Single diary, write tempting's single mind. Love those years, is true, love is you also happen to be here, we swam together for a period.

At first, he could not admit that the concept of lovelorn.

Or, he could not find the precise language to describe his feelings. Is it anger or pain? Is it lost or is it numb? The first time he found himself in such a mood, very complex, very confusing, he did not practice, he will not, however, he cannot but.

These days he has a feeling, as if suddenly thrown in the sea, four weeks do not see driftwood, but they are terrestrial animals, feet not to the ground, he did not know how to cry for help, is not the only way to sink down? Emotion is the sea, will drown him, he barely breathing, every breath is good pain.

He was desperate, telling himself not to, very hard, want to swim forward, Badgered said, I must be better. On the way forward, he felt lonely, this road no companion, accompanied him is alcohol, as well as the memory of the whole room. He is like a child angry, why do you treat me like this, I pay so much, how do you say go to go?

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He kept returning to the scene, he wanted to ask why, want to ask cause and effect, want to ask later, anger behind is afraid, he actually want to say, you can not leave me. Memory is also the sea, scraping his body, mercilessly, every thought of once, he will sting. (Recommended reading: men's lovelorn front | Sea Moss bear: the most boring is not lovelorn, but love is not said to export )

Through the sea of emotions and memories, after anger and pain, what he feels is numbness, as if nothing matters anymore. Where to go or not important, he wears his body every day to go to work, according to the table of course, cut off to do things, general communication, general commuting, general life, feel their soul slowly empty out. His body was getting heavier and lower, all the way down. He didn't have much of a deal until he hit the ground.

Good magic. He thought, really, the most miserable is this, this is my Bottom line, sadness of the feeling, the original is like this.

The worst thing is, you left me, I'm back in my life. So what, I have lived with myself for more than 20 years in short. He hit the ground, where there was his most protective piece, his sadness, his fear, his powerlessness. Thinking about it, he decided he could have a good cry for himself.

He thought, can, slowly, do not worry, he slowly find the way to coexist with emotion, let the mood pass, do not hurt him, and do not harm others. He pulled himself out of the thorn, floating up, he looked up, the sea is calm, like no waves.

He also worked hard for a long time. It's true. You can give yourself a pep talk.

He did not know how long he swam, may finally, the sea let him feel safe, perhaps it has been a long time, he became part of the sea, the sea is part of him. He is the sea.

Like the person he loved, they said good-bye, but the years of love, is true. Love is they happen to be here, that will accompany each other to swim over a period of lovelorn send them back to their respective sea, is a pity, it is not a pity, in short, thank once someone, unreservedly loved him, he had no reservation to love back.

That's good.