At the beginning of the August, women were fascinated by the community to initiate #我与我爸 story collection, inviting you to share the most impressive things with your father, and review these moving stories together.

Dad, let me shelter you from the rain, give you full of happiness

(Today's mixed ink is Dad's favorite red tie with my favorite Blue line)

Always feel that time is very fast, after college time more like high-speed rail sprint, a little inattentive, even the tail is not seen.

My father was very strict with me since childhood, but after high school, he became my best friend, also is very understand me person.

High School also read the natural group of him, for my schoolwork pressure, very can feel with deeply, also often with me to share his student years of things, let me in the face of difficulties, not so afraid.

The university also faces to retake him, to my mood, pressure and so on, always warm to me hug. In those countless sick days, he rode me to the doctor, and in those sad times he drove me to see the sea. Heavy Kaoxue test again, not accustomed to the mobile phone typing, he sent a long message to me: "Although I support your decision, but see you now this situation, I do not know should encourage you to insist, or advised you to give up." "Remember that day was Thursday, I hid in the corner, looking at the phone, constantly shed tears."

In that long year, he picked me up every day after school, every day to listen to my thoughts, every day to try to encourage me, affirmation of me.

Later, I was admitted to the original desire of the Department of Learning, he drove the car, said to me: "I am proud of you, you are my pride, but even if you took a different road today, I am still proud of you, because you are my daughter." 」

After college, often talk to him about interpersonal, schoolwork, health things, his reply is always short, but always pointed to the core of the problem, or through a short sentence, give me boundless warmth.

Occasionally, when the body is out of the picture, the next day the package will appear in the management room, the vitamin that Dad sent.

Two weeks did not go home, will learn from his sister, my father in the broken up reading sister do not know what to do, how so long did not go home, ask him back home, he will be very naughty to say, "who said, sister in a disorderly talk."

From small to large, my father is magic to me, regardless of repair things, schoolwork problems, cooking, art, calligraphy, pens, health concerns, and so on, there is nothing he won't do; he is a very thoughtful person, although the message is always a short sentence, but always speak of the heart, conveying a full of warmth, care and love, many conditions , he will also help to deal with him, I feel very relieved and happy. (Extended reading: The foundation of parenting is love!) Three milk father confession: The father is irreplaceable, I want to fight for it

Always for the sake of others, pay for him, in fact, is very worrying. Sometimes worried that he was too tired, sometimes worried that he was sad, but chose to be bored in his heart, sometimes worried that he was too busy, neglected the importance of health, and sometimes worry that he is too considerate, forget his feelings.

He has always been my strongest shoulder, the warmest haven, and he has been there ever since. Favorite father, hard you, the future, let me become your strongest shoulder, let me shelter for you, give you full of happiness.

Happy Father's Day.

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We both know he loves this family.

I think I will love literature, the main reason is from father. When I was a kid, I used to read my father's books, and at that time, there was more book than toys, and there was a whole bookcase full of Jin Yong's wuxia novels and J‧k Rowling's Harry Potter, who would not be literate, and her aunt sent several boxes of pictures and texts, I can introduce myself to you from a family of scholars.

The time of the country, listen to father said he didn't see Jin Yong before, until college, friends have always recommended the "Deer Ding kee," simply read after the beginning of ecstasy, that a small people incredibly can experience a great deal of danger can still survive very great, so enter Jin Yong's pit, so I also from the bookcase to take the "Deer Ding kee", I closed the page less than 10 pages, when I felt the background was too much to look boring.

Then I had my own room, my mother bought a bookcase for me, the country to graduate when I took to buy books, still remember the blog to send a full two boxes of books, Father helped me from the super merchants moved home, the book is full, a sense of achievement.

Father is not too much to buy books, a holiday to the library to borrow a bag of books, my brother and I also have a kind of learning, all day to the library run, and even to friends of the school visit, must ask to visit the library, a bit of an obsession.

I am very grateful to my father, let me cultivate the habit of reading from a young age, I always very proud of one thing: I am short-sighted, not watching TV, but because the light is not enough to read. Father also myopia, seems to deepen, go home always see he will glasses down, face almost quickly affixed to the book.

When I woke up this morning, I called and said, "Happy Father's Day, he simply said thank you, Father will not be able to show their feelings, but in fact we all know he loves this family, also silently paid a lot, although he is gentle, I am very afraid of him, but also from his example, to obtain the supremacy of the treasures.

(by @ting_tashuo)

"Be a ready-to-help person." "Dad left it to me.

