Former Singaporean prime Minister grandson Li Huanwu out of the cabinet, calling on everyone to stand up for the LGBTQ rights and interests, blowing together the Horn of diversity and equality.

In July 2018, Li Huanwu, grandson of Lee Kuan Yew, the founding prime Minister of Singapore, Li Huanwu a photo of himself with her boyfriend, on the eve of the "Pink spot" of Singapore's largest LGBTQ movement, and replaced her boyfriend's photo with a filter that supports pink dots in the early hours of July 20.

Through his own actions, he hopes to invite Singaporeans to attend the annual "Pink Dots" (Pink dot), to support the LGBTQ ethnic group, and to make the interests of multiple genders and gay people aware of the community. (Recommended reading:Yep, I ' M gay! Hunger Game star: As a homosexual, let me have the ability to understand love )

Photo Source |"out in Singapore"

Be there! How can you expect others to fight for you if you don't stand up for yourself?

Singapore well-known very similar to the website "Out in Singapore" this month, the cancellation of Li Huanwu and boyfriend hug each other photos, black and white under the color, two people face a happy smile. Li Huanwu Support for the LGBTQ community, has not been old news, the past two years he continued to participate in the "Pink Point" campaign, and repeatedly called on the public to stand up for the gay community.

Last year, during the pink Dot event, he wrote the text on his face book, calling on the Singaporean LGBT community to participate enthusiastically and rally support:

"If you are heterosexual in support of LGBT rights, I implore you to participate, to stand together with us; If you have not yet come out, I hope you will not stop at the scene of security and ID check, one afternoon, I hope you see life is more likely, not only the wardrobe of darkness- There are a lot of people who care about gay issues; If you come out, it's your moral duty to join, and if you don't stand up for yourself, how can you expect others to fight for you? 」

Li Huanwu, who is 31 years old, is a veterinarian, 27 years old and a Singaporean, according to the Independent , the British newspaper. This year, he expressed his position from his own life experience by taking a public out of the closet, saying: "I did not call for any social action this year, for my own selfish reasons." "Get up and support the LGBTQ ethnic groups, for themselves, and for a more pluralistic and inclusive society."

Lee Kuan Yew (left) was in 2014. Photo source |"PinkNews"

Former Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew: sexuality is innate and should not be persecuted

PinkNews said that former Singaporean prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, who had openly expressed his views on homosexuality in his lifetime, said in 2007 when he attended the activities of the Singapore People's Action Party (PAP) youth group, "all societies have more or less repressive powers against the gay community, Christianity, Islam, Both Hinduism and the Chinese community regard homosexuality as an aberration and deviant behavior. But is it really so? If it is caused by genetic genetics, then we should adjust it pragmatically. "(Recommended reading: the Warmest parade!) The Christian community apologizes to the LGBTQ community: "I'm sorry, God loves you, so do we."

He also stressed: "Whether homosexual tendencies are innate, I have consulted doctors, and if this is the nature of genetic genetics and you cannot change it, why should we consider it an illegal act?" "Sex is innate, and Lee Kuan Yew, through these remarks, has expressed his support for the rights and interests of the LGBTQ ethnic groups and should not suffer persecution."

Pink Dots: Take your hand and make Singapore a home of Love

The Singapore's biggest LGBTQ support action-Pink Dot SG, this year's 10-year milestone, with thousands of Singaporeans and permanent residents creating a sea of pink lights, has a far-reaching implication: "We are ready to blow a horn of tolerance, diversity and equality." 」

Pink Dot SG spokesman Paerin Choa said he was hopeful and optimistic about the future, but also noted that in LGBTQ rights and existing laws, Singapore still had a lot of work to do in order to truly embrace the principles of inclusiveness, pluralism and equality.

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Article No. 377 A of the Singapore Penal Code stipulates that any male homosexual act, whether public or private, is deemed to be "gross indecency" (gross indecency) and is punishable by a maximum penalty of 2 years ' imprisonment. Groups concerned with gender and human Rights considered that article No. 377 A had violated the Singapore Constitution 9th and 12th, and that the cases had been rejected on numerous occasions.

Through the Li Huanwu of the public cabinet and the continuous efforts of the LGBTQ advocacy group, it is hoped that one day the law-making movement will be facilitated. Pink Dot SG spokesman Paerin Choa said on the official website:

"Singapore, as we move forward to the future and celebrate National Day in a few weeks, we ask that you join hands with us, with love and passion, to build a Singapore that we all can call home." We're ready. 」

Let's put our hands together and build a social environment that embraces pluralism and equality, so that Singapore can be home to love.