Interview Su and Su family three daughters, they talk about politics, also talk about the family, the general people see is, in the political field Dash Chong Su, Su family three daughter, feel is not absent father.

Five minutes before the interview, Su came towards me and shook my hand. His hands wet and sweaty, very powerful, he looked up, give me a "dash" style of the sign smile.

Prior to checking the data, we know SU is 71 years old this year. The old magistrate wants to run for the new mayor and return to his beloved new city. He has experience, a vision, an attempt, and more, he wants to roll up his sleeves and see the glory of the new North rise again.

He remembers himself in the 1997 and knows he can do better this time. "I want to devote all of my life's energy to my best new Bei." 」

Su and a three daughters interviewed, the big daughter Qiao Hui is a legislator, unaware of the natural born elder sister gas, often for paragraph summary; two daughters Qiao Ning in the United States when University professor, because of the summer vacation, apart fly back to Taiwan, for Qiao Hui with children, when a full-time nanny; three daughter Qiao Septicae shoulder to provoke campaign office's overall design, Tell the story of the new north by design. The whole family, they said, participate in the election, not whose decision, but the whole family consensus, we all know that this is the right thing to do.

The interview began, Su with three daughters sit well, behind the window, is the beloved new Bei.

Politics starts with the phrase "I hope so."

There are two political figures in the House, and I ask, what is politics to you?

Su a good instinct, "I think politics is life, politics is, I hope so." I hope the car will stop a little, the park near the home beautiful, the environment a little bit. "Politics is from" I hope "," politics is that I want my ability to do a little better, to do a lot of things, to help a lot of people in need, to solve their problems. Politics is life, should be very warm, should be very transparent. 」

Su spoke with a full air of words. When he set foot on the political road, but also because of life. Society has injustice, friends imprisoned, as lawyers, he is duty-bound to join the beautiful Island Incident defense team. Since the heart is unwilling, the use of their own strength to bear, has been his practice of political ideals of the way.

Su Qiaohui as a legislator, laughing that his election before the election, in fact, not too much change. "Politics is not far away, but it is a full-time role and profession in dealing with public affairs." A person can not solve, do not have so much time, will be given to the full-time people to deal with well. 」

Suchanin from the scholar's perspective on politics, the most concern is how to let the international community see Taiwan and how to pay its own. Su Qiaoqun Talk about politics, more is the desire, through this participation in the election design, let everybody know that politics is related to all, design is also.

The political landscape in Taiwan has changed a lot over the past 10 years, and they ask me, what is politics to you? I thought about it, sharing the young man's history of apathy and aversion to politics. Over the years, by seeing injustice, relink with the political relationship, define the desired political environment. Before the generation of wild lilies, after a generation of sun Flower came up.

Su nodded, said there was an era, political even talk can not talk, write also can't write.

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In the dark times, there are political figures who dare to break the dark, and those who dare to speak for the weak. "It's not politics, it's dark, it's political. What we need is that the political situation is progressing with the times, going in the right direction and not returning to bad development. 」

Family members have their own statements, but also very tacit understanding. They say, what we do in our family is together. It is not just politics, but the daily life of the family.

In our memory, Dad has never been absent.

Su family from very small, is accustomed to discuss with each other, gather consensus. "When I was 5 years old, my father became a lawyer for the beautiful island and then went to politics." Our family from a very ordinary lawyer family, began to have a different life experience. 」

Su Qiaohui said, "Later dad back to Pingdong as a provincial councillor, not a long time at home, so we meet every morning to talk, anyhow, eat breakfast together, share life." Although the father is not long at home, the family is very cherish, get along with the time has become very quality.

Su from Pingdong provincial councillors, do Pingdong County magistrate. Suchanin said that in his own memory, Dad was not absent. "My happiest weekend impression is that my dad came back from Pingdong, and when we finished our homework, we went to the nearby Chang ' an country to ride a bicycle," he said. After riding the bicycle, went to the Oriental publishing house to read a book, I was there, read the Sam Lupin and Sherlock Holmes complete works. She smiling eyes, one side recalls, "After reading, we will go to eat Taoyuan Street beef noodles!" "After that, the whole family is a smile."

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Su family life is like this, if there is a major decision, do each other's best partners and advisers, discuss with each other, give some advice, together to decide, work together to help members of the family in the ideal direction.

Su said, perhaps because of such a family environment, he grew up with his daughter, so that he has been able to contact with innovative ideas, can jump off his age layer of the same warm thinking, "There are many new things to learn from young people." "This family, everybody has the say, has the professional person to decide." Su said he had recently learned to play the Idol school with his granddaughter.

Idol School is a children's favorite idol audition game, the development of animation, mobile phones, card games. Granddaughter Good professional, he listened to the granddaughter share, how to earn the best results, the same Lenovo to IP (note) Good important, story development, series around, can shape a huge industry.

He asked me again, did he ever play the Idol school? I shook my head and he said, "Hey, look, you're older than I am." "The Times have been changing, Su said that just right, he likes to learn, like practice."

