When the season arrives, is the employer afraid that there is a group of employees going away?A few simple observations may be able to detect a different atmosphere and prepare psychologically ahead of time.

the boss, the hard-trained personnel are leaving the job, not only to lose the cost of training the staff, but also to spend time looking for suitable talent.For employees, leaving the company seems to be a secret that must be quietly carried out. Of course, it is not the wish of the superior to find out what he is thinking.

At this point, the company may be filled with a strange climate of "up and down thieves."How do you know in advance whether your employees are quietly looking for another way out?Why don't you let your supervisor find out that you're looking for other possibilities?(Recommended reading: Work Tips: Acoustic, Stay with us )

In fact, everything is a symptom of — —

Is the body suddenly sick and often sick?

The student will pretend not to be in class, and the employee will pretend to be coughing and not to work.When an employee asks for sick leave, the boss cannot say no, and he cannot ask the employee to take a sick job at home.However, when the number of sick leave is often complicated, it should be noted!It is very likely that they are in the middle of an interview with a private company!

Two, don't want to blend in with your corporate environment and colleagues

Employees who are prepared to leave office will be less involved in the office and less interaction with colleagues.Is this employee less than a colleague for lunch?I don't know what I'm going to do.Is it just going to be a more independent one?Because since he is already trying to get out of here, he doesn't need to spend any more effort to foster a good atmosphere and good relations.

Three, a big change of attitude, seems to have changed one person?

If an active, outgoing employee becomes quieter or less interacting with others in his own space, or an introverted employee, he suddenly begins to grow up and is not afraid to draw attention, and the two shifts mean that employees may be planning to leave, so they become less concerned about their supervisors' thinking.

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Four, hot line!

When an employee makes a private phone call, he often walks out of the way to talk about the secret phone, maybe he arrangers the interview time or gets the notice, and doesn't want others to hear it!

Five, Begin Focusing on Dresses, bright and bright emergence

We all know that after a company has been waiting for a long time, it often doesn't pay attention to its own dress, so most employees don't wear their best clothes to work.If a certain employee suddenly dressed up today, the hair was deliberately tidying up, and it was very likely that she would go out for an interview instead of a meeting with a client.

Womany ’ s sweet

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To Boss:

Employees usually have a trace before leaving the service.You know which phenomena might be signs that employees have to jump, and you can think of ways to keep them in advance.Have a good understanding of why employees want to leave the service, and whether they can improve and let their employees stay.But don't forget, sometimes maintaining a certain rate of separation may not be a bad thing for the company. After all, the newcomers may bring a different new point to the company!

to employees:

More job opportunities and experience are good, but before leaving, you still have to do your best to get your job done, don't rip your hands off your head.After all, every job can make you study in different ways, and who knows the future, will your boss become your client, or will you go back to the original company again?(Extended reading: Work at a startup, you get more than just a salary )