At the beginning of the August women fans in the community to raise #我与我爸, inviting you to share their father and the most impressive thing, there is a person with gratitude for his father's concern, someone grew up looking back to see his father and his childhood together click, Dad has so many appearance, in your heart is what shape?

Looking at his growing pale hair, what did I give Dad?

March one evening, I was in the living room to see a wide "wife and family Miyamoto", because the boyfriend calls the sake of the first press pause button. Later, my father came to sit on the sofa, and when I finished the phone, the TV was faulty, the film just stopped in the heroine and the actor said "I am pregnant" picture.

I thought to myself, "My dad doesn't think I'm implying anything!" "And then said that the TV so the fault is too fragile. A few days later on the way home to Watson bought a pregnancy test, the toilet at home caught a shallow second line, it turns out I was really pregnant. In retrospect, it was a wonderful coincidence.

Father's Day was celebrated early yesterday, and the whole family dined together. When the crispy chicken is on the table, ask Dad to taste it first. As a result, Dad had a chicken leg and said to me, "You have a little babe in your belly, you need to eat more." "Dad always leaves the best for me. (Recommended reading:"If you want to" pick a sweet Father's Day gift, look back to see you I want to go home )

Looking at his growing pale hair, what did I give Dad?

No matter how much is not enough. All I can do is just a day of caring words, a thoughtful gesture. His tall body for me to cover the number of life of the wind and rain, consistently stay here hoping I fly and hope I return.

(by If Ying)

You are behind me on the way to know the world

Recently learning to drive, my father sat behind me to hold my shoulder, like back when learning to ride a bicycle, father word exhort me to help the back seat.

Every time you run, explore, start, know the world on the road, there are you behind me.

(by Menglen)

I have a father who is more heroic than a hero in the movie.

My father and I impressed the most profound thing is: when I was 24 years old, when I lay in the youth of the dialysis machine, he shook my hand and said: "Only one daughter, Dad old, you still have a long time and life can be heart to feel." 」

This is not a story that happens to everyone, but I have a father who is more heroic than the hero in the movie.

Because at the age of 24, when others are young, friends embark on the journey of youth, but I am in life and death between the tug of war; and the only man I love in my life, he not only gave me a chance to live, but also gave me a second life. To me it is the happiness and happiness that can never be replaced. Then we went into the surgery room together, sharing each other's organs, each other's lives.

Thank you are my father, I really really love you.

(by @flying0708)

When this time, I still want to miss you.

Suddenly one day, Dad moved out, because I was young, always like to go out, also because I do not understand the father did some things, so slowly also less with dad to meet!

The last goodbye to Dad, is not that fat laugh happy he, because of illness, become good thin and thin, yes! Everything is happening so suddenly, no consciousness occurred, the next day, is with mother and brother began to take turns to the hospital to look after dad!

Finally remember that the day I went to take care of dad, he had been in a vegetative state, so I looked at him quietly as usual, holding his father's hand said a lot of words, suddenly the electrocardiogram next to become a straight line, beep beep in my ear, I watched the nurses, doctors rushed in, check dad, The doctor just shook his head at me, then told me to inform my family, when my mother and brother arrived, I silently watched the doctor announced the end of the time, watching the doctor put the white cloth cover.

Farewell day, a lot of friends and family to send him the last ride, when all the ceremonies have been carried out, the funeral parlour staff told us to start the cremation, to everyone to see the last side of the father, and when the mother and all the friends and relatives cry, I was quietly watching, not too much emotion ...

Until the end of the time, when I came back home, I looked at the time when my father was ill, I wrote to his big card, I cried for a long time, I recall when he saw the card in the hospital bed, he smiled good happy happy ...

Just realized that he ... really left, never far away from the ... no longer can also not accompany me to watch TV, chat, will never buy a lot of food back to eat with us, will never take a family to travel, no longer with a big thick hand I preach with me, never call my sister, never again ...

13 years, whenever this time, I still good to think of you, there are many many want to say to you, want to ask you you have a good?

Happy Father's Day ⋯⋯9508251552

(by @alva. 0127)

Will never forget dad did not say that the pain of the export

(by @yiwenwenwen)

All right, we all have time to speak our minds.

I'm Millie.

When I was young, my father always hurt us, but when I came home from school, because I am not in a bad mood, just also met my father home in a bad mood, he would go mad like hit me, grandmother and brother forcibly stopped dad let me take the gap slipped out of the house, I even shoes did not wear on the far away, leaving me with bruises, At that time, I really feel that I almost will be beaten to death.

This thing has been going on for so long, no one mentioned, until the summer of the third year, the father had lung cancer, it is found too late, as long as a false, we three children every day to the ward care, accompany dad, my sister and I will take their own stew of fish soup for Dad to drink.

Suddenly one night, my father suddenly said to me: "When my father hit you that thing really very sorry, is my bad, please forgive me, Dad love You", the original father and I, put this matter in mind 10几 years, but no one said exports. Tears in my eyes Pentium, "Dad is fine, thank you to apologize to me, I also love you ⋯⋯", and then a few days later my father left the world. " (See: for 17-Year-old children: Thank you for choosing me as a Father )

Fortunately, we all have time to tell the truth, this year I just 30 years old, really miss him.