I vote because I know I can do it, I'm going to build a 10 million-person stage

Speaking of the new north, Su many times before the media position, the overall situation is currently, choose to bear. I asked him what he was responsible for. He said plainly, "I am seeing the situation in the new north and I can't see it." I have a vision, also have self-confidence, can bring new north to the new level, I came out of the election reason, is because, I know I can do it. 」

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He put forward the concept of new and new north, 29 administrative districts, he was familiar with, "I want to talk about is not only the new north, I want to talk about this circular city." "His finger gestures, inner ring and outer ring, the population figures he remembers very firmly," the inner circle population gathers, the outer ring has the mountain to have the water. The new north surrounds Taipei City's 2.7 million people, the right link Yilan, the South link Taoyuan, I really thought is, these 10 million people's stage, needs how to put it to prop up. 」

When he was a magistrate in Taipei, he promoted the tribute-Liao Ocean Music Festival, Pinghsi Festival, Wulai Spring cherry season, Yingge Ceramic Museum, freshwater Fisherman's Wharf, as early as in the county magistrate, he has begun to combine culture and urban imagery, to create public space, shaping urban aesthetics.

For example, in Yingge, he carried on the ceramic Street reconstruction, the establishment of Ceramic museum, combining Street View and ceramic art and culture, to reproduce the beauty of traditional art of Yingge; the 13-line museum in eight is also the first archaeological museum in the country, the building axis points to the ocean, and the design of the whale's back dune, symbolizing the life of 13 pedestrians on the estuarine dunes He said that the story really makes a city full of imagination, "and we are new north, a lot of stories, the lack of people who will tell the story, I just want to play the person who tells the story." 」

He has a lot of pity in his tone, Yingge ceramics carnival closed for several years, tourists do not come, business opportunities gradually lost. "About the new north, I want to do a lot of things, not from my point of view, but from the city point of view." Not only from the perspective of Taiwan, but from the world's perspective, I want to tell the world that there is a city, it is very beautiful, I hope you will come and come again. 」

The stage of 10 million people, Thang Big, su in life, schooling, work, recreational aspects of the careful consideration, the new Bei has the largest population, need a most efficient city government. "Of course efficiency should not be empty talk, idea is cheap, really good is the king." "He is forceful, want to build stage, let new North become a good stage, let the world see Taiwan," Circular city development, everybody here, this is your stage, my stage, 10 million people stage, certainly can perform splendid. Let me do it, be bold, have executive power, and be more creative. 」

Su often mention creativity, which is rare in political figures. I asked where the idea came from, he said that creativity comes from being willing to learn, "the idea is that you always have an open mind and always have an ear to listen to." Creativity also has the ability to execute, not yangaoshoudi. "Like he and his granddaughter have studied hard."

Urban aesthetics in order to create the sense of happiness and glory of the people

Talking about the new north, 10 million people stage, Su Magnificent, he looked back to the window of the new Bei, expect a lot, do not fear too late. "On the stage of 10 million people, I'm going to hang up with four pillars." One is urban regeneration, now the new north of the old House has 670,000 households, according to the current annual 150 households are more speed, to do 4,000 years, so I must accelerate. 」

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"The second one, I want to let the industry create a life." In combination with past experience, I want to promote a township of 2.0 characteristics, promote local creation, but also to accelerate industrial upgrading. The third one is intelligent transportation. I want to accelerate the completion of the MRT, complete the Intelligent transportation network; also want to take the taxi to start the small yellow bus team, the tourists to the rural, but also to the rural residents with flexible traffic can facilitate mobile, but the use of new technology to build intelligent transport systems, with large data centers, to create more secure, more efficient traffic. 」

"Fourth, Logolo, Stoe. With regard to Young's care issues, I would like to take stock of a wide range of positions, expand subsidies and allowances, and strengthen the problem of improving the elderly and childcare through the integration of intelligent platforms, so as to reduce the burden on families. Finally, I also want to make the new north become an aesthetic city, has its own unique urban style. I would like to set up the new north of the "Urban Aesthetic design Office" to systematically introduce the concept of aesthetics into public works and street landscape. From the entrance imagery of the city to the Office house, the marking system, the bus station, the Square, the park, and even the dustbin and the transformer box, we should design the target vision of the aesthetic city. 」

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What kind of design? "This design is not just to do art, but to user-centric, let it good use, good maintenance, good management." In recent years the design has been valued, I want to combine the young people's creative, professional and aesthetic design industry, including the ecological and artistic elements through the design, into the urban landscape, street space and public facilities, highlighting the characteristics of the new north, a look on the impressive, came to want to come again. 」

He said you think, why do we like to go to Kyoto? Because Kyoto has a special atmosphere, other cities do not. The future is the era of urban competition, he also wants to design, to create the unique atmosphere of the new north. The mayor's attitude determines the face of the city. The characteristics of the new north, from their own city to grow out.

Su is talking about politics, but there are many concerns about the times and caring for people. Su's leadership style and implementation means, is an iron fist of the show, is imperative.

