August-August-Man-Find Pictures Activity in Life photo

Meet him to know he likes to share him

There are many kinds of women, and there are many kinds of women who have a good woman.

womany cares about women and looks forward to finding men in women's lives!

Close your eyes, remember five minutes ….

We always have a "he" who supports a lot of beautiful scenery in our lives.

Do you remember how he changed your diapers when I was a kid?

Do you remember when you were sitting next to you, sitting next to you, trying to steal a peek?

Do you still remember the handsome "he" in the wall Shanghai newspaper?

Remember ...

The time passed, but perhaps we haven't forgotten.

womany was looking for "him," those who appeared with us, quietly let us live a better life.

They make us now, find him, tell womany you and his story!

Share the "he" that makes your life better, and let the world know the beauty of him.


2012.08.08 ~ 2012.08.31


1. First, find a photo of your "him".

2. Please upload a photo directly on the "Woman, you can do not the same" a wall of graffiti. (First join the Pink).

3. Then, attach a sentence or a little story to the photo description column, telling us who he is, and how he and you have a story.

4. Congratulations, you've successfully shared it, and the world will be seen by the world, and the sharing will be more likely to receive a little gift from the gods.

Refer to Example 1: "He" can be your dear father.

Refer to Example 2: "He" can be your beloved cat

See example three: "he" can also use charming singing to walk you through the age of the year.

1. Participants are not limited to men and women. Each Facebook account is limited to one photo, and the participants are required to have photo rights, such as the dispute that will be considered invalid.

2. If you delete your own participation in the photo during the activity, you treat it as eligible.

3. The small helper of womany will compile and download the active photo for each day during the event and place it in a separate album, so that the netizens can watch and host the unit statistics, such as not to attend.

4. womany holds an activity scheme modification and related modification rights.

5. womany retains ownership of the photograph.

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