The scandal that broke out in Tokyo has made one wonder at the seemingly open today that there is still incredible sex discrimination and that women still suffer from unequal treatment in society.

More than a century of history, Tokyo Medical University, the beginning of July this year due to bribery of the Japanese arts province scandal broke out. In order to obtain the government subsidy, but with the liberal arts province exchange of interests, for senior officials children entrance examination points. In the Tokyo office of the Prosecutor continued to investigate, but also found that the Tokyo University in the entrance examination, as long as the female candidates are all deducted first points. This unequal approach has continued in 2011.

The admission rate of female students in Tokyo has been lower than that of men for 8 consecutive years after 2010 years. The admissions rate is below 3% this year, with only 30 women successfully enrolled and 141 men.

2010 female admission rate is higher than male, so far lower than male |

The incident sparked widespread discussion in Japan. Relevant sources said that the Tokyo medical Office will have this decision, presumably because the female physician in marriage or pregnancy, will choose to leave or absence. This situation has led to a shortage of doctors in its hospitals and is therefore considered a "necessary evil". Many netizens know this afterwards, all think the practice of Tokyo is sex discrimination, and the cart before the horse.

Tokyo, a spate of bribery scandals and sex-discrimination disputes, has received considerable attention and public opinion attacks in Japan, and the Japanese authorities are awaiting a statement inside Tokyo. (Extended reading: a culture of Japanese apology from the kidnapping of ISIS "Sorry, my child is in trouble")

From the album to create a vision, but was killed by reality

The first quarter of the VCDs, which was launched in 2012, was a sensation in Japan, almost a year in the fifth quarter. In VCDs ratings than before now, in addition to the beginning of the first quarter average is slightly below 20%, the rest of the season more than, can be called the current Japanese drama box office guarantee, but also let the television at the high price, hoping to impress the Micangkou can continue to play the main gate unknown son.

Micangkou play the door unknown son, to send a physician's identity as a surgeon. Not participating in any factional struggles, combined with superb surgical techniques, has made her a thorn in the Doctor's wing. Also because she is not in cahoots, as well as the ability of excellence, often can let against her to forge feather and return. Audiences also express themselves in a more or less similar situation through her encounters and manifestations.

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But precisely because it is "drama", it can show the reality that the real society is difficult to happen. When you're in the real world, opposed to the top, or disagree with the top, the likely results are counterproductive. But it is undeniable that the emergence of the unknown son of the gate, for employees employed by the staff and the female audience, absolutely have an encouraging function. (same field Gayon:"If you want to" four contemporary VCDs recommend: I like the heart fragile, still fighting hard people )

Believe that many women, see the door unknown son is not bound, hate the power of collusion, and superb medical skills, the career of physicians have a vision. The recent outbreak of sex discrimination in the Tokyo medical dispute, relatively speaking, has stifled the possibility of women becoming physicians.

Unfriendly workplace, how to work at ease?

In March this year, Taiwan's physicians Working Conditions reform group published a questionnaire test last May, "physician workplace gender friendliness survey." According to the findings, 55% of female physicians experienced sexual harassment by their superiors or employers, and 80% of female physicians and 63% of male physicians experienced sexual harassment involving colleagues, family members and patients.

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But only 3% had complained that the remaining cases, 60% had no time or effort to deal with, 42% feared that the process was not kept confidential, 50% felt that the complaint was useless, 33% feared pressure or punishment, and 12% of the physicians did not know that the complaint pipeline was available. The findings also found that male victims had not used the complaint channel in the whole, one reason being the fear of femininity being differently. (Recommended reading: No one dares to say in the courtyard!) 55% female physicians have witnessed or been sexually assaulted at high levels

In Taiwan, although there is no such as the Tokyo University, the admission test points to reduce the female admission rate of sex discrimination controversy. But a lot of sexual harassment shows the gender unfriendly in Taiwan's medical workplace. This is also causing many women and men engaged in medical personnel, in the workplace often to work with trembling emotions, can not be reassured to display the professional.

As a male, I don't accept this way of winning.

It is hoped that the scandal that broke out in Tokyo will improve the enrolment rate for women who apply for the school in the past seven years. And to be wary of other sex discrimination incidents that may have similar circumstances but have not yet erupted.

Women who choose to leave and absence after marriage and pregnancy may cause a shortage of staff in the hospital. But does this result indicate that, even if women become physicians, society still expects her to assume parental responsibility and quit the workplace? There are not a few male physicians who are parents, why is it that only a female physician becomes a parent, causing a shortage of staff? The medical system is confronted with the phenomenon of shifting costs to externalities rather than passing the cost of male physicians ' childcare to a female partner, which leads to the possibility that a male physician is earning and receiving a female physician.

On this basis, the reduction of enrolment of female students is a matter of putting the cart before the horse. What the authorities need to do is to find the necessary measures to improve the situation: from the most fundamental social atmosphere, "the male outside, the female master" the bad habits, rather than stifle women in the profession of doctors.

Reducing the number of female physicians, will allow a lot of resistance to male physicians to see the women, facing the plight of the delay to seek medical treatment. It could also raise sexual harassment, making the work environment more unfriendly, and making the reform of gender discrimination even more slow. Becoming a physician and working in a white giant tower is still one of the dreams that most people admire and aspire to. However, the spate of sexual harassment and sex discrimination controversy, it seems to be declared in the tower, women are still only outside onlookers. (same field Gayon:"Gender Watch" female sexual harassment in Zhongshan: palliative events, it is not important to tell your child that you are uncomfortable )

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The female physician such as the gate unknown should not only exist in the drama. The first condition, of course, is still to improve many of the unwritten rules of corruption in the white giant tower. After all, it would be a shame for men to take a private deduction in order to lower the admissions rate for female students. Is it only this way that men can win women? If this is the case, the male enrollment rate is higher than the female, I believe that men can not be convinced. Instead, it will feel: "Stop it, I try so hard, not to win in this way!"