A poem a kind of lovelorn. lovelorn reading poetry, from the context of indefinitely, I can read out belong to my state of mind, find their own figure. With poetry and healing.

Monday poem A kind of lovelorn, in the IG community , collected a lot of people's lovelorn story. Talk about lovelorn, there are some circumstances, perhaps the score hand lovelorn, more regrettable. When two people, obviously with each other, but because of the irresistible factors, not together, or can only love each other, can not make the relationship have further possibilities ... These situations, although not together, but also like the experience of a lovelorn. (same field Gayon: a poem a lovelorn | The whale to the sea and the man lovelorn: After leaving you, melancholy cannot heal )

S and E share stories that are facing this situation. Listen to their love story, from their story, I saw not shed, also saw the firm.

The story of the brokenhearted of S

I knew from the beginning that the summer time was limited.

In the sun-hot season, we spend all our time together, spending every moment with each other, struggling to get close to each other, only to indulge in a fleeting pleasure.
Instead of getting bored, I panicked to find out that you were the one who was afraid of the dependence and security that you were forming.

But we all know that we can't. You said: "If we met earlier, maybe everything would be different. I never pursue eternity, but that moment, I wish I had time to stop.
And time is so cruel, we finally can not give up each other's future blueprint, and embark on a different road, in the vague night to say goodbye to you, watching you embark on a different path.

Summer is over, because you are not here.

"Not even together, what a lovelorn" friend heard, only to me this sentence.
We did not really start what or end what, just in the journey of life, briefly accompanied each other for a moment, that moment is like everything, I have been silently longing for everything.

Now, all the dust settles, perhaps we will eventually become strangers.
Wrong place, wrong time but I know you ' re the right one.

#我朋友打气的方式都很奇怪 #期待秋天快来临

E's Story of lovelorn

We're not together.
Don't be afraid to break up
I love you.
That's all.

These two stories, one in detail, wrote in the hot summer, a period such as fireworks short, but gorgeous love, one is very simple and concise, show the relationship did not occur, do not fear to break up, but I love you three words, but strongly leaked out of the heart of that party's voice.

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I think, more or less, we've all experienced the same thing: falling in love with each other, but having no reason to be together, carrying a torch for a man, not getting a response, but still willing to love him as much as he can.

At this time, sad and sad will certainly have, may also appear deeply powerless feeling. Thinking about why we can't break the deadlock, why not change the situation. If I knew what he was thinking, to become a man of his dreams can make the relationship different chemical changes, whether I stick to it, can impress his heart, to get his eyes, or, not to care about the obstacles of reality, believe that the combination of two people can resist all kinds of external difficulties. (Recommended reading:"for Your Song" to the Heart of unrequited love, to free up a little effort to enjoy yourself )

These uncertainties and assumptions show that the relationship does not produce the answer you want, but it still affects you deeply. Even if you want to change yourself, do not care about the reality of factors, just to be able to let the other party understand your determination. Perhaps your struggle, really can get the other side of the look, but at this time you, but also black and blue.

Be willing to pay this way, should be the other side has a deep attraction to you the characteristics. You have also felt his gentleness, so that he can not extricate themselves.

After reading these two stories, I thought of Xu Peifen's winter. Remember, two years ago, when I read this poem, I thought of him who had been lingering in my heart. Thought has been pacified the mood, but again aroused ripples. Think of the hands that can't be held all the time, think of the past and his little drops. Although all passed, but recalled the past mood, not only regret, but also has a trace of the gentleness in the heart.

Xu Peifen Winter

Remember a man who can't be loved.
Well, remember his hand.
Once cold
The Little flame I gave you
enough to survive.
One winter

Poetry short, but accurate to write, for a relationship without results, can not forget that side, will produce a state of mind. Love is not, but let you love that person, once held their hands. That feeling, will be in the heart has been repeatedly chewed, to support themselves, through every miss time.

Dare not ask, there is no opportunity to complete the interruption of the story of two people, only to themselves, can always remember the palm and palm hand grip. Small warmth, will be in the heart, whether it is only a summer, whether you love me or not, no one can take away.

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This poem, once I want to keep in mind. It points out the sadness of my intangible, but also let me remember the beauty behind the sadness. I thought: Now that I can't keep him, I can make up for the vacancy in my heart by owning this poem.

But because of your story, I recall the story of not being together and being lovelorn. Although it is covered with a layer of regret in the past, there is still a support for my forward momentum. Hope this poem, also can accompany you, through the need to heal the day. (Extended reading: believe in your healing ability: cry!) But remember not to be too long )

Perhaps one day, the flames can no longer provide warmth, I think, is that you will be able to extinguish it, and then ignite the new flames. Hey, I hope we can all have a good day to meet the arrival.

"Lovelorn Front/a poem a lovelorn"

Lovelorn front, this month, to pick up the stick to say their feelings of disappointment.

Chiang Hsun said: "The human world must have grievances and sadness, but through verses, grievances and sadness can be converted." 」。

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