Miss Movement, Miss Sports, not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a warm sweating body. Rock climbing teaches me to find new balance in constant change.

Take advantage of the weekend to Xiangshan rock climbing. Walked many times, saw the sunrise and Sunset Xiangshan, the original also has the climbing route, hidden in the route between. To bend over a path is another way forward--to climb, or to descend.

Rock climbing as a way, the first is to overcome the terrain development, is a kind of hands and feet and even can be said to be toiled movement.

The first climb, hand ropes, step by step downward, it is a near vertical descent line. Face to the wall, put himself into a ㄑ type, I did not tie the rope, hear their own heartbeat good loudly. Accompanying leader said, three point does not move a little move, step steady, hold tight, peace of mind, take the next step, the key of rock climbing is to comprehend the balance of body, balance in yourself.

At that time I did not understand, anxious to next.

Down the road is like this, see not in the end, only the cliff, you do not know how long you have to go, you can only go on, only at this moment, here and now, stepping down, and then there is the next step, each has a judgment, every step, your balance is changing.

Initially began to walk, I worry about not enough hands, fear of foot construction, worry about body weight to drag themselves down. After starting to walk, I think the real difficult to climb, but is groping forward balance and speed, how to go to belong to me, have their own speed, do not have to rob Fast, also accept the balance may be lost at any time, can be found through their own. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" really important, always is the process of giving )

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Down, there are a few times, find the road to continue, not to the left and right feet are not, the hand is not long enough, the place is too slippery, I had to hang not move, the heart is very nervous, think oneself will be stuck here. Think of some moments in life, not back, can not find the way forward, the heart will be afraid, do not know how to go next.

I take a deep breath, very wonderful, the body translational, twist angle, unexpectedly have the road to go, fear of change, but let a person find a new balance; in another perspective, the card lock directs a new path. Then slowly get used to, the so-called rock climbing, is to find the way elastic, to change the status quo, to adapt to change, to explore the balance.

This road to come, there have been frightened, grinding knee, hook broken trousers, but very seriously feel that the original body is very powerful, I can so coordinate and run the body, the original balance in the change of every step, also on my own body.

This is my first time climbing, but maybe we have practiced it many times in our lives. Do not be afraid, the road is very long, you always have the ability to take oneself to go down.