Through the story of Mara Martin's feeding on the runway, I hope you know that "public breastfeeding" is never taboo, but it is very beautiful and natural.

July 15, 2018, "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Special" (Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue) held a swimsuit show in Miami. The 16 models who were eventually selected for the catwalk, one of whom took her baby daughter along the catwalk.

See this side, you may think that is just holding a daughter walk show, have seen before, do not make a fuss. Forgot to say that her daughter was born five months ago. Then you want to, well, hold the catwalk, a little bit special. Unfortunately, only half of the pair, because she is holding the catwalk, while giving her daughter milk.

The model, called Mara Martin, walked on the runway with a confident, fearless appearance. In her bosom the daughter Aria attentively to drink the milk, wears the big earphone to obstruct the external noise. The two-mother-daughter walk-show, which was carried out in a breastfeeding manner, brought a very different feeling to the audience, and brought to Mara Martin's unexpected attention. (Extended reading:"Intimate photography episode" Lens of Love, breastfeeding touching moment )

We can all do this.

When Mara Martin finished the show, returned home, first coax his daughter to sleep, finally can lie in bed, thinking of tonight's catwalk, with a contented mood to sleep. Wake up the next day, open the mobile phone, found many friends came news links. She looked at one point and found that she was breastfeeding herself on the runway, and even occupied the headlines.

"I can't believe I woke up to find that my daughter and I were posted on the headlines just because I did something I do every day." 」
I can ' t believe I am waking up to headlines with me and I daughter in them for doing I do something day.

"I am grateful to be able to share this message, as well as the hope that the public breastfeeding can be normal and normal, and show it to other women that we can do it without having to be a career and childcare two choose one!" 」
I ' m so grateful to is able to share this and hopefully normalize breastfeeding and also show others that women CAN Do IT all!

Photo |Mara Martin Instagram

To show the true beauty of the world? Or just to attract attention?

Mara Martin wrote a very sincere reply in his personal Instagram. She couldn't believe she could make a headline, because she thought there were too many people in the model she was walking with last night that deserved to be reported. Women who cut breasts, cancer fighters, and Paralympic Olympic gold medalist have too many headlines to make, not just like her, but as a breastfeeding-show.

This text of hers has aroused many people's echoes. There are many positive responses, such as: "Thank you for showing the world that women can do this!" "Be Proud of you!" What a beautiful mother and daughter! "Thank you for showing the world some true, natural beauty." "Oh, great!" he said. I'll do the same thing! 」

Of course, there are also public criticisms of her message: "Breastfeeding should be very personal." It's disgusting that everyone sees your breasts while you're breastfeeding. "And now the baby has become an accessory?" Breast-feeding turned into a fad? Stopping (public) breastfeeding is not a shocking and taboo thing for everyone, it's just attracting attention. 」

Everyone's ideas may have his "truth". In response to the compliment, Mara was delighted to be sympathetic and supportive, as she responded to negative responses such as attracting attention: "This is not the original plan." I don't have a babysitter, I'm a stay-at-home mom, I can only bring her to the scene. Catwalk has been delayed, and Aria hungry, so the magazine editor said to me: "You want to take her along the catwalk while breastfeeding, I support." 』」

"Then I thought, well, then do it!" 」

What about the situation in Taiwan?

News of the public lactation, Taiwan also has a similar situation occurred. At the beginning of last year, actress Lin was criticized for having taken a picture of a breast-feeding on a high-speed train, which was considered an impediment to weathering. But she thinks it's really nothing to be ashamed of, depending on how the viewer's personal vision treats breastfeeding. (Recommended reading:"A GIRL" I have children I do not get married!) Lin Chen: Marriage is not a bond of affection.

Pictures | Lin Chen Face book

At the end of April last year, a mother in the North American pavilion prepared to breastfeed, was driven by the museum side. She felt this is her anytime, anywhere breast-feeding, the first time was accused should not openly breast-feeding, also think the mother and child goodwill this thing is always a slogan.

In fact, on November 24, 2010, Taiwan issued the "Breastfeeding regulations in public places", which were written in articles fourth and eighth respectively: "No person shall prohibit, drive away or obstruct a woman breastfeeding in a public place." "," to prohibit, drive away from, or hinder the breastfeeding of women in public places,
NT $6,000 above $30,000 is punishable by fines. 」

Nipple problem?

Public breastfeeding has always been a subject of concern, and there are a number of contentious areas: revealing breasts are sexually charged, contrary to the image of the mother being considered sacred and sexual, or are women's breasts often equal to "sex organs"? Although it is not at all. (same field Gayon: the sexual female body!) Why did the president's daughter's nursing photos cause a stir? )

Or is everything "nipples" a problem?

The "free the nipple", which began in 2012, is for women to expose their nipples to be considered indecent and obscene. But why do female nipples feel that way? Don't men have nipples, too?

Pictures | Free Thenipple Instagram

This goes back to the 1930 's, when men and women exposed nipples were considered obscene and taboo acts. But after a clash of men, and even a quick flash of his chest, men stripped in public, revealing nipples today have become natural, showing the masculine charm of the move.

Women also launched a campaign, with seven women protesting in New York State in 1986, and even into the Supreme Court. In the end they won, New York State announced that she could bare her upper body regardless of gender.

Although it is now a legitimate practice for men and women to reveal their nipples openly, women are often exposed to a strange vision when exposing their nipples in public. Not only will it be associated with sex, but it is also considered to be unsightly and detrimental to weathering. And there are still many people who believe that revealing nipples is illegal. (same field Gayon: fight for not only the sky right!) #FreeTheNipple can't avoid the "desire" issue )

Public space should be the mother and child goodwill space

However, is this a problem for moms? Because the baby is hungry, can not find a nursing room, or the nursing room too far away, the child has been crying. If she chooses to breastfeed openly, should she be treated with a colored eye?

Pictures | source

"The toilet!" said the man. There are public toilets all over the place! "Although in fact not everywhere there are public toilets, there will be people who" suggest "the moms, go into the narrow squares and let the children eat where they smell the urine. First think about if you would like to eat in the bathroom!

There will also be: "A little bit of things to cover up, less noticeable", or "others see you feed the milk, you will not be comfortable with it" remarks. But wait a minute, how are all the others to change, rather than starting from their own? When you are in the same situation today, when you are on your own, or the person beside you, believe you can put yourself in your shoes.

Every year in the first week of August, the International breast milk Week, local governments promote a series of promotional activities, such as the benefits of breastfeeding for babies, as well as the appeal for environmental goodwill, support for public breastfeeding and so on.

This year's international breast milk Week is coming, and I believe this is a good opportunity for everyone to know better that public breastfeeding should not be driven, humiliated and harassed. To have a more maternal and child friendly social environment, from you and I start. After all, a mother-child friendly environment has never been just a woman's responsibility.