We would like to ask, when can a good woman be reported to be fair and balanced, from sexual harassment statements that are subject to the direction of the headline? How good and strong are you to be free from fear?

Yesterday, a male female admitted to Taiwan's major medical news to get a heated discussion, the news title for "with male Middle school pa fall in love with male girls from 400 to top", interview male female students admitted to Taiwan University of Medicine.

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Female students mentioned that their first school grades pop, in the rise of the summer of two, realize that they must be responsible for the future, began to work hard to read, the results finally came to the level, at the same time, she also generous said that love does not affect schoolwork, the boyfriend has been her preparation for comrades, two of people during this period of support.

However, the title of this article, but directly to the "male and female students in Love" and "Girl student Progress" to do the only link, alluding to her as the top of a boyfriend. With regard to the efforts of the female students themselves, Nevin is rarely portrayed.

This news, in just under 24 hours, accumulates over 700,000 of the point reading traffic. Many netizens in the relevant news message said, "Worried that the boyfriend was broken up", bet next year if the two people or together, on the chicken row of precious milk to entertain other netizens. PTT also has many villagers with bad sexual harassment speech, attacking female students, or laughing at the woman's boyfriend is about to cuckold.

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Under the hounded of public opinion, male students have to release their statements today, beginning with an apology, saying that they are not thinking about the interview, "not taking into account what the information will do to their boyfriends and their families, and involve them in my story without authorization". She mentioned that the interview to explain the reasons for progress, mentioned with her boyfriend reading, and her boyfriend happy to her home to express congratulations, did not expect this matter was violently cross-examine, development as a report spindle.

Through this whole incident, we have observed three gender phenomena that are in urgent need of positive discussion and think about how we can get a new understanding of the incident.

Who needs to apologize to the public?

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The female student said in a statement that the result of such a public opinion, she must also be responsible for her speech. To see this is unbearable, but also to create a sense of familiarity: the apology, why is always harassed people?

Women who are harassed are always expected to review their own speech or dress first, and women who are sexually assaulted must constantly recall where they are wrong. Why is it that people who are always harassed and abused need to be reviewed and asked to take an apology posture for social understanding. Is the object of the apology not a person who is verbally harassed and violent?

In addition, students without public relations or media training, how to accurately predict how information will be interpreted, public opinion will be full of smile and malice? Netizens to female students and their relatives and friends of verbal violence, should not be attributed to the "female students revealed too much." After all, the media and respondents, between the two, there is already information and power is not equal to the problem.

A man with a pen has power. Although the interviewer may be well-intentioned, the female students also mentioned that journalists are willing to adjust the content, but the report to the possible direction of public opinion, but also the media is difficult to avoid, the respondents responsibility. Respondents are always individuals, the media is a collective, can always be further clarified, but also can weigh the consideration, should be in the article to fill more equitable facts.

How sex Discrimination works: belittling women and laughing at men who are equal to women

However, no matter how well-intentioned the media, from the news headlines, content, to respond to netizens, can see sexist speech patterns:

  • "In love with the male middle school male girls from 400 to top-female achievement, always suspected not on their own

Implicit sexism in speech, learning to insinuate that women's success is certainly not on their own, or rely on the background of their appearance, is relying on male help. If she is beautiful, it must be on the attractiveness of the charm for nothing, if she has a strong boyfriend, the achievement must depend on the man to give.

However, reading this matter, never a person to eat two people, both men and women are different individuals, the girls learned the exam, the man does not automatically correct; The results of the exam, the woman lucky, the man unfortunately not as expected, does not prove that the partner can peer together, but in the face of the exam, still must be their own efforts?

On the other hand, people are accustomed to the "one Man Hero Story", however, a person's achievements do require support and assistance, and when respondents are honest about their partners, women are often not covered by same-sex relatives and friends, and on the contrary, the assistance that men give to women tends to be exaggerated. Female students generous mention, a person experienced all this is difficult, thank the boyfriend to go together, the media is automatically magnified into "and Couba Love 400 to the top", which makes the human feeling so worthy?

  • Masculine culture oppression, and "prediction of the boyfriend was broken up" slut humiliation

In addition, many netizens under the news sour words said, the woman entered the male and female medical school, must be fierce pursuit, the boyfriend can only wait to "be parted" or "cuckold" the outcome.

This kind of speech, on the one hand, the female student's subjectivity as nothing--she can only be the object of the success of the students ' hunting; On the other hand, the female students exert chastity lasso, if she is a good woman, the two sides will not break up after a year, it is worth the chicken row, but if for a variety of reasons and the man separated, then should be the right to be humiliated at the moment.

This kind of slut humiliation, humiliated not only the female, also includes her relatives and friends, the man under pressure.

Masculine culture, men are not allowed to lose women, male and female relations, can only be strong against the weak "Couba and 400". Moreover, in the pursuit of a manly culture, the humiliation of sexual harassment of a female companion indirectly makes men feel powerless to protect each other's suffering, and is often a way for masculine culture to inflict violence on men.

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The weary top altar

We have also seen in this whole incident that the pursuit of a linear and successful system of schooling is also a tiring and repetitive form of violence. The female students wrote in the statement, "before the release, most of the candidates are so hesitant to grasp the outcome, no one is using the" already on the list, "Unfortunately failed to go to take the test. "Especially this thrilling score, let me deeply understand that the test results are not inevitable, the same exam again, I do not know how the results will be." I'm not on this list today, so how can I stand and talk about my "secret of Success"? 」

A statement that all students face the pressure of "a trial and death", the list is hard and happy, but also know that there is luck.

Social hands to create the top altar, as if the story of the test winners is worth telling, linear single successful narrative, shaping the exclusion of violence, such violence will be replicated-it copied in the failure to meet the criteria of a single success between the masses, copied in the shameful jealousy.

"The top of the list is Superman," she said, thanking her for showing her weakness, and she said she was lucky. Read a statement again, I do not understand, a girl ready to enter her heart of the ideal department to study, the road to practice medicine, how the society has the heart to her, and accompany her relatives and friends, exert so much pressure?

We look forward to the media and society can create a common environment, so that excellent female visitors do not have to be alarmed, afraid of speech is distorted, afraid of being put down, fear of sexual harassment by netizens of the speech of violence. The media and society are expected to be as generous as the male student's boyfriend, willing to celebrate women's excellence and efforts.