Su said to do leadership, the most important thing is "dare to use" and "willing to teach","I must very seriously teach, also let people play, will be strong under no weak soldiers." At first with my people, the pressure is absolutely great, but every once in a while will feel the growth and ease. "There is also a lazy way, he refused, during the election, he swept the street to worship tickets, ran out, more diligent than the young people, but also actively listen to the team feedback, willing to work hard, is indeed very old-fashioned, and indeed moving."

Know yourself, know the world, put yourself in the right place

Outside the people, see is dash Chong Electric Fireball Su, Su family three daughter, feel is not absent father. They took turns to share with me the story of dad.

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"When I was in high school, I had a 30-point math test and I was totally afraid to take out the papers." At that time, my father working in Pingdong, five o'clock in the morning, he sent a fax to me. That is a small note, my father wrote on it, daughter don't be sad, dad that year math only 17 points. Math is bad, life is not hopeless. "From now on, I've decided to be a mom who doesn't care about my child's test scores, because it actually strengthens the child's confidence, and the journey of life may be smoother," Su Qiaohui said. 」

Growth process, she felt great encouragement from letting go, space is very big, home is always a patron. Three sister Qiao Pure in career choice has twists and turns, university study Animal Department, find Zhi not here, around, Miss Design, run to the United States master. "My father often said so, no untwisting to sea, how can you see the sea Sky magnificent?" "The family supports her to pursue the dream, has the interest the matter, tries to do, tries to try the wrong, only then knows oneself wants is what."

Second sister Qiao Ning said Dad's concern very meticulous. "When I was studying in the United States, my father used line to call me, a chat is one hours." When I was writing a paper, he hardly ever called. He knew I was writing a paper, and I had to focus on it, and the less distractions the better. "She said, the orbital followed slightly red," then I was too much pressure, dial the phone call him, he told me, write not to be anxious, really can't write down on it, a lot of pressure is their own. 」

She said she was growing up and felt the full support of her family, "so I may not be able to help directly with the elections, but I can also go back to Taiwan to help with the children." 」

The family respects freedom, encourages action, and cares about personal conditions. Su said that the core of home should have been trust. "From small to large, they are trusted, so they are willing to understand and restrain themselves." A child who is trusted to grow up will know what trust is like. "When it comes to his daughter, he has a pride on his face, three of his daughters are excellent, and they all grow into their favorite state."

Su Qiaohui as a legislator, the foundation is to adapt to education, and her own growth experience has a great relationship, but also want to encourage everyone to the right direction, "We grow up, know ourselves, know the world, put ourselves in the right place." I also hope to encourage more people to find their own favorite, can achieve a position, which is a good development direction for the individual, the family, and the country. 」

Finally, please let me recommend my father

Interview for one hours, between conversation, I heard a lot of thanks.

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Su patted his daughter on the shoulder, "Qiao Ning teaches in the United States, but she put all the holidays, all concentrated in this period." She was fully aware of how hard the election would be. "He said seriously," in our house, not only one person climbed the mountain, others do not know the scenery along the road and hard. But everyone knows each person's road, choice, burden, hard, everybody together. "He looked at the daughters," I have such a family, I am very lucky, but also to thank my wife. 」

Finally, I said, what would you say if you could recommend your father to the people of new North?

Su Qiaoqun First said, dad with the team is a strong team, will do things, but also willing to do things, "my father when the county magistrate, I was a college student, I felt at that time, a head if the ability to drive new things development, the city will then become interesting, talent will follow a good development." The stage of 10 million people is not a slogan, for us, it is really a very real thing. 」

Suchanin said that the new north is a father full of feelings of the land, "when dad in Pingdong, was the first county magistrate, later because of the smear, was pulled down." He had resentment, and he was uncertain, and then he came to Taipei County and had a second chance. The opportunity came so hard, so difficult, he cherished, at that time he put all the dedication, unreserved to go out. 」

"I hope you can understand the thickness of this feeling and his constant beginner's mind," he said. This time, he will pay a more enthusiastic result. 」

Su Qiaohui said that he is a daughter, is also a new Bei of the public opinion, she is eager to "change" does occur, to speed up the efficiency of the municipal team, said Daniel. "I want my dad to have a chance, except because I'm a daughter, because I'm a new North citizen," he said. I hope that people with attitude and efficiency can lead us and rectify the municipal team. This is my expectation to the head, now on this mesa, I think Su has this attitude and execution ability most. 」

She went on to think of a jingle, "old experience, new ideas, the old magistrate, the new mayor, will do things su, please give him the opportunity." "Between the new and the old, he saw that Dad had been trying.

Daughter sincere canvassing, Su Xiaoerbuda, said oneself is beginner's mind unchanged. From 1979 to now, in fact, he thought really good simple, politics is life. He has ideas, he can help, he wants politics to be warm and transparent.

Interview PostScript

On the day of the interview, Su from morning till night, full of travel. In an interview, he is very attentive, always want to say a breath, will be willing to take advantage of the gap quickly drink water. He was 71 years old, and he had a keen eye when he was young. I think such eyes and can-do, in any case, can lead him to the land of yearning.