At the beginning of the August, women were fascinated by the community to initiate #我与我爸 story collection, inviting everyone to share their own and father's most impressive thing, it turns out, dad is also ordinary people, need to hug.

Till now I remember the way you smiled and smiling your eyes

The most impressive thing is only a certain afternoon chat, that day dad looked at my side face, silently praised said: "Our daughter's nose really good-looking!" 」

Always shy not too dare to say I, now suddenly good want to and dad spoiled, laugh said: "Good-looking is because like to you!" "Dad laughed all the fun!"

I still remember the way you smiled and smiling your eyes.

(by Annett)

I asked fat, "What if I don't get married?" "," said the fat only: "Ningquewulan"

Taiwanese Father ' s is coming. I gonna share some stories about me and I dad in Chinese.

Here we go!

My dad = Fat

Remember when the university began to do Korean shopping, often day and night to find new products, absorbing new information, a fat often said "so tired and did not make money do not do" but I really enjoy helping everyone to purchase.

One time to fly South Korea with goods, luggage overweight paid a large amount of overweight, the mood of heavy back to Taiwan, fat help me to carry luggage when said, "These are so heavy, how did you carry them back?" "I was tired of trying to get a good night's sleep. A fat said, "After a good rest bag, I will help you to send tomorrow" I can feel his love, but he did not blame, just want to action to help me solve the problem.

For two years in Australia, he was always concerned about my suitability and being bullied.

Early this year to the Philippines, in a Japanese business only I a Taiwanese company to work, I went to work the next day fat called to say "you are really very brave, but if you really can't adapt to go home!" "Ahan always give me enough freedom, even if I walk on the road that is not what he is looking for," he said.

At an age of forced marriages, I asked fat, "What if I don't get married?" "Ah Fat only said" Ningquewulan ".

Ah fat is so never said I love you, but in my cough to sleep on the next day table will have Valkhof ginger tea, as I dragged my weary body back to my home, there was a good fruit on the table, and when I said in my face book that I was having diarrhea, fat would call to tell me to avoid food, water quality and so on.

Always use action to say love of fat, my fat God.

(by @phoebebobowu)

I want to be my father.

Father live to learn old, will "self-study" a lot of talent, such as: guitar, I Ching divination, Vietnamese, computer programs (also as hackers) ...

Every day nine o'clock to go to bed three o'clock to get up, four point mountain climbing, five point piano, seven point go to work, full and healthy, want to him!

(by Eunice)

Dad is also a common person, the same need to hug.

Dad doesn't have to be brave, either.

One day you'll find that you love your dad more than you think you do.

Because of his power, it seems invisible to the father like Superman what things and emotions can be digested. But we all forgot, father is also ordinary person, need a warm accompany equally, need a hug equally.

Even two bo because of cancer away from the present, we virtually seem to feel that dad can face their own brothers and sisters leave, forget we can also become his strong backing.

So, clearly a second before the health of the father, in the hospital corner faint, but no one beside him, so follow their own cancer brother at the same time left.

Left a world like the sky, without any chance to say good-bye, fate just tore us apart in a different space. Looking at your serene expression, touching your cold hand, crying to the top of my lungs, I just hope you can put down all the burden of a good leave.

His presence is invisible to represent a sense of security, from scratch to let three siblings grow up. In such a hard behind but did not feel that he was busy and absent from our lives, as meticulous care and care.

Dad, who doesn't talk much, likes to share the latest events when we get home. Then when mom is late to share, revealing the desire to hide the proud expression. At any time even if the response is not much, but always the most serious listen to us, if anything, the father does not know, he will feel angry!

It was my father who had a little introverted but warm and thoughtful feeling.

And his responsibility on the shoulder, whether it is filial piety, brotherhood or us. Sacrifice the pressure of dedication, nowhere to express the depression, with a bit of the uncomfortable, but also my father's another psychological level.

After Dad left the first Father's day, I want to be so quiet, but hard to think of you again, whether happy or anxious ingredients, I love you and miss you.

(by @crystalhan1209)

Lucky to still be a daughter and be a spoiled brat.

Liu Yu originally expected to retire after discovering cancer in 2011. Unexpectedly met the 311 East Japan earthquake, when the bread Superman theme song "Bread Superman March" frequently in the disaster area broadcast, become support for the victims of the force. Liu Yu, who heard about it, gave up his retirement and said he wanted to paint it until he died.
He died of heart failure in 2013, and he was 94 years old. After the Second World War and his life for peace, he left his last words before he died, hoping that we could inherit love and courage and continue to work for world peace.
Bread Superman Sound Excellent household Tanaki after hearing because too painful and whole body weakness, she said Liu Yu teacher I is living bread Superman, always with gentle atmosphere package everyone. And he also practiced his promise, until finally still for world peace and children's dream efforts, for the Japanese society left irreplaceable precious ideas. In a way, Liu Yu teacher is to draw himself into the comic.

