2018 Woman fan Intern Weekly Diary, the process has pains and growth, how to locate themselves? Listen to what they say. Content intern Son Xiang mentioned, in the women are fascinated to feel the flow of time, each output, are very impressive.

After growing up, time seems to be twice times faster, or even quicker, when you are young. Through the daily dynamic review of Face book, you will find: Wow, this dynamic is five years ago, with this person Facebook plus friends for seven years. Everything passes quickly, and when you don't pay special attention, time slips away.

But in a woman's obsession, it is a very inductive time flow.

Real output proves not to be a waste of time

Internship for one months, these one months is not suddenly you realize: one months this way. But every day there is a regular schedule, and the actual output. After one months, you know exactly what you have achieved.

See their own articles posted on the site, in the face of the group tweets, and fans to interact with friends. Even the fascinating friends who express their opinions about their articles, whether they support your article or refute it, are invaluable to me. I can see from it, everybody is very serious to see your article, good seriously to look at all the women fan.

It's really lucky. After all, writing something can lead to discussion, and for an editor, there is nothing to ask for. You do know what you've done in these one months, Youte, and never be empty.

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Care for everyone's voice

After the second week, I began to act as a social minor in the face book. However, there was a "little trouble". In the internship into the third week, I inadvertently due to the original article published time, coupled with the test type of the article has no timeliness, it is in the face of the text posted on the wrong description, leading to fans in the face book articles in the message to inform. (Recommended reading:"Women's Obsession Internship Notes" Class!) Women's obsession with education )

Although I know the wrong moment, I am a little startled, because I do not understand how to deal with, can well convey my thoughts to the fans, do not want them to think that women fans in the selection is random, not well chosen. After all, it's a mistake of mine, not a whole team problem.

Chief editor Audrey didn't blame me, but asked me what I would do with it. and talk to the Community editor 兪, and the partners who are good at dealing with such mistakes, how to make the best response. Although at the moment, I can not estimate the seriousness of this matter, but I immediately understood that the female fans of the partners are really very "human"-oriented, and for each voice have heart.

Everyone is very concerned about the voice of each person, not the problem of quantity. Today, only one person pointed out the mistake, with 100 people pointed out the mistake, female fans will definitely use the same attitude to deal with. For the trouble I caused, we are not blindly review how I can make mistakes, on the contrary, is to get together to discuss how to make and their own account, but also to give the fans a proper response to the answer.

I nervous and flustered mood, immediately dispelled, replaced is, a warm current into the heart. Originally to become a "heart" of the media, behind the pay is so much. I think I did learn a lesson.

And I care about how you feel.

But the mistake that happened that day is not only one thing. In a later post, I actually had a typo in the text. Enthusiastic fans immediately leave a message to inform. I thought to myself, today isn't I day and immediately modifies typos.

I'll get back to you immediately, thank you for your enthusiasm. But I also thought, in addition to the very standardized response, how can I further interact with the fans, and let him know that I have taken seriously? So I thought of the recent popular handwriting, I wrote down the correction, and then photographed to the fans to see.

As a result, an unexpected response was obtained. It's a very, very happy and heartwarming response.

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Although the cause is because I have a typo, this must be avoided. But then the feedback was unexpected and more than I had given. Attention to the female fans of the fans are really good earnest, good intentions to see all the women, this very encouraging me. I also want to redouble my efforts to let fans know: I am the same as you, I also care about your feelings.

I thought that I was doing a "give" role, in fact not necessarily. These one months, I will feel tired, after all, there are school classes to take into account, and sometimes not too much to the content of the article, the mind knot. But I got a lot more from my friends and fans than I did. The friends give me help, give me the idea, the fans are not stingy to give me feedback, let me know my shortcomings. Feedback is multifaceted, from within the team and from the reader to our interactions.

I can't believe one months, I got so much. I also hope that next month's trip to the moon, I must give more than this month, but also to get some new harvest!