"China's new rap" has not yet been aired, producer Deng Zi chess has aroused discussion. In the face of questioning, she chose to hit back with Rap after the show began.

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Girl, Stand up hip hop!

Last year, "China has hip-hop", can be said to be the most fiery talent show Taiwan, this year to the second quarter, to circumvent the ban on China's radio and television bureau, renamed as "China's new rap." To say what has happened in the second season is probably the "skr!", the heat and last year's "Do you have free Style?" "," I think not, "" Alegen very strict "almost.

Whether it is "China has hip-hop" or "China's new rap", since the beginning of the premiere, in addition to the lyrics of the contestants involved in toxic yellow, caused controversy, the producer has been the focus of public attention. In the second season, the producers also found Wu Yifan, Zhang Zhenyue, Mc Hotdog and Wilber Cooper, while the producers who really attracted the attention of the public were the Deng Zi of pop singers.

"Sing pop, know what hip-hop?" 」

"She has nothing to do with Rap, ⋯⋯".

"Why would you ask her to come?" 」

Questioned on the network constantly, even think she is not qualified, and the other four producers to review, Edison Chen in MC hotdog Instagram under the message: "Rappers???? Hahahahah U MEAN A STAGE full of bitches/not rappers right? ".

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In a gloomy voice, Deng Zi chose to hit back with a Rap. The latest release of the producer Cypher film, her domineering ponytail, Hip Hop styling to the public, confident and not inferior flow, told everyone: "This is the time for girls to stand up/the Stone age of your thoughts are all thrown away."

Finally, "are you destined to be under me/if you don't want to go up?" The stunning punchline, with the perfect treble, proclaims that you have both the ability to sing and rap, and what about pop music? (Recommended reading: 10 of the selected songs to live, into Taiwan's independent music scene )

When you look good, you go to be a singer, what Rap does a girl sing?

Aside from the suspicion of "China's new rap" copying South Korea's "Show Me", a careful observation of the two-party hip-hop shows, the number of female players is very small, in the male-dominated competitions, more often regarded as "good to deal with" opponents. Sometimes, even because of the beautiful shape, was criticized: "To be an idol singer!" Nothing to sing what hip-hop? 」

Admittedly, compared to male rapper, the public is more inclined to question the strength of female rapper, and even deliberately exclude women, after all, in the past, hip-hop field is male control of the world.

Hip hop music history originated in the 1970 's, the Bronx region of New York, USA. At that time, the public security was corrupted, filled with violence, poverty, gang struggle, racial discrimination, Rap became the outlet of black male emotion, and gradually formed hip-hop music. Over time, the development of the content of hip-hop music, from the beginning to accuse the injustice of society, into people's money, power and sexual pursuit. Also because of the origin of hip-hop, no female role participation, lyrics may even appear "pussy", "bitch" and other sexist, unfriendly words to women. Under such circumstances, it is very difficult for women to enter the hip-hop music industry. Discrimination, exclusion, ridicule ... too much resistance, the development of female rapper is limited.

But then, as women began to pursue their interests, also more and more eager to voice through hip-hop, as now, hip hop music is no longer just swearing, every day shouting "bitch", "Mother fucker", it can be a tool for the weak voice of society, can also be a person's life philosophy, life attitude embodiment. (Recommended reading: ubiquitous mouth cannon culture and sexism!) "The Dead Waiter" is actually no more than "the big tail bass eel Two" clever )

Women are equally eager to tell stories through hip-hop.

The women rapper! that deserve attention.

In recent years because of hip-hop talent show, more and more excellent underground female rapper, popular, although singing hip-hop music, still male majority, but we must not ignore this group of female rapper powerful strength!


All want to succeed, but the success of the minority/I slowly from the rampage to the firm/I find treasures in the muddy mud/no experience of suffering how to call life

The most familiar of all, it should be Vava? Strong rap strength, let her become "China has hip-hop" in the four finals, the only female rapper, story-like life ' s struggle, a sentence hit people, more let the contest scene of the rapper stand up for her shout.

Liu Bosing (Lexie)

I want to tear down the label/will always be posted behind/I think the cheating side to apologize/never be their acceptance/too long did not sleep/comfort myself would be thinner

Lexie has been to the United States SXSW Music Festival performance, is the first to bring China hip-hop to the international arena of people. Has participated in the South Korean talent show "Kpop Star", obtains the fourth name The good result, South Korea well-known brokerage company YG more intends to sign her. But she declined the offer and returned to China to develop her music career. "China new Rap", she successfully in the 60 second knockout, let us look forward to the performance! (Recommended reading:"Play Music" Hey, go over the summer World Music Festival Search!) )


I'm just not very friendly/not going to sell my soul/not a nice bartender.

Currently a modern sky-owned artist. Thin flat with the power of the voice, as well as the ability to control the stage charm, let her in the "Chinese New rap" in the stunning performance of the crowd. In the past, she has accumulated a lot of works, the lyrics with a bit of a defiant attitude, not annoying, but deeply for her personality charm admiration.

Dabozz Big steamed stuffed bun

To lift a long skirt/omit those tedious affectation/brutality most sounding/cooperating expression tone of seriousness/discard it/throw away the stiff tool/melt should be more soft and rich texture

The song has an experimental, psychedelic style, Dabozz hip-hop style is more small, some mumbling flavor, and generally hear more passionate, violent, aggressive hip-hop music is different. She did not participate in hip-hop talent show, but it is worth the attention of women rapper.

The Great soul of Ann

Ask yourself/Your heart want How to live/life with you the longest/is your own/eyes tens of millions of thousands of mouths/you can please how many quantity

Strictly speaking, the great soul is not rapper. She is not like the previous four have public hip-hop works, usually in the street singing, but also to the main pop music. In "China has hip-hop", he did not escape the 60 seconds of the knockout stage of the flames, the producers feel like Shilaibao, there are many people she Senqui. Regardless of the soul's rap skills, her love of hip-hop, and the courage to hop from pop music to hip-hop, it's really worth clapping to say the attitude of life with rap!