The fifth time between the D&i strategy! Many foreign companies, such as Netflix, Apple, Intel and others, are implementing diversity and inclusion (D&i). In Taiwan, this part of the discussion is still scarce. In the future every week, women fans will talk to you about the way to help businesses gain and grow

8/7 of the 2018 is the equal Pay day for black women [Note 1]. The income gap between black women has again become the focus of attention. According to statistics, black women earn 38% less than white males, 21% less than white women. Non-profit organization LeanIn with Adidas, P&g, Reebok, Lyft and other enterprises, launched the "Percent Counts" activities. They printed the word "#38PercentCount" on their shopping bags, prompting consumers to think about the impact of a 38% reduction in income when shopping 8/7. (Recommended reading: Icelandic women's low income male 14%, so they decided to work 14% early )

In public welfare activities, we often see the figure of some enterprises, such as the world's largest consumer goods companies-Bao Qiao (procter& Gamble Company, P&g), for a long time through the organization of sponsorship, brand advertising, social initiatives. In recent years, Bao Qiao's brand advertising, more women Women (empowerment) as the main axis, often launched, in the network to get a great echo.

Corporate territory across the globe, D&i imperative

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You may be impressed with the following ads.

"How to run like a girl?"

This is P&g's products-good at ease Always Health cotton advertisement "like a Girl". Since its launch in 2014, the number of visitors has reached 60 million, with many #Likeagirl labels appearing on Twitter and Facebook. Running like a girl, playing like a girl, jumping like a girl ... is "like a girl" an insult? Good free tampons Use this advertisement to encourage all girls not to be ashamed of their "sex". (Recommended reading: Breaking the social expectations of women's role!) "Girl" program: You just need to be yourself.

Sk-ii advertising "Change Destiny" to women defying social vision, even if not married, can also live very happy; good at ease whisper Health cotton advertisement, liberated because menstruation taboo, unable to walk out of the house woman. It is clear that women's training has become the core of P&G product marketing worldwide.

In fact, not only to promote women's culture in the community, from 2011, P&G is committed to promoting the workplace Pluralistic Communion (d&i), can be said to encourage the pioneer of supply chain diversification.

The reason for p&g to push D&i is not hard to understand. His corporate territory all over the world, the various ethnic groups, from the male and female daily necessities, babies to pets, such a diverse group and age, without considerable customer insight, it is difficult to accurately penetrate the brand into the national market, so the d&i of the implementation potential in the will.

P&g also wrote on the official website:

As a successful global enterprise, it can be attributed to our diverse and highly personalized staff. We are able to develop new customer insights, new business ideas, and perform globally in an excellent way, which is the best proof of our diverse strengths.

Our success as a global are a direct result of our diverse and talented work force. We ability to develop new consumer insights and ideas and to execute in a superior way across the world is the best possi BLE testimony to the "diversity any organization could ever.

It can be seen that P&g's ambition is not small. Let's see how he drives d&i in the enterprise and builds the corporate image through D&i.

P&g's internal policy

Starting in 2010, P&g appointed Linda Clement-holmes as a diversified executive (Chief diversity Officer), responsible for the implementation of D&i policy. and regularly with other companies, such as Walmart, AC Nielsen Market research company, the diverse health group, by the design, Merrill Lynch and so on, to share and learn from each other's experience.

In 2015, Linda Clement-holmes in an interview about how he promoted the D&i policy, and she thought it had to start with "knowing the staff." Many companies in the formulation of policies, only the board, the Executive class resolution, announced implementation. In fact, the right approach should be to listen to the views of the grass-roots staff, such as interviewing, questionnaires, understanding the status quo and then formulating decisions.

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When Linda Clement-holmes first took office, he spent a lot of time understanding the grassroots staff in various departments, and she found that everyone had good professional skills and knew more than they thought. Only executives who personally know their employees can master and assist in their personal strengths. And so, when executives think that they should recruit new recruits for a new project, they may ask themselves: "Why aren't the other employees competent?" Could it be that I haven't discovered the potential of my employees? "(Recommended reading: build a Startupbar venture in the ground.) Yang Cenyi: "A true leader is a rookie who can help the next generation to have potential!" ")

At the same time, P&G plans a personnel resource system to assist each employee in the career planning and give them the opportunity to receive manager training. For women with potential, they promote accelerated planning and develop the skills required by senior managers. The ultimate aim is to achieve a balance in the sex ratio of senior executives. In P&g, the various groups also set up a networking network of groups, such as LGBTQ, women, Afro-Americans, Asians, people with disabilities, to provide emotional and resource support.

Foreign recruitment part, P&g take the initiative, active participation every year, to different ethnic groups for the Employment Expo, there are female engineers, but also Latino, Afro-descendant, Asian and so on.

Take female as Guest group, strive to build enterprise image

Different from the science and technology industry, will d&i policy focus on internal training, P&g can be said to spend a lot of thought, operating corporate image. This may be because the daily consumer industry's counterpart, more directly than the science and technology industry, "women" can be said to be P&g's largest customer base. List its brands, such as Helen cents Silk, Sassoon, Pantene, good at ease ... and women's buying decisions are too important for them.

This also explains why P&g made such a big commitment: in 2016, P&g assured the public that it would bring a balance between men and women at all levels of the company.

In this year's Cannes International Creative Festival, P&g announced that it will work to promote the rights of female directors, he signed the "Free theBid" contract [Note 2], promised that each advertisement has at least one female director to ensure that in advertising, women can have a certain right to speak. It is expected that by 2023, half of P&g's brand advertising will be produced by female directors.

At the same time, P&G with many non-profit organizations, in addition to the ability to promote d&i, but also to create a good corporate image, such as "The Human Rights Campaign Business" One of the members, Committed to promoting the interests of all groups of the workplace, including women, LGBTQ, Afro-descendant, Latino groups and so on.

Have to say, p&g in the brand image has a lot of effort, indeed it is worth the business owner to do reference. Create a pluralistic and inclusive workplace environment, not to forget, from products, services to shape the image of enterprises in the hearts of consumers, is also very important.