Women fans of the interview, "Blossom Girls Gorgeous Island," the author of Yang Dixi, a common cartoon male and female protagonist singing, but, young girl? What can girls ' ambitions and feelings be like? Together to see Gemini share.

"You can imagine, when the chairman of the aunt, one day secretly told you," you know? I used to be a frog Wang Yu! "The Gemini eyes are wide open, leaning forward and asking," Won't you be surprised to hear? When she finished, she smiled very happily.

Gemini aunt and her dialogue, to promote her to write "Blossom girls Gorgeous Island" of the short story, "The Worm." Yes, all the mothers were teenage girls, but they rarely heard about the childlike innocence of girls. What are the ideals, desires, pursuits and dreams of a maiden? Yang Dixi wrote "Flower Blossom Maiden Gorgeous Island", just want to answer these questions.

"Blossom girl Gorgeous Island" will be drawn to the textbook talk about the thinning of the Japanese era, the beginning of Taiwan's modernization. What are the passions, aspirations, and pursuits of these young girls when they begin to enter the public sphere from their own doors, receive Western-style education, work independently, and grow into the light of civilization?

Yang Dixi, with a close-up shot of a century-old maiden gesture, Taiwanese style, and the girl's "friends above, lovers not full" of the lily, condensed into 10 separate, but interrelated short stories.

No time machine, from the size of the history of the collection of historical documents to the creation of novel ideas, it is not easy, how can a person do? But luckily, Gemini, it's not a person.

Yang Dixi (Yang Joozh) has a twin sister Yang Jouhui, Gemini, from the twins of Japanese characters "Gemini", in fact, she and her sister if the pen name of the share.

2008 years or so, the sisters are fascinated with Lily culture, sister do Lily Culture research, sisters do Lily creation; 2015, the sister was diagnosed with cancer at the end of the third phase, the remaining 3-5 months of life, not much time, to leave what to the love of Taiwan and Lily? The sisters set about the creation of the Taiwanese history Lily novel, Behold the novel carried to half, the sister dies, the elder sisters with two people share the pen name, with the sister's wishes, complete the novel "The Flower Season" alone, as well as its twins, the short story collection "Flowers Bloom maiden Gorgeous Island".

Why are the two sisters deeply attached to Lily culture? And why the Japanese era from Taiwan, from the story of Gemini childhood began to start.

Almost to be a baker's life.

Interview the first question, asked Gemini and Lily culture meet the opportunity, Gemini said, "is actually the sister left for two people to stabilize the economic base of the work, the new job is more boring, she was online contact with" Magic Girl Naye " Animation of the comic ⋯⋯"the answer is to meet in the network, not too unexpected, more unexpected, but the two were once the state of the Economic Community. After questioning, we know that the sisters are very early self-reliance, out of social work.

Gemini parents in the five-year-old divorce, two people in the name and father, is actually a generational upbringing, by the grandmother to take care of. The second year of the two years, Gemini Grandma died, Dad ran away from home, audio all, the family left only twin sisters, as well as grandpa, uncle and other in-laws. In the past two people have excellent results, but thereafter also do not talk about what to read, "The lessons plummeted, very scary, think of my math also test nine points, haha ha!" "Now look back at the point of laughter, it was actually very nervous." "We are beginning to realize that it is impossible to get into a good school without the help of others." 」

After the death of grandma, uncle and the aunt responsible for the sister food, 15-year-old if Tzu Chi and if Hui also go out to make money, start the day work, evening reading night school life. Sister if the Hui in work part-time mathematics for six years to provide two stable sources of economic, her own work is relatively bumpy road. "In the beginning, I was in a middle street fried chicken row, a Chinese street chicken row shop A lot, very need staff." "Look at me, she waved and smiled and said that 15 years old is a legal child."

However, fried chicken row is not a long-term solution, eight months later, Gemini feel still have to learn skills, "Dad was also a baker, as soon as I saw the opportunity to apprentice, I went." 」

To be a baker or a novelist is to speak the same thing. "Another apprentice for two years, walking through the oven, probably know the oven temperature, the introduction of new products, can also correctly guess the customer appetite." But every time I guess wrong! She smiled with a little embarrassment. Senior year, the shopkeeper and the boss two people can't help telling Gemini did not do bread, or to study it! "So I'm going to do something I'm interested in and I'm good at," he said. "Gemini shrugs, and when it comes to study, that's what she's good at."

From China to Taiwan, the fanshen of identity

The young girl's Gemini, has the great interest to Chinese culture and the literature, her university reads the Chinese literature department, the younger sister reads the history department, two people have the very deep Chinese approval, this also can trace back to two people's growth environment.

