Woman fan Interview "Blossom girl Gorgeous Island," the author Yang Dixi, see how she through the lily novel, take us to the Japanese era of the girl dialogue.

Gemini Sisters set foot on the culture of Lily, Sister Way, sisters follow, and then sister cancer, two people back, from nourishing their own land from Taiwan.

2014, the New Taiwan Peace Foundation announced the holding of the historical novel award, the High prize has been the name. Bonuses can relieve medical costs and economic pressures, and the two sisters decided to write a novel about the history of Lily in Taiwan. The soldier divided two roads, the younger sister consulted the historical literature, the elder sister Gemini wants and creates the story.

"The predecessor homework is the historical textual criticism, gives the sister accumulates the historical database." I continue to make money. 」

Until the end of 20,152, the doctor announced that her sister was cancer at the end of the third phase, life is only 3-5 months. The same day, Gemini immediately called the boss to quit his job. Plan to change.

"3-5 months is impossible to finish writing a novel, so I first write short stories, that is," Blossom girls Gorgeous Island "in the first" flower season ", caught the sense of language and the approximate style, and then began to develop a novel, fight hard to rush ah, hope that the sister died before the end of writing. However, a pen how to write, also can not catch up with the speed of disease. Half the length of the story, the sister died. But Gemini must cheer up, because her sister's wish is to complete the long "flower season."

Long "bloom season" write fast, just finished still coarse embryo. Gemini will pull out the supporting role, in the form of writing short stories of their respective story, assembled into the "Blossom Girls Gorgeous Island", of which three even won the literary prize. The role of three-dimensional, Gemini again Fanshen trimmed "flower season" supporting the appearance of the part.

So "Blossom girl Gorgeous Island" in time, is the "flower season" of the twins, in the spirit of the two books can be said to each other's lily extension, the protagonist of the role or plot, to redefine the meaning. Two books, at the same time in the days of the young girl novel access to the bar.

Dialogue with young girls in the Japanese era

"Blossom season" and "Blossom girls Gorgeous Island" are in response to the true existence of Taiwan's classical literature, such as "Blossom Girls Gorgeous Island", "Magnificent Island" three, respectively, the same name Yang Chuhe 1941 works of the same name, "Flower season", Weng make the "Love Story Before Dawn", the real Shan static branch of the "webmaster's little wife." Based on these stories, it may be said that Gemini wrote the progressive version of Doujinshi.

The most obvious echo of the architecture is the love Story before dawn, Gemini said that this is the author of the first person, a private novel in the way, write their own prostitutes in Japan vomit a night of bitterness of the story-full of Weng to make his own sexual consciousness and life, "however, prostitutes in this story has no voice." "Gemini smiled and said, imagine a prostitute's mood, do not feel very dependent on the cup?"

"Prostitutes should be more uncomfortable, from the colony to study in Tokyo University students, but also to find prostitutes to express feelings, she can only do prostitutes here, so simply reverse, the same scene, I in the first person, let escort women speak." "Gemini will move the lens to escort women, with the Japanese Kyushu Island writer Linfeme as the blueprint, fill in flesh and blood." Escort Donna said a sentence, "Life is only appetite and lust", that is, from the most famous Linfeme son of "Bohemian Kee" directly transplanted over.

Linfeme is a strange woman, "as a gifted person, but no one appreciates her literary grace, side of the people refused to help her, she can not stabilize their situation, they have their own various complaints serialized, written in the Book of Exile, did not think of red turn over!" 」

Suddenly red, it is because of the same mood of women very much. "At that time, there were a lot of literate women who were enlightened, went into the public sphere and had new aspirations, but often suffered from difficulties and disillusionment," he said. "Linfeme, say the female common depressed mood."

