2018 Woman fan Intern Weekly Diary, the process has pains and growth, how to locate themselves? Listen to what they say. Content intern Jay mentioned that, whether it is production content or community companionship, what we want to do is never to divide the masses, but to look forward to bringing good issues into the masses and opening up dialogues.

One months, really good quickly passed. From the beginning of the helpless, to start groping, now, just want to make good, and better.

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Time planning is a learning discipline

I started the second week with D&i's column plan, and joined the community to interact with women fans. At the same time, in every Friday reading meeting, and intern partners to learn, to conduct logical thinking and discussion.

Of course, multi-track parallel, let me start a bit powerless. I remember the third week, with another PHD partner, Ishan, who was in charge of the week's Reading club read, the daily community, the reading of written readings, and the planning of the Book club, which made me totally flustered. By five o'clock on Monday, I made the wrong arrangement, which led to the completion of the edited article before six O ' time. At that time I panicked God, hurriedly knocked the Menglen responsible for the inspection, told him, I can not timely edited articles.

Instead of blaming me, he told me how to arrange the work in the future, and if the findings were Delay, we could discuss it with the partners in advance. In addition to thanking the present, but also constantly remind themselves, rather than time to blame, than to spend the mind to build their own work pace. Every Monday, Audrey also provides me with different time planning methods, suggesting that I can take turns trying.

So when Zhou, I started taking turns trying to use the tomato clock method, four-quadrant method, at first always not adapt, to later gradually, the first thing in the office, is to spend 10 minutes, arrange today to deal with things, sometimes even when commuting, began to think about their day, how to plan the priorities of things, Sequencing and time consuming. Indeed, it helped me to get into work faster after I got to the office and settled in position. (Recommended reading:"Women's obsession with practice notes" We are all half a cup of water: With their own memories, loaded into more stories )

What we want to do is not to divide the masses, but to identify issues that deserve our attention.

Remember the fourth week, the gender editor has opened a gender course (is a team-wide compulsory!) At that time to see the "compulsory" two words, feel really cute, we from the female fans of the gender mission, all the way talked about the method of communication gender, think oneself was sitting under the stage, arm small, goose bumps.

I was just sitting in front of a TV set, computer, for the media use provocative words reported cases, 24 hours a day news broadcast, in addition to car accidents or car accidents, once their own through anger, abuse, to later feel powerless, always feel like to make some changes, to wait for a long time, may be their work decades later, climbed to high place, To do something for the media.

But now, I met the same media that wanted to make a change-and in which, thinking about it, I had goose bumps, and when Shiwan shared it, she talked about women's obsession with gender communication, insisting on the "Three Principles":

  1. Do not use fuzzy vocabulary
  2. Do not create panic: Do not render reports of criminal practices, to avoid emotional incitement to imitate criminals.
  3. Do not simplify the problem: do not demonize. He tends to demonize, such as to induce the perpetrator's characteristics, and remember that it's okay to stay away.

It's only three, it looks so simple, but it's hard to do, to absorb a lot of news every day, to find out the data, to try to find insights ... what we want to do is not to divide the masses, but to hope that readers will see the issues that are covered by the sensational slogans.

It's good to be a part of it.

It's good to be a reader of a woman's obsession.

The community is not a business, but a company.

It's two weeks to jump into the community and have a big fan tour. Think of the ordinary community editor-兪-cho, always on the sidelines to help me, the mouth shut and said, our readers like what, our readers are very cute, how they ⋯⋯"our readers", it sounds like a mother talking about their children, there are pride and indulgence, "our children" more intimate, more close.

Over time, they have cultivated such a mentality, thinking about what the reader likes, what ideas should be conveyed to the reader, like a mother, to eat meat, but also to eat some fruits and vegetables, so just balanced health.

I am glad to see that there are discussions under the agenda, and despite the different views, all views are good and worthy of being heard in the discussion based on respect for different ethnic groups.

This is what women fans really want to convey, and we don't want to "run" fans, but "keep company" fans.

Dear fans!

Good hope that when you are disappointed and sad, can give you a hug, tell you, cried out, love yourself, Good Hope in your longing to see the world, help you fly, let you see the earth.

So come on and interact with us!

Yes, recently the office has a new atmosphere, we have changed the position. Content Lab is now very close to the road, large windows, the sun comes in when the spirit is full, the night does not have a flavor, especially the moon hanging on the corner of the staircase:

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