Taiwanese brand, in the root of the lanvece 10 steps Castle Peak, salute to the Mother Earth, to 10 years of time to achieve orchid extract solution, adhere to the "fresh production" concept, with the most sincere mind, let you feel a solid and effective maintenance products.

If someone asks you this question, why do you want to read a book, why do you still write a letter, why do you have to go a long way to meet someone. You tell him because you want to live lovingly in this fickle world.

Lu Siho "You've come a long way, too."

In the era of fast, be willing to slow down the people, in the generation of change, do not forget the beginner's mind, in the daily life of novelty, do a look understand repeated insistence under, there are great affectionate people.

When everyone looked up for the tide, they bowed their heads, clinging to the orchid industry, with the heart of the mind, in the production of small details of the step-by-step practice; In the city of high-rise buildings, the heart still have not forget the mountains of a sincere, from the land of the agricultural industry, to the Mother Earth, the soil bred fresh, they really planted into your skin, You'll be amazed not just by your heart.

Lanvece 10 Steps Castle Peak, Taiwan in the root care products brand, from Alishan original mountain forest to the countryside, to 10 years to achieve an orchid extract, in the market to wholesale raw materials production of a large number of culture, adhere to the concept of "fresh production" with consumers.

There is no shortage of maintenance products, the lack of "can bring the concept of consumers", in the past you may have heard of natural, but few people can advertise "fresh."

You may be curious, why is freshness important? Why has it never been stressed that it is necessary to maintain new products?

Lanvece 10 Steps Castle peak of raw materials from natural plant extracts, the composition of the activity in Fu when made, has the greatest effect, regardless of the production process of difficulties and trouble, stress fresh, because to retain the maximum activity and efficacy, because care about your needs.

In fact, "fresh" in the maintenance of the product process is almost impossible to achieve, the past production of raw materials for maintenance, most of a large number of raw materials after the preservation, for subsequent multiple use, and the process more destructive way to extract, may destroy active ingredients, but also more susceptible to sensitization. To "fresh", with timeliness, the need for small batch production, and there is a stable source of raw materials, can be fresh and have the most active effect of the plant extracts to the hands of consumers, these conditions, lanvece 10 steps in the Castle Peak 10 years time, drip accumulation.

From the manor to the dressing table: The fresh extraction of the origin, the seed into the skin

Lanvece 10 Step Castle Peak unrivaled global, set up a one-stop raw material production line, orchid from nursery to liquid extraction process, they hand-check, stable quality. Different from the market maintenance practices, emphasizing the "water at ambient temperature extraction", the preservation of orchids resistant to sensitive, moisturizing active ingredients, a timely plant extract essence, must be in the freshest moment, sent to your hands.

Two founder, Liuqingshan and Li Wen Xiang (Wendy) couple, the countryside is not to create a dream, but actually Taiwan land-bred their own hometown, they are clinging to a piece of industry, not greedy fast, not seeking, with the spirit of Taiwan, in Alishan Orchid Garden, practice adhere to the real, fresh, waiting for a good quality of the revolution. (Recommended reading: Staff Story | Hong Kong Teakha tea.) Home, we need not much but good )

From scratch, never to the special fine, this road, lanvece 10 steps of Green Mountain Walk for ten years, but also enjoys.

1994 from the Orchid Garden of Alishan, from 1997 to 2007, completed the integration of one-stop industry, from the manor to makeup, so that planting orchids, from agriculture to biotechnology, in the past we have only heard the name of the International Flower Festival Butterfly Orchid, did not expect to be with the daily maintenance products rub top.

Through the integration of industry, stabilize the supply of raw materials, to provide consumers with real, see the quality. 2008, should be Kothe, also want to verify to the consumer, the essence of Phalaenopsis extract, lanvece 10 steps to set up a laboratory with the Industrial Research Institute, the Orchid Park more than 300 varieties, screening 10 effective varieties, including the International Orchid Show the Best award of the patented variety whiskey , in-depth research and development.

Professional Aesthetics: In 10 years, it's a hard but right way

Lanvece 10 Steps Green Mountain in the development of orchid industry on the road, this road may be winding bad, but they rely on pure faith, hope that they do not do wide, to do deep.

The idea of growing orchids comes from the love of the land of Taiwan, far from the Japanese ruling period due to the unique variety and climate, Taiwan Phalaenopsis beauty, stunning the world.

In the past 15 years, Taiwan, with its export of Phalaenopsis Orchid, has the title of "Kingdom of Phalaenopsis". Founder Liuqingshan was opened up like a smile orchid attract, this smile, but also to support his efforts to push the orchid from Taiwan into the world, has bred Taiwan's butterfly Lan Rongjing, he hopes that he can continue, since this open with the orchid indissoluble bond.

Liuqingshan spirit, embodied in the adherence to walk a way, only to adhere to the belief that the best quality to the consumer.

Before devoting himself to planting orchids, he had been rolling in the tea industry for several years, there was a typhoon, he saw rolling in the process of yellow mud fall, the face of the forest collapse, let him start thinking about the importance of environmental conservation, this constantly in the work of the spirit of rethinking the original intention, from the tea industry to the establishment of the ten-step Castle peak of the brand process, one-woman.
At first I do not understand anything, to explore the planting of orchids, can only rely on their own.

The process of growing orchids, no one told them that the butterfly orchid like the light and temperature, liuqingshan on their own skin to feel the light temperature, tirelessly every three or four hours to the Orchid shed sentry duty, rely on their own skin and butterfly orchid dialogue, and slowly explore the need to cultivate the butterfly orchid light, humidity and skills.

Liuqingshan always jokingly said: "The butterfly orchid in the garden, all listen to my footsteps grew up." 」

It is hard to imagine, a person spends a whole day of time, in the Orchid Garden, stand himself orchid, feel the temperature of the sun, too hot, he will be for the Butterfly orchid pull up the shed, the light offset, he is in the shield pull open. The first group of Phalaenopsis, is so nurtured and grown.

What you can't see is more important than what you see.

Lanvece 10 Steps Castle Peak founder Liuqingshan

For your skin, under the order of fresh

With such a professional aesthetic, when the current maintenance market, emphasizing the use of raw materials, "natural", "organic",lanvece 10 Green Mountains still adhere to, in addition to natural, maintenance products must be "fresh"!

In order to allow consumers to truly experience the repair effect of the extraction solution of orchids, lanvece 10 steps Green Hill unrivaled global launch of the concept of "fresh maintenance products", so that consumers feel not only natural, but also fresh and effective ingredients, will maintain the level of ascension. (Recommended reading:"natural Beauty Key" SLS and SLES, women should pay attention to the skin of the Invisible killer )

Fresh though difficult to do, but in order to enable consumers indeed from maintenance, to restore the efficacy of skin, lanvece 10 steps of green orchid raw materials after the United States AMA multi-ethnic testing, no stimulation of the skin damage, and the original solution of flavonoids, can actually repair the skin, anti-allergic inflammation and moisturizing effect, these effects, through the fresh , you'll see.

Lanvece 10 Step Green Mountain with a decade of construction industry background, in order to be under your skin fresh, immediately made, the fresh effect and a solid mind, sincerely sent to your hand.