"Be a ready-to-help person." "Dad left it to me.

Many people are the same as me, thinking of their father at this time, but I believe that at the same time, because these losses so that they cross some of the stubborn, to achieve an open mind.

Dad saw it all.

(by @wade119)

You do not know me, live happiness is the most important!

This is a letter, I thank my father very much.

From the physical to the psychological, from my birth and my rebirth.

Since I have memories, Dad played the role of most of the time is silent, only when the mother is angry to extricate himself, he will come out to stop or very angry lessons.

For example, even as a key child, but can still lose the key, the bag can change the prize in the Cram school points, in front of all be torn into the trash. Perhaps they have not remembered, but I actually remember many things, sad a lot, happy also a lot of.

Recall the family event, there is a time point in the brain I use black crayon layer Circle: State three, I myopia. You may think that your country is three myopia? I have myopia in primary school, what's the big deal!

The seriousness of this matter, probably can be listed as the most profound impression of growth, my mother is big myopia (laugh), but he very much hope that his children do not myopia, he always said that very troublesome, as children we do not understand, when I received poor eyesight notice when the hands are shaking, I originally wanted to take the list silently to my father to sign, But somehow my mother knew. (Recommended reading: listening to readers say | Dad story: Dad told me you don't have to get married )

As I expected, I saw my mother's head appeared mushroom cloud, the next second my schoolbag was thrown out, inside the book scattered out, but also let side of the innocent fan fell, very angry scold me, and even poked my forehead, said: "Then why do you not primary school on myopia?" Then my mother began to cry, and then ran into the room, and left me and my father in the living room, of course, I also sat crying up, in fact, I can not think of what is the mood at that time, may be angry mixed grievance, one want to say early know not to play Maple Valley.

Then my father, he is a family, very not good at expressing himself, want him to say touching words will probably want his life, he stood in silence. After 10 minutes, I got up and turned around the door, went out, I want to escape from that sentiment, so I went to the atrium downstairs, sitting in a small ladder where, watching the rain keep falling. Once again, my father stood beside, a bit difficult to ignore the obvious existence, we have been silent for a long time, the rain slowly become small, he also took the notice of the vision, said to me: still have to take you to go with pair of glasses, go bar ...

So we went with glasses, with red and red two eyes, I matched the first pair of glasses of life, the clerk told us a few days later can go to pick up the goods, I did not listen.

Then, when he got on the bus, dad didn't start the car immediately, he said, "I don't know why your mother is so angry."

I just nodded my head and said, "Well, I don't know ...

Growing up, I think he did his best, regardless of marriage or family, he is not good at expressing such feelings of people. Then he pointed to the window and said, "Look, it's a rainbow!"

I looked up to find that there really is a rainbow, complete reflection on the entire window, although I am still silent, but the mood is like being washed by the wiper, always feel brighter.

In my childhood, I remember a lot of unimportant things, I actually have forgotten that the rainbow exactly what it looks like, but I remember he has been standing beside me, silent accompany that heavy rain afternoon. (same field Gayon: a lesson to reconcile with the father: "I don't love you, I just don't know how to express")

My father for me, is a not often speak, but if the speech will be very important things, such as I am Big Three o'clock, on the day of the three-year full of courage, on the way home with him frankly to question.

Me: There's something I want to say to you ...
Dad: What's up? What kind of, emotional, academic, working?
Me: It's kind of emotional. Dad: Oh? You say (in fact, I guess he doesn't know how to answer)
I: is ~ I think ~ i like ~ from before to now ~ have not met ~ like the boys hey ... (into the elevator)
Dad: Oh, are you gay?
Me: Well ... I think it is at this time I have started to burst: I would like to tell you, but I was afraid (sobbing)
Dad: What to cry (push me with the shoulder), you do not know me, live happiness is the most important! Then I couldn't stop crying and we stopped at the door for a while.
Dad: But don't tell your mom that he's going to explode.
Me: I Know (laughter)
Dad: Well, I'm going to open the door.
Me: Good ~

The reason for this is that women are obsessed with activities, also as a letter to him, although we are not good at expressing, his recent behavior is very worrying, but these things will always be in my heart, I think the words for me is a way to convey that I still attach great importance to him.

Ps. This article does not want to denigrate mother's meaning, my mother loves me very much, he only sometimes loves the way to have a little error, everybody is assured.

(by @peggy60929)

You helped me find help when I was most vulnerable.

Genius Dad, humorous dad, from small to big we like friends, he is willing to learn the knowledge of the daughters to follow together to see the film, see the public view, together to study 3C products, climbing text to find comments to buy things.