Another article "Webmaster's little Wife" is also echoing the true Cedar branch of the private novel "Webmaster's little wife." "The three-Year-old from Osaka to Taiwan, in Taiwan to read High school girls, married to a large number of men, the final divorce." She returned to Osaka when she was divorced, only 21 years old. "The Little wife of stationmaster" namely is the true Shan static branch encourages in others, writes own story. 」

The true cedar still sticks to write the little wife of Stationmaster, the protagonist as a woman aspiring to literature, in that era did not pursue the possibility of a dream, "finally will look where, only marriage, and the only marriage can achieve spiritual satisfaction of love, but also did not, when she found the illusion of disillusionment, the story is over." "Gemini's own Next conclusion" is, in fact, a group of people who are easily disillusioned in the Japanese era. 」

Disillusionment, however, is also the keynote of Gemini's writing. "I personally feel that the beginning of growth is disillusionment." Because a person to become the subject of the ego, is bound to pass alone, is bound to be a person. She paused, adding, "but people are not necessarily lonely," I "still hope to be us. 」

In addition to love and competition, there is a richer relationship between women

"We" do not necessarily have to be lovers, it is not necessarily a sisterhood, it is possible, or swim in this vast area between?

Gemini says that if we look at the text of the past, we can see that the relationship between women and women is often presented through men. Whether it's a male perspective, or a male-centered story, "basically the men in power, in this narrative, women must compete for the same resources, whether it is the hero's love, or money, power, in short, to get the hero's favor." 」

On the other hand, lesbian literature depicts women in love. "The camaraderie of lesbian women has gradually become more of a substitute for us than in the past," she said. 」

"However, there is a problem, women are not in love, is a competitive relationship, where the middle of the feelings?" Female friendship in the relationship between love and competition, there are still very large and complex areas, may be both like envy, jealousy and enviable, love and confusion, in the past no one saw this kind of complexity, Lily can fill this piece. I write "Blossom girl Gorgeous Island" such a story, that is to show heterosexual women between the same sex, can be what it looks like. 」

In addition to the relationship between love and competition, women's friendship still has a very large and complex area.

Yang Gemini

This is also the difference between Lily and GL (Girl's Love), "Lesbians are not included in the lily, there is." But whether Lily is equal to lesbian, is not, because Lily contains lesbian outside female friendship, so if Lily and lesbian together, we will miss a lot of rich feelings. 」

Gemini, for example, the story of "Blossom Girls Gorgeous Island", most of them have heterosexual relationships, "almost finally will marry, as I write" flower season ", very careful to handle the heroine in the heterosexual scope of the same sex. "She flashed a little pity on the expression," but it doesn't matter, and I used to play doujinshi, if someone wants to write doujinshi, they all rise to a relationship, also very good AH. Loved, haha haha. She could not help but reveal her true heart.

Because I am a fan of the creator, so also for doujinshi create a lot of space, "reserved for everyone to write, OK?" I want to write it myself! But there is no time. She gave a warm invitation to all of you, while she was sighing.

If the protagonist of the novel Travels through time, to the present Taiwan

So if the novels of the Japanese times come to contemporary Taiwan, is it possible for them to realize the maiden dream? What are the opportunities and obstacles that can be encountered?

Gemini smiled and said, the problem she actually think for a long time, "because we start from the Japanese era, there is a very strict hukou system, so there will be no hukou problem, it is illegal to come, ah, finished!" "She always takes into account the realistic things," and the language is not clear, because now everyone speaks Beijing dialect. 」

However, apart from this, the first thing Gemini thought was, "they may find that we are not so different from them." "Strictly speaking, the days of the Japanese-governed cities have been quite modern," the problems we encounter with them are virtually the same. Including the alienation of modernism, how to understand the subject of the ego, how do we interact with society, their own family, society, human position is what? 」

But the difference will also be found.

"For now, because the sexual liberation has been gone for 100 years, so they see us, there may be a lot of surprises here." "Gemini paused," but they might notice a strange thing, well, I think they might want to know more about the world than we do. "What do I say to that?" "I'm not sure I'm right about this," she said. 」

"For example, at that time, the degree of internationalization was higher than we thought, probably because Taiwan was complicated: Taiwan as a Japanese colony, a Japanese and a complex sentiment towards China." 」

"If you ask the big rice to pick up the international issues that the tea workers care about, they will talk directly to the ROC next door, which is very powerful." Is it not surprising that women who pick tea are usually premarital girls who actually care about these things? 」

"We have learned the speed at which technology is changing, but it was accelerated from zero." For example, in 1908, the railway was built and Taiwan had the concept of "island". Before this, the local and ethnic groups scattered, there is no "we are Taiwan Island" idea, until the island chain appeared, one day from Keelung to Kaohsiung, to feel the exchange of various ethnic groups, but also because resisting foreign aggression Japan, Quan Zhang fighting quickly disappeared. In the 1921, the Cai Pe Fire will shout out, "Taiwanese are Taiwanese Taiwan". At that time, no longer speak of our Quanzhou people, Zhangzhou people. However, it is only 25 years since the Japanese came to Taiwan, it is really very fast. 」

