Lovelorn Let your life stagnate, each about his old, lost and not lost, all make you very struggling? Five steps to let you and the past break away!

is still a day of dazzling sunshine.

Waking up, the snot of tears that hid in a quilt yesterday seemed like a dream. But the tear stains on his face were true, and last week he said it was true that he wanted to break up. So seriously into this relationship you, think of this good business, this good life, now all messed up.

Push the quilt, climb up, you sit in bed in a daze for a long time, open mobile phone slide fb, slide after FB again slippery IG. Suddenly feel a headache. Oh, yes, I drank a few cans of beer yesterday and forgot to drink a few cans.

And then you find that headaches, not just because of the jiuyi, there are those who do not know how to deal with the memories, such as the trip to the seaside to buy commemorative ornaments, that he made a long time birthday card, the pair in order to celebrate Valentine's Day, bought a dress shoes, and later did not wear, because grinding feet.

But I just don't know how to lose it.

After the breakup, the first thing to do is to put all the IG on and delete the text about him. Oh no, one second before pressing the deletion, you hesitated, and finally chose to seal the photo.

Just like every piece of the IG, each and his old things, and then remind you of your memories. Want to throw it away? Or do you want to stay? Obviously all is passed, why should the room still have to store about him thing? Finally ruthless heart, decided to throw the old junk into the trash, but dropped five seconds later, picked up. After all, there is always too much to love his memories in the inside, you think at least there is a love of his own, if in, how willing to lose? Finally, a box of old harvest, piled in the corner.

The invisible is net, you want.

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Find a new life target, starting from the old and broken homes

But what about leaving the old stuff?

Our thoughts in that coming and going, the final defeat to their own not decisive.

Your avoidance, your indecision, comes from the inability to let go of the past, and the uncertainty about the future that will further affect the way you think.

For example, when it comes to a relationship, even if you don't like him that much, there's a problem between the two, but you always think, "maybe everything's going to be all right," "the next relationship, You may not meet someone as good as him. "And thus death drags this affection, rather than letting go of it, or at work, in the execution of projects, even setbacks and failures, you do not want to change the way you do things, because for you, the past to use the same method can be successful, now also must be.

Whether you are hesitant about the future, or clinging to the past, you will not see the direction of the future. Because you can't clarify what you need around you? What do you want to pursue in the future? (Recommended reading: Find yourself a long time ago: Three exercises you can do when you are confused)

What can you do when you're broken

Research shows that a messy environment can affect people's sleep and increase stress. According to another report , the impact of clutter on people is not related to the number of items, but "emotion", that is to say, the one hanging by the bedside of the painting, compared to the pile of clothes at the end of the bed, bring you a more negative impact.

So how do you start your broken shed?

Japan's well-known collation consultant-Kondo Marihui, her implementation of the "exciting finishing law" swept the world, and let her become "time" hundred influential figures of the year. She thinks, the home reorganization law changes, not only is the environment, can change your value and the mentality more.

So dry your tears! Want to start a new life, let us cooperate with the Kondo Marihui method, carry out your old broken away!

Bang, start cleaning.

We all have experience in the Spring Festival, from early cleaning to late? Although there is no need to wash the toilet and clean the kitchen today, it still needs to be empty for the rest of the day. Because people tend to fall into the memories, today to organize a book, photo albums, you can not help but miss up. Look up again, it's dusk again, the plan after sweep is all upset.

Therefore, I suggest that you can spare the next day. Do not need to reject those memories, but a good lake, and then clean up. However, please try to finish in one day, if dragged to two or three days, your determination and perseverance will weaken, and even difficult to cut with the old.

It's a man's job to break away.

When you enter the finishing time, please leave yourself alone, and don't let others ' words affect you (such as your parents, enthusiastic friends), you have the right to decide what to lose and what to stay.

Leave Something to your heart

How do you know which things to stay? Which things should not be left? For example, a dress that is very beautiful, you like very much, but also the first time, with him to wear clothes when dating, then you are entangled, lost or not lost?

Kondo Marihui put forward a method: take each kind of goods really in the hand, then ask oneself: "This thing will make me heartbeat, happy?" "When you feel hesitant, let your emotions tell you the answers and leave the things that really impress you."

The process of finishing, the time to enter into dialogue with the mind

"Anyway, it's all unnecessary stuff, just throw it all away!" "After breaking up with you, the mood is very complex, it is possible to be in a rage, to all the relevant things, bundled into a bag into the trash."

But you just confuse the "anger after breakup" with the "This Can't let me move" mood. Calm down and ask yourself if you really don't like the book. Or just because it was sent by your predecessor, you chose to throw it away? Remember, sorting out the old is the time to talk to the mind, and don't let anger blind you.

If ask oneself times, this item still cannot cause the heartbeat, that also does not matter, dares to accept your mood, all lost! (Recommended reading:"Flower essence Emotional Healing" Heart will also cold, we all need emotional first aid )

Use the cloud to save memories

Not everyone's lovelorn, all so sad. Maybe he is a part of your youth, do not want to let him disappear, but in the short term and Shing, then use the cloud to save your memories, such as newsletters, emails, photos, and so on, create a folder to seal. Not only can give you a clean life, but also after years of good memories.

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Let's get moving!

So start tidying up those old things, and the ones that have broken away. The process of tidying up the old is to face up to their own process, those good, bad, cheerful, angry, even the memories of the memory, although it is a bit hard to organize, but when you summon the courage to review, listen to the inner voice, you will find that the loss of old things, not as difficult as imagined.

At the same time, when you and those who have broken away from the past, will also affect the spiritual level, shaping new values: Discard unnecessary, spend time on the real beautiful things. You no longer cling to the past, because you find that your life goals are more clear.

Today, the sun is right, suitable for cleaning, from the room to your heart to start, let life appropriate to leave white, leaving the most worthy, most suitable for their own things.