Sister growth in Taichung Success Ridge Mountain at the foot of success village, "There is no doubt that they are mainlanders Ah!" Gemini side laughs, 18-year-old High school graduation that year, two people decided to take 2/3 to China travel nine days, said to see Li Dao Yuan "Water Sutra." River water note "The Three Gorges landscape described in." Take part in the teacher introduced the tour, a car, all the cars are mainlanders. "Everyone is going to the motherland" atmosphere, they see a pair of young sisters, but also very happy to say, "Wow, you are so young, you know to return to the Motherland Ah!" 』」

This trip to the motherland, but let a person disappointed. Actually go to the Changjiang River, the Three Gorges Dam is the last phase of the project, the water level is very high, simply do not see the view of the imagination, "we both read the Chinese and the history of the Chinese, reading is ancient China, but the culture of China and the reality of China, is actually disconnected, but then of course not understand. "Spent 2/3 of the hard money, and the result was a regret."

Two people's political identity turning Point, in 2008, Chen Yunlin came to Taiwan, from "Why not take their own flag?" "The development of the wild Strawberry Student movement, is her political enlightenment, but also met the Taiwanese (Taiwan Literature and Transnational cultural research) scene."

When we entered the platform, I found that I had too little knowledge of Taiwan. It was then that she realized what Taiwan Han Chinese had experienced in two cultural periods: "Japan is a colonial rule and it is not difficult to understand the cause of the rupture, but how can the ROC to Taiwan be broken?" How can the ROC's rule over Taiwan resemble that of the colony? 」

Once thought oneself is village the sisters of the Provincial people, began to search Uzhi zhi, Taizhong zhi, accident to their own life. Their ancestors were immigrants from Zhangzhou, near the home there is a name "Lite Palace" open Zhang Sheng Wang Temple. "When the institute, I heard that Jiancheng has built a temple for 260 years, but also joked with his sister that it should be ... deceptive?" "She is embarrassed to scratch scratching, hehe laughs."

But it's not really a lie. Colonization, that is, local culture was truncated, suppressed, and stamped with the culture and memory of other countries. Later, on the Lite Palace and hometown, Gemini wrote the next one, "My family lives in Zhang Xing next door", won the Taichung Literary Award prose First prize. Home, temples, this land and life is linked to the origin of her writing is the original point.

"Previously, love of the local is more intuitive, with political awareness, only to find that if the Japanese times will always be lightweight to avoid talking, we will not really know and understand ourselves." That includes where we come from and where we're going to go in the future. "said Gemini firmly.

International online of Lily Culture

Also in 2008 years or so, sister and "Magic Girl Naye" cartoon of the cartoon met, the first to join the Lily Forum, and then pull her sister together.

Lily Forum is set up by Chinese netizens, the past is a variety of Lily Animation distribution center, until today are lily control the most important activities of the land, like a lily cohesion of the transnational family, we have the money to pay, powerful efforts, people have money directly from Japan to buy comics, take apart scan upload; good at Japanese, automatically take over the translation , good at changing the map, put the translation on the original file, slowly forming a strong community of colleagues.

Gemini whispered, "but in fact, is also a variety of pirate distribution center!" We all laughed at the end of the talk.

If the younger sister is good Japanese, has contributed to translation, but not many times, Gemini said two people at that time work to support their own hard. "It used to be impossible to make money, just for fun," he said. However, Lily culture let us rekindle the feeling of "Meng", we have planted in. "Gemini said that the creation of colleagues, simple to ask is Meng and cool," at first I have been confused, feel that this is not the pursuit of it, but later found that everyone playing together is the most important! 」

For example, Lily will be the beginning of the forum, the quality of the works are excellent, although there are the so-called four gods, quality is not very stable, with the "God no Moon witch" as an example, she and her sister spit to the hoarse. "Really!" said the man. Animation 30 minutes a episode. God, we often from the beginning of the trough to the end of the final, even the lunch is too late to finish! "Gemini remembers this time, the eyes will shine."

"The Spit, is also the beginning of the thesis." "Gemini said," because I really want to spit it, do not write something, and can not abuse, we have a reasonable scold, become a thesis. "Sister if Hui's first article Lily, is by the Lily forum purposeless inflammatory posts inspiration, later included in the official thesis." The number of papers downloaded, also published in a book.

Lily and fan culture, also with two people from a new perspective to see the world. "For example, Uranus and Neptune, the American Maiden Warrior, are also traced back to their relationship with Lily." "If Mercy is explained, it is called" Lily reading ".

"Lily Reading, is crooked Read, queer reading, the original text inside the friendship that does not exist, interpreted as Lily." In the mainstream comics, such as the Pirates of the King, Fire shadow, often become the object of all crooked reading. "Gemini explains how to redefine the role or plot that is ignored and unpopular in the mainstream view, which is also the key to Lily's reading and writing."

She likes the Sea Thief King, Na Mei and Robin, is ignited her enthusiasm to create a starting point, the sisters were originally planned to save a small publishing house, a special lily novel, Let Lily culture in Taiwan roots.

The younger sister was diagnosed with cancer in 2009, and diagnosed with cancer in February 2015. At the end of the third phase, life is only 3-5 months, the time to realize the dream of the moment short, but also to think, if time is not much, what can be left for the lily culture of Taiwan?

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