pushed open the door, she brought the gas field, do not show fatigue state, do not see just the end of a grand press conference.

She simply asked for a glass of water, revealing a bright and polite smile, the interview began, a point not bad.

Debut 18, all the way is not easy, Rainie very sense of crisis, everything desperately, shadow song as three habitats, she is perfect miss, a lot of pressure on the body, chasing time running, running to 30 years old.

After 30 years of age, like a loose bones somewhere, she learned to show weakness, practice to spare themselves, more and more loose, began to enjoy the process, she found herself no longer need to prove what hard. The Rainie, who had been struggling to run, loosened his hand and saw himself grow a pair of wings and take her farther.

Until now, people think of all-round artists, the first one out of her name.

In the café, we chatted from her recent play, "ex-boyfriend is not a person." The protagonist Li-Dear Heart has the devil, is once favorite boy. And Rainie said, "I am not Li-Dear." (Recommended reading:"single diary" After You've gone, I'm going through the day )

Ex-boyfriends are passers-by, have their meaning, but the meaning has passed

In order to play this role, the actor in the Rainie, is to throw himself completely away.

"The reason for this play is to have the great Lord Rahl in mind," he said. Have nothing to do with Rainie, Rainie don't think the ex-boyfriend difficult to beat Ah. "Rainie smiled very handsome.

Rainie Love is decisive, is once put away very thorough character. "The more I play, the more I feel like I'm not as good as Li, which is probably the least I've ever played." But it is because I do not have this trouble, more eager to use this identity for everyone to tell the story. 」

Li Dear this role, Rainie all the way from high school to 30 years old, see young girl mature, and old injury, the past injury became the future scar. Rainie See, Li Dear is experiencing, is actually "clear love" this matter-in the past you refused to face, did not really put down things, one day will look back to you.

It sounds like a ghost. "Yes, the great Lord is there because we allow him to exist." He's getting stronger, but it's a reminder of why we've been refusing to listen to our hearts. 」

The reason why Li-Dear insecurity, in fact, also from her dare not rely on themselves, so her courage from others borrowed, can not give themselves strength. Such a positive and negative role, the audience feel the same, there is a curse. Rainie acting, and every week when the audience on time to watch, she said the mood surging very normal, happiness is there are all kinds of appearance. "No one can decide for you how happy you are and who you are with." 」

Talk about ex-boyfriend, Rainie handsome, "ex-boyfriend is a passer-by." They all have meaning, someone helps you grow, someone lets you find out what you want to do, and someone makes sure you never touch him again. 」

"All in all, the ex-boyfriends are not important, they must be in my life, to keep them a lot of space and position." 」

Thank you for contacting again, perhaps also do not need to contact, ex-boyfriend meaningful, but your meaning has passed.

My great Lord is not an ex-boyfriend, but my own.

I said you are very handsome, she said that her life also have a place to pass. "My great Lord is not an ex-boyfriend, but a man of my own." 」

Pass oneself this close, Rainie walk very long, just get out of oneself comfortable appearance. Debut when she was only 17 years old, everything strong, depressed to No. Showbiz day, she groped herself, also asked Rainie can be what kind of appearance? So she tried everything and found a way for herself. (Recommended reading: I don't need a title coronation!) Rainie: "Live a life worthy of their own")

After 28 years of age, she felt the inexplicable anxiety, uneasiness, panic, now said, still lingering fear, "a lot of things that didn't seem to be a problem, suddenly become a problem." As if not a child, must take full responsibility for their own life, there are many things to consider, can no longer only consider themselves, such as the family has been dependent on the blink of an old. 」

Think of many feelings, "so Li-Dear role set at 31 years old, it is a collective anxiety of the age, I have experienced." "30 years before and after the collective anxiety, ripening boys and girls, time to push you forward, back to look, Rainie thanked himself had a vacant, although dazed very bitter, optimistic like her, will also wall.

"But time will really take us away, and let us know why we are so dazed." 」

"That period of time, I know more about myself, find myself different face, and even I let go of strong, practice to be a willing to show weakness, so I also can." "Like the rest of life, Rainie to see his heart knot, rely on their own to find the answer, time is very slow, but one day, she found herself with a sense of stability, that thing, others can not take away."

Walk in the storm, know what you are most vulnerable to, what it looks like, and how you can support yourself. Rainie more encourage people to find the answer in their hearts. "Really want to answer, in fact, to rely on their own." Because other people have no way to give you the answer you want. "She stopped," there are more times, you have the answer, is not brave enough, do not want to face, or simply lazy, but in the end, your problem or to be solved by their own, only meaningful. 」

This, I think she often also said to herself, don't be afraid, walk slowly, in time.

marriageable age, you gave it to yourself.