(above taken from 10 seconds classroom 10secondsclass)

Today at the dinner table with mom and Dad said bread Superman story, finally I said Daddy you are bread Superman ~

"I'm not as great as he is," ~"in my heart.

A ride home on the road to see a cat corpse lying in the middle of the road, the first idea is dad said to see the dead must help him bury. But I used to bury a rat and a bird. Really near my limit, and at the time of the super hot Noon, I thought I would go home and then said to dad.

The result is forgotten. After a few days passed without him, I told Dad that a few days ago I saw a dead cat. "Then bury him." And then after that section of the meditation a few words of Amitabha Buddha, I hope someone to help you bury the good. Think that if the father sees you and will take you to a better place at once, it won't be like I can help you recite the scriptures. I'm so sorry.

It makes me think Dad used to put some good food in the cage haha haha, I said you put the things the mouse does not love ~ Banana is not good enough, he changed to be stained with sesame oil biscuits and said that if caught rats, "I will take him to Heaven, Mouse paradise" (outside the Embankment)

"You know there's a heaven for him, and they're not going to be there." They don't know that they're around the city all day, and they never knew what a great place it was. "Like Dad always gently say these weird words, like every time we all together on the sofa laughing."

Dad once said that family harmony one of the important reasons is not to dispute. I've been feeling this way lately. Because of love, so no one care who paid how much, this thing is who should do. Observe each other's needs and help each other, without fixing the correct pattern. Dad is a countryman, fans are urban people, two of people living a different life (as a child tree pick fruit to eat/eat a 300 of apple), can adapt, can tolerate each other deeply love each other, I think is the world's most special edge and knot.

Ah, to share with you the story of a three-month-old tale of mom and dad during a trip to Japan (the three-month ER story has not yet been heard) before the wedding, Dad's only time to cook for his mother is a hodgepodge of noodles (a pile of seafood, meat, vegetables), Dad said he went to buy a lot of material, that face and the smell of incense, and then asked the fans when he said. is not very rich and delicious, "I deliberately said," who dare to marry a hodgepodge of noodles ah want to have a steak above the gold with red wine, "mother immediately said" stupid ~ to your father this is good. "Ha ha ha fan always said that his husband is the best, Dad also don't let me bully his wife (like not let Mother eat midnight snack and so on" how can Let my wife hungry ") well, the lover of the last life not in this life continue to domineering ~

Fortunately can also be a daughter continue to be spoiled.

To me, Daddy is a gentle warm person, I often say some boring things, but dad will respond ha ha ha ha, this feeling is very common, but every time is really feel very love, he knows I just like to love a spoiled brat don't like the air without words just. For fans, Dad is a filial piety, he put his grandparents as their parents treat, always considerate, practical pay. Dad at home to mention the grandmother also called "mummy", he said like fans such as there are parents around is very happy.

This time the Japanese tour I booked the ticket, the whole trip is dad arranged, booking hotel Change Hotel to arrange a wide range of tickets to rent a bicycle a good food, he also saw a lot of introduction to Japanese YouTuber, on the way sometimes like director general introduction. Although every time with the family after the trip will be said after you are playing with the regiment is good (very bad) but really want to thank the father's pay and tolerance, these thank you very difficult to face to say, but really thank you.

Accidentally missed the August 8, yesterday was too tired to see the card today when Dad woke up, finally nothing. Every day on the sofa on the observation of the parents of the changes, holding them, and found that daddy hand some wrinkles, but also more old man spots, and more want to firmly grasp. Be sure to keep healthy.

I hope that every year these important festivals you do not feel lonely because of us.

I love you.

(by @yingju_)

Because I have you at home I dare not afraid of nothing!

Although I always reject everyone said I look like you, but in fact there is not to lose the face I feel very safe!

Although you said I came home like found, but I know that in fact, you still have the heart because of my active and feel some pride!

Although I often pretended to die, but that is because the home with you I dare not afraid of nothing!

You said before, because I'm so much like you (except looks and character), so a lot of things you know to remind me earlier, let me think about it, and my rebellious reaction is what you expected.

Dad, I want to talk to you! I will be very hard to grow up so that you do not worry about, and strive to grow up like you all respect and love people, and in any case will be with your brother to take care of you and the little mom.