Happy Father's Day to all of you.

(by Millie)

He's expecting me to live my life.

When the elders love to ask me when I want to get married, he is the only one who told me not necessarily to marry.

Just that, I know what he expects is that I can live my life. Thank you for respecting my life and respecting me having my own time zone.

Happy Father's Day.

(by Merci)

No one can love you like Mom and dad 100 points

There is a lovelorn, as long as the memories of the place will cry, that night really too sad to call home, mother urgent comfort, but still can not appease me, I am very unfilial to mom said: "You call Dad to listen to the phone"

Dad picks up the phone and tells me: "Now, every word I say, not because I was your father to tell you this, but as a man to tell you," man said Love you are not necessarily really love you, most of them have a purpose, no one can like parents love you 100 points ""

Hear this passage, immediately stop crying, the next day lovelorn mood completely lost, I love my dad!

He is the best father in the world, although we have the same temper, and sometimes quarrel (now less frequency.

But there is a father must have its daughter, now each other also understand each other respect and communication, our feelings more good, I hope he is healthy, safe and happy life.

This is the biggest wish of my life.

(by @peppers3772)

This is my father's way of trying to be nice to me. Very roundabout, cautious, and finally.

When I grow up, I don't have a photo with my dad. But I always remember a picture, my father is still very small I carry on the shoulder, I am very small, look out of the world is very vast, I think, wow this is the world dad saw.

A little bit bigger, probably the country small, I often noisy my father to take me to eat the control meat rice and the pig blood soup, we have the tacit understanding to be delicious. The heavy-tasting father-daughter file. Later on, I often think of my dad when I eat the meat, and I want to get up seven or eight o'clock, sit in a snack stall in Taichung, and bury myself in my breakfast.

Later, my father went to work in the field, when the stage was very hot, but three or four times a year back in Taiwan. At that time I went to school, mind all in the study, until the entrance to the university, just remembered, I have been a long time did not seriously look at my dad.

I go to Taipei to study, my father occasionally back to Taiwan, run to the north for me to eat. Every time I saw him, he found that he was old, and felt the time was cruel, and when he grew up, he could see a lot of hard work in the world. As a daughter, I don't even know how to speak to understand his difficulties. (Recommended reading: write before Father's Day happy: How I wish you were really, a happy Father )

He probably also felt that the daughter of the moment is big, is no longer noisy age. I often tell my father that I need money. I said, I'm fine.

Once we go to eat teppanyaki, I particularly like dessert fear souffle collapses, shouting good delicious. My father did not say anything, but secretly confessed to cook four to me, like that to stay to eat.

Fear souffle collapses calm down clearly also not eat, I was in the dormitory while eating aside tears, know this is my father want to me a good way. Very roundabout, cautious, and finally.

I went to an interview a few days ago and said that when I was studying in America, I would talk to dad for one hours. The respondents said the eye socket was red. I told my mother this story, she said you envy, I think, feel not envy, but it is a pity, may belong to us that period of time existed, but also has passed.

(by Audrey)

He let me know I'm not alone.

To be honest, I am not a very carefree child, with some degree of stubbornness, turtle hair, contradictions, love cranky obsessive compulsive disease, plus a little princess nature of the people, so really thank Abba has always been to me all kinds of tolerance and love.

From the middle of the country, every morning I have a father's love breakfast, he said because he read an article, do not want to miss our growth period, every day there are different dishes, fried rice, fried oolong noodles, salted porridge, onion grab cake ... I remember one time dad cooked noodle soup, afraid of the broth will flow out, I also use the kind of bento box to lift the pot, The teacher saw also leng a bit, senior luxurious breakfast, sometimes with too much will share with the classmate, straight Kua your dad good, immediately help my father find second sideline ha ha.

Until the entrance to the university, away from home, out of everything all have to come to their own, this really understand Dad's intentions. Every time outside what happened, back home will not wait to share with dad, Jabber, there are important decision-making events is to find him, dad just listen, give some advice and help, as the most strong backing, when I want to go home on the phone, he will say it back, let me know I am not alone.

Institute just pelting, mood has been very depressed, he took leave to take me to Nantou Ginkgo forest distraction, I know that period of time let parents worry, listen to dad said he has come several times, in the mind, "Gee, I never heard him say, "in the afternoon, where Daddy works, colleagues happy to help him birthday, there is an aunt asked where you go, I replied to the Ginkgo Biloba Forest, Aunt said this time finally you accompany him to go, or before they are a person, heard here immediately feel how long I did not take care of dad.

Talk to him about him, every time he listens to us and says his own business, rarely talk to him about his current situation, he said that a few years before the work is very happy, but in recent years, a good friend is not retirement is to leave, although there are still a few better, but the other group is a ...

Now think about, we actually rarely listen to parents of the voice, let me think of a word three not five o'clock love to be timely, I really very lucky to be a father's daughter, no matter what we have made decisions, he will silently support, encounter difficulties, and always immediately to rescue.

Dear Dad, my hero, in this annual significance of the day, I wish you Happy Father's Day, I know that I may let you do a lot of heart, but really thank you for your understanding and care, I will refuel next, learn to be strong!!! Wish you good health, happy every day, always love you

(by @yusyuan1994)