You are the daughter of the best designer, like the girls Meimei fashion appearance, we are the same career, always in the work together discussion, knowledge exchange.

You in my most vulnerable time to help me find a helper, that day to send me to the high-speed rail to look at me to go back to the unpleasant home, secretly turned to wipe tears, that scene forever in mind.

For my anxious for help find social workers, to find a physician, nearly two years ...

Thank you dad for willing to accept the injured daughter again, and concerned about encouraging me to find myself.

(by @farmacia8609)

Come home, mom and dad always want to take us to eat some good things, but I just want to eat your fried soil 魠 fish

I remember when I was a child, because my mother worked, my family dinner was almost dad's.

Every day from the school bus to go home after the road is my most exciting time, guess what is good material today? But in fact no matter what the dishes, all are delicious.

Know that I love to eat sun Zi almost crazy, sun Zi ribs soup is always ready on the stove.

Sometimes home mom and dad always want to take us to eat some good things, but I just want to eat your fried soil 魠 fish.

Happy Dad's Day, Yo!

(by @neineipig_tw)

This is my father's tenderness.

About me and my dad.

is probably a typical oriental father and daughter of the model, love the deep responsibility of a feeling, think of the Big Daddy seems to have not played us (if there are about 3 times or less).

Scold is also very rarely the most is broken read, but in fact all know is for our good, of course, disgusting words are never said by himself.

I remember when I first went to college, I wanted a pen of electricity, may be longing for college students with a pen electricity everywhere look for a report, so openings to parents mentioned this matter, but as the father of the head of the family did not immediately agreed, he thought that the home desktop computer can let me take to school use, and later found that communication is invalid, I also give up to do more struggle, but in the heart silently hope that they want to earn money to buy a pen electricity.

About a week, maybe just a few days, when I got home, my mother told me to go to his room and see my dad smoking a cigarette on the balcony before I came into the house. After entering the room, my mother sat down by the bedside and motioned me to sit next to him, and she took out a pen electric said that my father wanted to give me, is a not very expensive but also not cheap pen electricity, after dad did not mention , this is probably his way of expressing love to me, and now that pen electricity I still cherish to the present.

After college, every month's money is often overdrawn, lack of money concept I occasionally call Dad at the end of the month, asking him if he can advance the next month's living expenses first remitted to me. I remember this coming and going back four years. Dad never yelled at me. I say why do not know how to spend money, I just don't get tired of telling me how to use Money, tell me how to make a good money in the future, and so on, every time I read it, I will pay the living expenses I need.

I remember one time, I was asking for help from my dad again. According to the convention he also said to me a long speech, in fact, I know, this is his expression of love contains a lot of worry, the last I said, "It doesn't matter, anyway there are some money, I also how to learn, there is really no way to get with dad." "Dad said yes."

After a few days, Dad sent a message to me, the content is "remitted O-month living expenses", back to thank you, then went to the post office to get some money, see the balance found dad more than a few money, is a small, but I spent the next month to spend the cost, then know, would rather first give me this money, also do not want me hungry belly.

This year, before Father's Day, we were in the state, and on the freeway, we just saw the sunset, for the record I immediately pick up the phone, even if it is raining outside, may not be made clear, but when I pick up the phone, I saw the driver's window slowly lowered, let me get the picture is not very clear, But very touched by the sunset.

This is my father's gentleness.

(by @ingjenc)

Dad will be with his big hands wrapped around my little hands, together in the streets forward

Like father like daughter.

As a child sitting in the passenger seat, the most like to put their hands on the stalls, and then dad will use his big hand wrapped around my small hands, together in the streets forward, back, parking.


(by Lulu)

Dad actually wanted me to rely on him a little more.

College in order to go abroad to see the world, took the money to exchange students at home, read the result of the noble school is to pay the expensive tuition and lodging fees, the rest of the money is just enough to live, always not to the last moment will not open to Dad to the next living expenses.

I remember a time when the account was almost bottomed out, is hesitant to eat bubble noodles for a while, or the bite of the bullet to call home to ask for money, said also strange, at this time received a call from Dad: "Daughter, I just went to remit money to you", this is telepathic bar.

When students always want to get out of the society as soon as possible, economic independence no longer rely on their parents, then know that actually pay is also a way to establish links, dad actually heart is to want me to rely on him a bit more, even with money to give such a way, but also his way of love.

If only I had come to the point of understanding earlier.

(by @antang922)