"In fact, I really feel that the choice is from myself." "Like a sudden thought of something," said Rainie, "for example," Ex-boyfriend is not a person, "the play, in fact, is also said, you should not give up the current safe life, to choose a person who may make you uneasy. "The drama she received these years was a lot of talk about choice. (Extended reading: life is not the wrong way!) Psychology to see "Tea Hydroxyindole": Accept your unique life

Obviously very stable, but feel empty in the heart, always have regrets, can ask oneself why? What is it that I want? Life, feelings, career are choices, Rainie very seriously said, "I think this is not a single choice, not a two, not only the cause or feelings of election side station." But we can allocate, to find the most suitable state. 」

The 34-year-old Rainie is very comfortable, the relationship is stable, and two of the people who are in the music embrace the ideal, stirring a lot of sparks. Media love marriageable age to ask her, she said lightly to the marriage of this matter, depends on what you pursue.

"I've been thinking, do I need to change the status quo for age?" Do I need to get married to get married? I am very good now, love or have a love of the cause, I actually thank my lucky. 」

For her present partner, she is thankful to her friends who have entered the marital relationship and advises her, "If you want a child, you can really think about the age of the baby, and if you don't want a child, you follow your heart." 」

To get married, it's not time to think about it, but frankly ask yourself, what am I looking for? marriageable age, you give yourself, you decide.

That scene, I'm really afraid he's going to hurt me.

Rainie A single parent, always very close to her mother. She distressed her mother, also borrowed from her strength. For example, the most practical, love how to talk about it?

She said that when she was a child in love, her mother is a strategist, every step she asked her mother advice, even break up also ask how to divide good, deep fear divided bad, there are knots, or dangerous. "Because I believe in love or marriage, is actually a bet." She smiled, "That's what my mother told me." 」

"Ex-boyfriend is not a man" there is a play, very responsive to contemporary. Dating four years of boyfriend, has been very soft, seeing his girlfriend has an ex-boyfriend, emotion out of control, an instant outbreak. In the play, Li Yang self-abuse reward his own slap, also pinched Li's dear shoulder, to her roar, I do not compare him? Am I your spare tire?

"We didn't go to the theatre that day, we all came directly. Lusming was in that mood, and I really felt fear. Rainie said, I like the calendar, "my nervousness and the hesitant, in fact, is really afraid he will hurt me, I am afraid to say a wrong word or speak a wrong word, he will do to me." People who have been dating for four years suddenly become unfamiliar. 」

The feelings of fear in the relationship is real, this play does not dog blood, every day staged, a lot of girls fell down like this, "I can understand that the moment, he really felt he was going to lose this girl, so it is out of control." At last he pulled himself back, but there was more social news and no pull back. "Rainie Tone seriously," in fact, many of us, in the emotional Ober not enough. (Extended reading: Gender Watch | Identify each other as a horror lover, not the only way to prevent Qingsha )

Rainie share his own experience, "I very much mind only quarrel, but not the state of communication." My own experience is, do not communicate emotionally, words are hurt, both sides to calm down, and then to deal with the problem. 」

"When you have experience, you will know how to deal with feelings." "EQ can learn, it is accumulated experience, do not be afraid to deal with emotional problems, do not pretend to be okay, do not have a relationship with only one another hurt."

Imperfect me and part of me

These years, Rainie said that the greatest realization is to learn to be weak and rest. "I used to want everything to be perfect, and now I'm telling myself that I can do my best and that the results are important, but I enjoy the process more." 」

The same with family. Before she felt filial piety is to mother glossy, until mother told her, I also want to know what you worry about, she began to practice, in the relationship of weakness. Weakness is actually spread out on their own, so that the other side has the opportunity to understand you, can face the hardships of life together.

Weakness is also said that this is not perfect for me, is also part of my AH.

Like the flow has a direction, there is a hurry to slow, can accommodate various shapes, Rainie rest theory is, rest, is to take off again. Rainie that's a cliché, but it's true. She from a 365 days of busy working hard miss, slowly began to practice the ideal life, down-to-earth, open the senses, for the future more certainty also has the constant enthusiasm, leisurely sense of time, is such step by step out.

Serious living nutrients also return to the show, she explained the role of more flexibility, the audience from her to see themselves, so also to ask, I want is what. Maybe this is where the actors are happy, and your life experience can be the starting point for other people to think about.

Finally, Rainie told me a story about her mother, tell the story, her eyes have love, yearning, return to their own this thing, really can practice, how good.

"My mother, already 60 years old, she used to be a family, a child, a husband." After the divorce, the center of gravity is left only for children. About three or four years ago, she slowly realized that children grow up, to give children space, but also to their own life. 」

She from a mother of everything for others, become a weekly plan for their own life, to the training ah, to play cards, to jump GB. She had her own life, and the child was still there. Now my mother and I live in the next building, every day we meet and chat. 」

"What I'm trying to say is that even a 60-year-old can do the same thing, and I'm sure everyone will." The point is that you can let go of yourself, but also for their own courage, not afraid to become the want of their own. 」

Ah, the story of Yang's mother, is also the story of Rainie, this story, I want to firmly remember.