A woman is obsessed with writing, inviting you to write down the weight of the text with the temperature of your handwriting. When you embrace sadness and frustration, you will gain strength from it.

A woman is obsessed with writing, writing down the words you believe and touch the depths of your heart.

The text has the power, the handwriting has the temperature, for you picks the feminine mystery handwriting IG five text.

Selected five celebrity speech interview of handwritten quotations, to give you encouragement and reminders, dear you are not alone, let us brave to walk together in the road to become their own. (Recommended reading: The temperature of writing: Words to the heart, talent will be free )


If you want to do is not the Elders control your appearance, not the society stipulates your appearance, please you must bravely stand up for yourself, gently overthrow the world.


You were born to be yourself on this planet.


God will not give you difficulties, your life as long as willing to pay, learn to be thankful, God will give you what you want.


Later, when I understand the fate of the fate of the time, a lot of things will be relieved.


The point is that you can let go of yourself, but also for their own courage, not afraid to become the want of their own.

Women are obsessed with writing and collecting.

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