I hope you can every day like killing the same cockroach on the road yesterday, so domineering so energetic and full of achievement! I love you!

(by Annie)

Dad needs to be protected, too.

In my eyes, my father is a perfectionist and a little impatient person.

My father is the commander of the family, as a child he said no one can not violate, I think Dad is a will never feel inferior will not be injured in existence.

Not until I spoke to my father on the phone, I was impatient to speak to him at the moment, until my mother told me that Dad thought I looked down on him and he felt very hurt. (same field Gayon: Consultation Room | I finally fight the winner beat my father, but suddenly understand his small )

I realized that dad also need to be protected, children grow up, they should do a lot of effort it ~

Daddy's working hard!

(by @yaqing_0401)

It's nice to be strong under the wings of your humor and be thankful for being your daughter.

My father has a humorous soul, but the first grade four, not laughing Dad stood at the school gate to meet me, the next door students poked me whispered: "Your father is a triad ah?" "It's funny to think.

Remember just left home to university, all the activities in all directions want to participate in a foot, play crazy and did not properly deploy the end of time, is the final exam hit a lot of main subjects, received transcripts now, as if to hear the sound of the sky, full of remorse covering the whole head, thinking how would this Thinking about how to tell the family?

To the quiet place, dialed the phone key, to mention the courage to tell dad the whole thing, at that time very low tide, always feel parents hard pay tuition, mentality how can so casually?

But dad in the phone that end did not scold me, but said: "Sister, it doesn't matter, dad miss you, tired to go home." "Impression, this is the first time dad say so" obvious "concern, a bit not accustomed to, but the heart full of warmth and moved to attack, I know, Dad hurt his daughter, but Dad is not easy to say.

Now out of the society, Dad or unconditional silently with a lot of small action to support me, such as to help publicize the article I am promoting to his Facebook graffiti wall (laughter)

Dad, happy Father's Day, happy under the wings of your humour, and be lucky and thankful to be your daughter.

(by Sarah)

He said that because I found someone who loves me more than him, what is there to cry about?

Father and mother between, father most is white face, mother said no I asked Dad, high school when want to perm hair, Mom said no, Dad went to ask the bad hair stylist take me to hot, accompany me to stay in the salon in the afternoon.

Love beautiful want to match contact lenses mom said no, Dad said little girls love beautiful very normal, take me to match a pair, accompany me to practice how to wear contact lenses well.

I want a small back pack to pack snacks and stationery when I have to teach outside school. At that time my mother said, with my original back bag is good, but that back bag is very big, is I go home every weekend fashion dirty clothes dirty towels Used (I read the private school to live, once a week home) that bag is big and ugly, I really don't want to take it out of school.

Because my mother did not let me buy, so I called Dad said to want a small bag, one day, the class time I heard the broadcast to the school door to meet, I saw Dad hand a very good-looking small back backpack, he asked me, this can? I went to the three business department store to pick.

The face of a deep fear of picking the wrong bag of expression.

Now think of it, my school in other counties and cities, my father drove a long way to help me send a small bag.

There are a few of my rebellious grave, my father wrote a letter to the school, from my kindergarten story began to write, he said he would always remember me when I was four years old to stage a speech, the speech ended he was moved under the stage crying scene, then he said, no matter what, I will be his forever pride.

When I was a freshman, I had to spend a lot of money on my music department. Dad has no money to pay my tuition, major teacher said to help me pay for the next semester's tuition, grandma in Lunar New Year that day, with the Abbe together, advised me to give up school, I go to 7-11 to earn money, Grandma said there is no lack of singing karaoke, What do you want to do with the music department? (Extended reading:"For you pick a piece" "family of thieves" if the family has an image, what should it look like? )

At that time, my father did not say anything, closed the door and left.

Later I learned that Dad went to borrow money, dad only said, how hard, can not give up my education, at that time I was not clear how much the father, he never in front of us mentioned.

I just know that we've had a really hard year, now grown up, know how hard to make money, think of dad bite teeth with others to borrow money to let me pay tuition, if Dad insisted that I continue to study, have a basic education, skills, do not know where I will now?

Later, the father to rely on their own strength to comeback, watching them buy a favorite car, bought a house, planning to change a bigger house, we are very relieved, but also for him to be happy.

I want to get married when he did not cry, I asked him how so cold-blooded not to cry, he said because I found a more than he loves me, what is there to cry?

Happy Father's Day to all the world's fathers.

(by @bellaintheair)

I know he's here anyway.

Lovelorn, Dad said: "That weekend home to make dad hurt." 」

And then at the station, when you see me, give me a big hug! Let me know that he was there anyway.

(by Sunny)