"Obesity humiliation" is being criticized by most people today, however, many films and TV works still have the theme of becoming slim and slender. Does the audience still pay for this kind of work?

Netflix's new album, Insatible, has been petitioned by more than 100,000 people to stop the show on its shelves after releasing the trailer recently. What's wrong with this album?

From the release of the trailer, see a sleek female high school students were bullying. She was Debby Ryan's Patty, the owner of the album. To a rounded, personality-Shen, wearing tacky, such as "Non-mainstream beauty" of women/men as the protagonist, describing their bullying or being teased life, this kind of film and television theme, from ancient times.

But do these movies and albums just broadcast the process of their being bullied? Will the audience just want to see the protagonist being bullied to the tail from the title? Of course not. Often want to come to a gorgeous big change, turn, become beautiful/handsome, slim/strong, and fashion, and let the people who once despise themselves dumbfounded. The audience see this side, absolutely applauded. (Extended reading: let's go from zero to a chat sow teaching and network bullying )

"Never satisfied" is the same routine, trailer, the protagonist Patty a summer vacation, become slim and hot and fashionable, so that the role of the play is amazing. Patty because of appearance change, get rid of the past by bullying, ridicule campus life, she also decided to revenge once bullied her classmates.

This story is not novel, but also like the General campus YA albums like to deal with one of the themes. But why did the new Netflix album get such a big bounce?

Fat to thin, vulgar to the formula of fashion?

"Ugly woman" turned over 12 years ago in South Korea when the film, causing a sensation. Jinya is a Jianghanna with a good voice and a bloated body. But because of the shape, can only become a beautiful singer behind the scenes of singing. Not reconciled to her, after plastic surgery, a fresh change into the shape and voice of the "artificial beauty", a smooth stand on stage, a cannon and red. Kinya also by virtue of this role, won the Korean Grand Bell Award Best Actress.

Also in 2006, "wearing Prada demon," Anne Hathaway, the Andrea in the fashion magazine "Runway" work. Wearing rustic, she began to be frequently ridiculed by colleagues and supervisors. But after she underwent a major makeover, it was as if the changes in her appearance changed her heart, her ability to work and her efficiency improved greatly, and the supervisors and colleagues changed. The movie is very hot, the box office, a breakthrough of 300 million U.S. dollars, but also led the original book to occupy the best-selling list.

"The Devil in Prada" stills | source

There are many similar movies, such as: Campus YA comedy classic "Hot Chick", Lindsay Lohan in order to help friends revenge, can only change the tacky dress to join the mainstream small group of hot girls "the plastics"; The Japanese film "Handsome Suit", is a good-looking man, One day you get a suit that you can turn into a handsome man, and life begins to produce an unexpected development ... (Recommended reading:"gender observation" to transform Cai English?) What kind of "female president" are we looking for?

These films, at the time, were both good at the box office and, of course, criticized, but most did not affect the distribution of the film at that time. The Netflix new album "Never Satisfied" has rebounded so much that viewers may no longer want to endure the "fat humiliation". and relative to the past, for the appearance of the body, have a wider acceptance.

I want to see a happy, vindictive and eager fat man.

Actress Sofie Hagen in the Guardian published a commentary on "Never Satisfied", she believes that such films and television works, is often a slim actress wearing a fat pretending to play fat, and then become a brand sexy hot/handsome strong-suk role.

"Never Satisfied" stills | source

It also creates the illusion that you can achieve anything if you change your appearance. But the actors who actually play these roles have a very good-looking appearance. These films seem to remind viewers: don't worry, we don't really show you fat actors, it's all fake.

In fact, obesity is not an arbitrary thing to wear off. For the masses who are beset by appearances and bodies, seeing such drama content will make them more anxious about their situation. Also like the consolidation of the mainstream U.S. market accomplice, repeatedly reminded, as a handsome fat, you have no way to have a happy life, you can only be bullying, not love, can not be desired ... The way to break the current situation is only to lose weight, only to change yourself, can be accepted by society, can become the choice of one side.

Although starring Debby Ryan and other characters in the play responded to criticism, it was a black revenge comedy that tried to discuss the problem of humiliating the obese. But most viewers still think that this is a comic way of bullying the obese again.

At the end of her review, Sofie Hagen called on netflix:"to let the obese person write an excellent fat role for a truly obese actor. Let's see a happy fat man, or a fat guy with a vengeful heart. Or a fat man to be desired. I'm happy to play the part. Although I am fat, but I am a good actor. (The same field Gayon: no determination to do not, do not go this way!) To New York as an actress after the dream introduction )

I can do better than you if it's bloated and not beautiful.

The "Sister is Beauty", released at the end of April this year, is a comedy film that breaks the pattern. Amy Schumer, who is a plump, eager figure, who is uneasy about her appearance, has changed from the injury she experienced to the end of her life, thinking that she was "beautiful"! Suddenly confident of her, gradually, the people around her to produce different from the previous positive views.

When it comes to the film and television works of plump actress, you have to mention Melissa McCarthy. She played a part in "The Maid of Honor," and she was a government official, though she had been bullied from an early age and had not been knocked down. In the scene of a plane ride, she took the initiative to seduce the strange man sitting beside him, silk is not afraid of the mainstream U.S. market for the narrow restrictions on appearance.

"Bridesmaid I biggest" stills | source

With the success of the box office and word of mouth, she was a finalist in the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress and later starred in several comedy films. Although occasionally have been made fun of the appearance of the bridge, but her role is often turned into a booster, but to make a surprising performance: You think I look bloated and not beautiful, can not do your request? You are wrong, I actually do better than you.

Beauty should not be just a model of imagination

Actually, when I was a kid, I didn't feel uncomfortable when I saw those gorgeous changing movies. Not because of their body symmetry, so like aloof. Once a small fat I, in fact, simply think that such a change is very enjoyable. I do not deny that I was encouraged to lose weight after the idea of a different life.

I was lucky that I didn't get bullied on my way to growth. But just because not everyone has the same chance, you can't imagine how much anxiety and injury a person with an extreme inferiority complex would have.

I thought of a friend around me. Although not a slim figure, but she is very humorous, very popular. But when I talked to her about body, I found she was really inferior. She did not dare to wear tight clothes, afraid of the body lines too obvious, even do not like to be touched.

She said that although the people around her are very friendly, but her shape is still not a social "beauty." She was also troubled by whether she wanted to change herself for the beauty of the mainstream market, but a faint voice in her heart told her: "Do not compromise, beauty is not just a model of imagination."

I'm sorry to hear that, and I feel bad about it even when I think of it. Because of my age and the exercise habit, I was no longer pudgy as a child. If I had kept my childhood, would I have become a boy with a very low self-esteem?

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I think so, and I will change myself to fit the mainstream market in order to meet the social vision. I can't resist, I want to be longed for ... If I am still a bloated male, if I have always been rejected because of the shape, not to be sure, however, I saw a fat and thin protagonist, The Revenge of the comedy album, but I have repeatedly lost weight, I still laugh out? When the film and television text refers to the implications of the thin is the only way to happiness, can not have symmetrical posture, is the miserable life?

If you want to make people think about the problem of obesity and humiliation, turn on a really plump actor. She/he will tell you the unique experience of the body, as well as pride. and through their own experiences, more can impress people. I also look forward to seeing more of the role image of the yuan, be bullying the plump role, also suffer only to lose weight can be revenge of a single routine. (same field Gayon: direct hit the future trend, pluralistic tolerance and female force innovation )