To the lovelorn man's five KTV love song election, if you are tired of strong, want to make their own pain thoroughly, while singing to make their own cry, it really does not matter!

Three weeks, the tears that have been in the eye frame have not fallen down.

Die, but not really live, you float in the days, decided to give up the struggle.

Finally quit the smoke, and began to smoke, you said, smoky when you can see her face, as if she is still very concerned about themselves. A group of people crowded in smelly small suites, beer with dry words, the more stuffy more to be happy to smile, sad will arouse the love of the nerves, eyes warm, you can not afford.

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If you feel the heart sour, a kind of want to cry but not cry out of the mood, to lovelorn men's love song election, from the hissing of other people's sad start, practice show your emotions. (Recommended reading: A poem a lovelorn | The whale to the sea and the man lovelorn: After leaving you, melancholy cannot heal )

May days of 〈i love and hopeless: We put it in the hope of love

I Love You hopeless you are this person
No way to do it, you can't put me on the grid.

I love you hopeless I am this person
I've got nothing but missing you and my every day

You are my first so hard to love people, then very naïve, believe that pull the promise of the hook, will not because life easy to open hands. Even if later, we put love, love to hopeless, still can believe it!

To each other said I love you, is wholeheartedly.

Zenbø〈 Fish remix〉: You should know from the start that commitment is not cheap

A man walks slowly in the night a fish swims slowly in the water
A word once said no separation
I should have known from the start that promises aren't cheap.

One end from the intersection into parallel
The scene of a scene is a edited plot.
In a minute, I want to forget all about it.
A fish, I've been sitting at your bottom.

Think of any way to forget you, the first kiss you, the first time your body rub me, the first time someone from behind, spoiled me tightly. Can say really, the pain to want to die, I also still reluctant to forget you.

Several times I can't help but want to call you, I think, I really need you.

Shang (Dream One): The absurd is that I have no way to forget

I knew it was like a dream.
I'm not going to put all my love in one place
I can forgive you for being ridiculous.
The absurd is that I have no way to forget

I knew it was like a dream
Why should I lock my eyes with tears
Let you go crazy let you go mad
To make you strong in a place without me
Let me heal where there's no you

I know I love You is a dream, if I can not refuse the constant separation of life, I want to retain the last hug.

I knew I was in love with You is a dream, I will be more hard to remember with your zaps time, those hair off the daily, and your childish bed appearance.

Zhang Zhenyue (intersection): Crying tears snot flow, I was really sad

A man walks the boring intersection
I'm still dreaming that you're going to like me.
My hopes are dashed and my cigarettes are hurting from my hands.

Two people go, I hate this intersection.
You say don't love me let me in the night sad
Don't even say goodbye and tears never stop
Cry to my snot flow

Break up the time is also very chic, shouting single long live, night to find buddies out to lie. One months past, incredibly in the intersection of home every day, was missing hit, the road, the street, crying tears snot flow.

Originally, I was really very sad.

Eason Chan (long time no see): I just wanted to see you and see how you've changed.

Would you suddenly appear at the coffee shop on the corner?
I'll wave with a smile and I'll sit and talk with you
How I want to see you lately change
No more to say once it was just a word to say to you
Just say a long time no see

Broke up, we finally really broke up.

There is a time I hate you, I have exhausted all my strength, but you always say I do not understand, do not know how to love you, do not understand love. A few years past, grow up to understand apart is not whose fault, we all try, just want to each other is not commensurate with love.

One day in the street meet you, I just want to look into your eyes, say: Hi, long time no see.

Andy Lau "Men Cry is not sin": a man, why hold up so embarrassed

When it's time to cry
But I forgot how to shed my eyes
When it's time to regret
But I forget how to regret in my heart
I'm so tired of the invisible pressure
I'm starting to feel a little bit embarrassed.
Start slowly taking off your defenses.
Slowly regret slowly tears

It's not a sin for a man to cry
And the stronger man has the right to be weary.
If there's a heart left behind a smile
Why do you have to be so embarrassed?

Sad time to drink, when bored playing ball, heartache, the movie plot did not teach us to tear flow.

So I woke up to drink, like to vent something, playing the ball all night. The day repeats, the feeling is stuffy, the heart still very painful.

In fact, I do not want so very forceful character a ㄥ, I just want to cry loudly, said: I hope you will not regret not to choose me.

Lovelorn mood in the days of fermentation, you feel sad about this thing, a little slow, need to practice. The first time, tears crawling over the face, you feel strange, tears in the face of the drying up to bring the tension, tears mixed with a runny nose into the corners of the mouth, and bitter and salty taste.

It doesn't matter, it's a new kind of process, like a baby, you step by step learn to feel emotions, and touch the release of novelty, from small to large, crying is not encouraged, you always want to cry, hold moving, suppress sadness, also suppress their own, live can not breathe.

Which day, you force yourself to hold back the mood, remember to say not important to yourself, have the mood is good, remove strong is good, can't hold, want to float on the sea to change the tone, really no relationship.

Hey, to the lovelorn, to tears, but also to the brave fragile you a cup.