A poem a kind of lovelorn. lovelorn reading poetry, from the context of indefinitely, I can read out belong to my state of mind, find their own figure. With poetry and healing.

Every time I'm lovelorn, it reminds me of you when I was young.

Still remember the student period, that paragraph of pure, no trouble years. Walk with you hand in the campus, complaining about the taste of food, but still want to eat, go to school to watch movies, together ... Once, I thought love, maintain a relationship, it is so simple. I show the truest of me, and you return the same true you. Do not think about afterwards, and focus on every now. I thought, this is the begotten that goes on all the time.

It turns out, too naïve. Not mature enough for us, or early to say good-bye.

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Why the evolution of the hand, I still can't think through. It was just a small thing, but we had a big fight. Do not want to bow down to apologize to me, personality is stubborn you, perhaps too similar, or to oneself too confident? In short, this is the end, I think can always hold hands of time. (Recommended reading:Follow Me Hand lovers file to Taiwan!) A collection of sweet photographs in the corners of the world

In fact, still vivid, just pretend to have forgotten. Pretend to forget, often more impressed.

That day, I came across a message from him, which was the tone of the light. He Sampans want to ask you out, although you specifically refused, but did not tell me. Yes, how boring things are. I really good hate always let us quarrel with him, I want you to ask him to come out, make it clear. But you don't, you say things don't have to be so exaggerated. I, contended, you are speaking for him, talk about the most should not say a few words.

But did not say, when I think you can also class together, stay in the same space, my heart, how uncomfortable. Like a needle in the hand, seemingly slight, but often think, still dull ache.

Without your day, following a group of brothers drinking, slapstick, I do not feel sad. Maybe it's my subconscious thinking that you'll come back for me. You always say you lazy ride, want me to give you, sleep at night, must I accompany you to speak the telephone ... I seem to have forgotten, I also need you to wake me up, remind me to drink less wine.

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After all these years, time goes forward, and does not go back to the past. Graduate, and then employed; because some people stop and have a little more of their traces. I will see you in the community website, although I did not see your side has another his shadow. I think you have a low-key personality and you won't be honest. After all, when we are dating, even if you have to punch a discount this kind of thing you are very resistant to, every time I do not mark you, do not want friends to see, intentional message embarrassing you.

Although I will still mark you, you just smiled and said you are very white, hand or hold tightly.

Hey, I lost my love again. This she said not feel I care, feel I do not want to manage feelings. But I have always been, in fact, so. But every man after you has said that. Maybe they were right. As the needle pierced the feeling of pain, after you, no longer appeared. (Same field Gayon: A Guide to the recovery of hyper-science lovelorn: Heartache of lovelorn, true )

Every time I'm lovelorn, it reminds me of you when I was young. And the poem you told me.

Whales to the Sea

3. The limits of men's emotions

At that time, was not every girl hated
The boy who sweats all day?
Anyway, people who have a crush don't look at us.
Drink cans on each other under the bus stop
Swimming pool and kicking water to bask in the sun
There's not a spray that's wilting in the summer
The angel had descended on the body of a young man, a little shy
The organ expands rapidly and hair grows.
Go in the opposite direction to everyone.
At that time, the strength Wanjun jumped to kill a volleyball
Still can't catch years later--
The saddest of all is the melancholy
We're going to get through this.

You said, reading this poem, can always remind you of high school that boy. I was busy playing the game, heard this side, almost was killed by opponents. You are still silly to continue to say, although I did not listen to. Only remember the last, you said: "But those sentimental years, after all, still passed." And now there you are. "You kissed my face."

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I think you can always move on. This poem, for you, frees up memories of your youth and belongs to a boy in your life. But now, it has become my magic spell.

Apart so long, is there a poem belongs to me? I also want to know, the past melancholy, is not the only one I have not spent.

I opened the dialogue window with your name, the content of the time I graduated two years ago. You want my future refueling, I said you too. I typed in a few words, hoping to get in touch again.

"How have you been?" 」

After the delivery, I nervously closed the phone. Like to go back to the first time to ask you out of the mood, repeatedly speculated that you will have a response, not immediately read the reply, afraid to get is refused.

The sound of the notice broke the momentary stillness. Please let me take a breath again, this is the limit of my emotion. (Extended reading:"read Poems for You" Don't ask me about my past )

"Lovelorn Front/a poem a lovelorn"

Lovelorn front, this month, to pick up the stick to say their feelings of disappointment.

Chiang Hsun said: "The human world must have grievances and sadness, but through verses, grievances and sadness can be converted." 」。

Maybe you can't forget her. She, maybe you are too late to reply, maybe ... I invite you to a woman. IG paste (point me) message Share your love story, there will be a chance to let women fans editor for you to choose a poem written articles, accompany you to heal.