Gemini observes that when women are sufficiently conditioned to watch the Times move fast and things can happen, they may be ambitious. "The city girls who have a good environment at home read the women's College in Taipei, which is the equivalent of the present one to a high school, and began to take a second foreign language." Is it possible that they want to keep up with the world and thirst for knowledge is more powerful than we are now? Come to the contemporary, they will not feel that we are satisfied with the status quo? 」

In fact, in the days of the Japanese rule, some women have started to hold power and fight for rights for other women.

"For example, Yang Kui's wife, Yetau, has gone to the streets to advocate for human rights and to advocate what kind of life Taiwanese girls should have." These women's rights advocates, who play horns in society and have male allies, are now almost unknown to us. "The history of the break, let us forget where we come from, where we have stepped." Gemini also confessed that she wrote the Japanese era with a clear intent.

All writing, all with ideology.

In the background of the Japanese rule, not only to the history of the young girl's novels, but also to the clear political aspirations, she is not afraid to say.

"In fact, all writing has ideology, if you want to simply say, that one day, read (these two novels) the process is Taiwan's independent State Initiative." "The author of the novel clearly shows the political conviction of the work, not the normal, especially in the authoritarian context, the Chinese people like to say" politics to politics, art to Art ", but all creators are a part of society, more often sensitive to the pulse of the times, politics and art, and how to remove each other's vacuum possible.

Then look at Yang Gemini, is really a passionate sports person appearance. Gemini throws a question, "in 1921, Cai Pei said the Taiwanese are Taiwanese." The words were said to the Japanese at that time. In the past few years, we have heard the Taiwanese saying this again, not to the Japanese, and even the Japanese are saying this. When both the Taiwanese and the Japanese are talking about "Taiwan is Taiwanese", who is this saying to us? Why do we say that? What is its historical context? 」

This is a question that Gemini is trying to answer and a declaration that faces Taiwan's history.

"When I was writing, I also said that Taiwan has its own history, but it will not begin by saying that Taiwan is Taiwanese." "She smiled playfully," because she knew the magic of the novel. The creation itself is a kind of magic, will not immediately lift their cards to others to see, to let everyone step by step into the trap, and finally scared you to jump, we want to convey the things to convey out. 」

In fact, as a researcher, I also know that the author should not say too much about his work. I've been aware of it lately. "Gemini is a bit embarrassed to shrug, waving.

A man has the identity of a scholar and a creator, it is also possible to set anchor limits on each other, but the scholar's Gemini and the novel's Gemini, both of which do not need the other to complement each other's own integrity, therefore, the two roles of their own answer or say dialogue, there is more stirring the meaning of each other.

But she was also concerned that both identities could be dangerous for the development of Lily culture. "I'm afraid some people think Lily culture is what we call the shots. But I had no intention of doing so, and I always thought it was a shot, "she paused" although I do not feel that I throw the thing is brick! But I hope to have more voices out, to refute me, in all kinds of dialogue to find a consensus, it is possible to establish a sound lily culture, the future will have good development. 」

As a Gemini of readers, researchers and creators, she hopes to be a little more innocent in the future. "Hope is simply the creator and the girl." What I think of Lily's culture, as long as the writing of the novel is good. 」

But I can not help but ask, "your own novel, before and after all still have as a scholar to write the preface and sequence, then will not do it next time?" "She scratched her head," Hey, don't know yes. Because I am the scholar character, cannot change this matter, ah ~ ~ But this to Taiwan's Lily culture is not good, only I am a person to say not, really hoped everybody together establishes the elaboration. 」

Of course, as Roland Batt said, the author is dead, the text is open to interpretation, not only open interpretation, Gemini more open dialogue, welcome to create. Taiwan's Lily Culture, has Gemini detailed historical data collection and accumulation, writing "Bloom season" and "Flower Bloom girl Gorgeous Island", can be said to be the girl's power, to remove the cover, see the history of water veins Still, on the days of the break of the Taiwan girls novel tradition, down, look forward to more embrace the girl heart of you, to continue the cultural life of Lily.

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